• S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 533 | Hillary the Pan-Eurasianist

    Jared Howe - Oct 13th 2020 8:52am EDT

    It turns out that Hillary is a fiscal conservative and a non-interventionist who prefers diplomacy and domestic development over bomb dropping and sabre rattling. She’s apparently pretty bummed about how expensive the military is and thinks the money would be better spent on “bringing jobs back from China.” Who would have thought? Not me. I […]

  • Gods of the Upper Air

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 13th 2020 2:06am EDT

    Charles King has a new book out called Gods of the Upper Air about Franz Boas and his students and how they changed American anthropology. Note: I haven’t got the chance to read this book yet or Robert Putnam’s new book The Upswing. I’m going to try to read and review both here.

  • Modernists and American Historiography

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 13th 2020 1:54am EDT

    There are few things that I find more aggravating than listening to conservative liberals prattle on about the deracinated civic nationalism of the Founding Fathers. Victorian America was a White, Anglo-Saxon (in culture), Protestant nation with liberal and republican principles. It was not a “Nation of Immigrants” or a “melting pot.” The conservative liberal vision […]

  • S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 532 | Hillary Goes Full Dugin

    Jared Howe - Oct 12th 2020 9:00am EDT

    It’s getting hard to tell the difference between Richard Spencer and Hillary Clinton. If you thought that Hillary’s illegal and unsecured private email server had disqualified her from being taken seriously on matters of national security, you could be forgiven. In a 5000-word essay on the topic, Clinton urges the permanent Washington foreign policy establishment […]

  • H.L. Mencken, Nietzsche and the Culture War

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 11th 2020 5:48pm EDT

    Modernism arrived in the United States in the 1910s. The culture war between Moderns and Victorians began in the 1920s. If we were to go back to the 1920s, we would find that H.L. Mencken was unquestionably the single most important figure in defining the culture war. Who inspired H.L. Mencken’s culture war? The following […]

  • Jazz and Black Politics In the 1920s

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 11th 2020 12:58am EDT

    This is interesting. The following excerpt comes from Stanley Coben’s book Rebellion Against Victorianism: The Impetus for Cultural Change in 1920s America: “The Victorian color caste system was challenged most comprehensively during the 1920s by Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. Du Bois. Despite their sound ideas and vigorous efforts, neither man accomplished much to raise the […]

  • Civilization in the United States

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 9th 2020 2:08pm EDT

    In Civilization in the United States (1921), Harold E. Stearns and the Moderns summed up their indictment of American culture. The following excerpt comes from Nathan Miller’s New World Coming: The 1920s and the Making of Modern America: “A Harvard graduate and contributor to intellectual journals, the thirty-year-old Stearns was, in the spring of 1921, […]

  • H.L. Mencken, The Scopes Monkey Trial and the Culture War

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 9th 2020 10:58am EDT

    H.L. Mencken was a journalist, an atheist, a libertarian and a Nietzschean. He shared Nietzsche and the Modernists contempt for the masses. No one in the 1920s had a greater negative impact on shaping the values and beliefs of young Losters in college rebelling against their Victorian parents than Mencken. The following excerpt comes from […]

  • S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 531 | Just an Idea

    Jared Howe - Oct 9th 2020 8:52am EDT

    You ever notice how Antifa is just an idea until they get arrested by the FBI for plotting to do shit like kidnap the governor of Michigan, at which point they become “white supremacists” and “far right extremists”? At least one of the thirteen “white supremacist militia members” taken into custody by the FBI appears […]

  • The New Era

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 8th 2020 4:04pm EDT

    As I have argued, Modern America emerged in the 1920s. The Victorian consensus on identity, culture and morality began its long term decline in this period when the Losters rebelled against their parents after World War I. The rifts that began to open up in the 1920s were temporarily overshadowed by the mirage of unity […]