• Liz Cheney: I’m Thinking About Running For President

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 17th 2022 3:39pm EDT

    She is just like Abraham Lincoln. After losing her House seat in Wyoming by 37 points, Liz Cheney has set her eyes on a higher office.

  • Tales From The Movement: The Optics War

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 17th 2022 9:45am EDT

    I’m tired of branding myself with labels. I’m not interested in jumping on bandwagons anymore. I’m much more skeptical of movements and cults of personality. This is due to watching the spectacular collapse of the Alt-Right. We’re seeing history repeat itself with the America First movement. Does anyone remember Beardson Beardly? He first gained notoriety […]

  • Tales From The Movement: Charlottesville

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 12th 2022 11:48am EDT

    Is there anything new to be said about Charlottesville? I’ve been over the event a thousand times in my mind’s eye. I have written extensively about that day for the past five years. I still believe the debacle would have never happened in a different city in a different state. We held that volatile rally […]

  • Poll Watch: Atheist Politics

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 1st 2022 5:24pm EDT

    Pew Research Center:

  • Jim Obergefell On The Future Of Same-Sex Marriage

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 30th 2022 8:26pm EDT

    I’m on Team Christcuck. There is no equivalence between my Christian marriage … and this abomination. I also have no problem with White evangelical Protestants encoding their religious beliefs into law.

  • Axios: House Passes “Assault Weapons” Ban

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 29th 2022 8:22pm EDT

    In the last month, House Democrats have banned “assault weapons” and codified abortion, contraception, gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law. The only thing stopping them from pushing this through is Senate Republicans. Axios: “The House on Friday passed a ban on assault weapons, 217-213, a largely symbolic step as the measure is all […]

  • Christian Nationalism Isn’t An Op 2

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 29th 2022 11:21am EDT

    Before we condemn Christian nationalism as a gay op created by Jews in order to deradicalize people or deter people from joining your National Socialist group, I would suggest we should take a look at the literature that has been circulating among White evangelicals over the past decade. Fash the Nation:

  • Joy Reid: MAGA Republicans Are Embracing Christian Nationalism

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 28th 2022 8:43pm EDT

    .@JoyAnnReid on the perils of MAGA Republicans embracing Christian nationalism. #TheReidOut pic.twitter.com/adqVBytrr3 — The ReidOut (@thereidout) July 29, 2022 Frankly, this a better ideology for them than True Conservatism aka conservative liberalism or Trumpism which was Jewish and gay and had a drag queen as a mascot. Robert Jones has the data to back me […]

  • Secular Talk: JD Vance Suggests Divorce Should Be Banned

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 28th 2022 2:57pm EDT

    Kyle is actually the conservative here. Personally, I hate the post-World War II era. I hate the Sexual Revolution. I hate social liberalism. In particular, I hate modernism, which I see as having unleashed a tidal wave of self-absorption, narcissism, hedonism and racial and cultural degeneration. Progress isn’t decadence. Anyway, I am sharing this because […]

  • MSNBC: There’s a Terrifying Reason Republicans Christian Nationalism Brand Is So Strong

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 28th 2022 12:59pm EDT

    @DeanObeidallah on Christian nationalism — which to be clear, cannot co-exist with democracy. The only way these people can impose their extremist beliefs on the majority is by blocking the vote and imposing right wing religious law state by state… https://t.co/170kYfzRWC — Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid ? (@JoyAnnReid) July 28, 2022 Sounds good to me. MSNBC: […]

  • Joe Biden’s Recession Begins

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 28th 2022 12:11pm EDT

    This isn’t exactly news. Everyone kind of already knew this was coming with $5 a gallon gas. The economy sucks and has officially tipped into a recession because of this obsession of our elites with the war in Ukraine.

  • Secular Talk: MTG Comes Out As “Christian Nationalist”

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 28th 2022 12:56am EDT

    I watch Kyle Kulinski. I listen and share a lot of his videos here. I agree with a lot of his takes on foreign policy and economics. Kyle, however, stands at the intersection

  • Andrew Torba: We’re Done Listening To 2% Of America

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 27th 2022 12:44pm EDT

    I’m fine with Jonathan Greenblatt having to live under Andrew Torba’s dominion. I don’t have a problem with that.

  • A House Dividing: Why White Christian Nationalism Is Everyone’s Problem

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 26th 2022 10:15pm EDT

    Based. Skip to 15:00. This is the data on White Christian Nationalism.

  • CNN: This Is What It Means To Be a White Christian Nationalist

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 26th 2022 6:52pm EDT

    Now watching.

  • ELCA Condemns Christian Nationalism

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 26th 2022 5:24pm EDT

    As Christians, we must speak in one voice condemning Christian nationalism as a distortion of the gospel of Jesus and a threat to American democracy.#ChristiansAgainstChristianNationalism — ELCA Lutherans (@ELCA) July 25, 2022 #ChristianNationalism often overlaps with and provides cover for white supremacy and racial subjugation. We reject this damaging political ideology and invite our Christian […]

  • W.H.O. Declares Monkeypox Spread a “Global Health Emergency”

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 26th 2022 4:18pm EDT

    In the name of public health and The Science, we are immediately shutting down all gay bars and the spas where gay orgies take place after PRIDE events that are facilitating the spread of Monkeypox. Every homosexual male who refuses to take the Monkeypox vaccine is also publicly shamed and stigmatized and hereby terminated from […]

  • Poll Watch: 1 In 4 Republicans Oppose Law Protecting Interracial Marriage

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 26th 2022 3:25pm EDT

    If the Republican Senate votes to legalize interracial marriage, it will be a huge blackpill for a quarter of their voters. Mediaite:

  • Jonathan Greenblatt Denounces Christian Nationalism

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 26th 2022 1:56pm EDT

    Let’s be perfectly clear: “Christian Nationalism” – a term being tossed around carelessly by far-right politicians and pundits – is not new and it’s not OK. It’s an un-American ideology that ignores religious pluralism, a hallmark of our democracy, and encourages #hate. ? — Jonathan Greenblatt (@JGreenblattADL) July 26, 2022 If the Christians who are […]

  • The Case for Christian Nationalism

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 26th 2022 11:23am EDT

    >Hunter Wallace is falling for the Christian nationalism psyop — Swamp Reptile ? (@ReptileSwamp) July 26, 2022 I woke up this morning, turned on the television, checked the weather, changed the channel to the news and grabbed a cup of coffee. This is my usual routine. Mike Pence was on FOX News giving a speech […]

  • Rachel Maddow: The Roots of Christian Nationalism

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 25th 2022 10:29pm EDT

    Given the history of “Christian nationalism” in the U.S. you’d think Republicans would be reluctant to be associated with it. But that is not the case for the Trumpiest Republicans, particularly the Republican nominee for governor of Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano. pic.twitter.com/YqbtJr2whr — Maddow Blog (@MaddowBlog) July 26, 2022 Josh Shapiro tells Rachel Maddow that we […]

  • Abortion Rights Supporters Storm Indiana State Capital

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 25th 2022 9:39pm EDT

    Gaetz: “Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions? Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb.” pic.twitter.com/0qqvun3Pf8 — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 23, 2022 This is the best take that I ever seen from Butthead. He nailed it. […]

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene Responds To Vicious Leftist Attacks

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 25th 2022 8:17pm EDT

    I am being attacked by the godless left because I said I’m a proud Christian Nationalist. These evil people are even calling me a Nazi because I proudly love my country and my God. The left has shown us exactly who they are. They hate America, they hate God, and they hate us. — Rep. […]

  • Viktor Orbán: Hungary Isn’t a “Mixed Race” Country

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 25th 2022 3:33pm EDT

    Predictably, Rod Dreher is squeamish and defensive about this excellent speech. TAC:

  • DeSantis Country

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 24th 2022 10:16pm EDT

    Nazis with anti-Semitic signs, Desantis sign and flag, outside the TPUSA event today, where Trump, Desantis, Hawley, Cruz, Greene, Gaetz and Boebert spoke: “We kicked all your n——s asses in Rhodesia. It was a race war in Africa between whites and blacks.” ? @davedeckerphoto pic.twitter.com/2VVis0k5Y2 — Ron Filipkowski ?? (@RonFilipkowski) July 23, 2022 Nazi flags […]