• The Second Klan and Modernism

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 2nd 2020 10:44am EDT

    In the 1920s, the Second Klan was on the other side of the culture war between Victorians and Moderns that I have been describing in recent weeks. In fact, the rise of the Second Klan was more about national identity and this cultural and moral breakdown than it was about race. The Second Klan appealed […]

  • S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 527 | Theft Through Inflation

    Jared Howe - Oct 2nd 2020 8:18am EDT

    For today’s episode, I’m bringing you a recent discussion I had with columnist Paul Tripp of the Unz Review at Unz.com regarding the Federal Reserve and the degree to which it facilitates wealth consolidation in the hands of those who have privileged access to its money printer going brrrr, all at the expense of workers […]

  • Towards a Definition of American Modernism

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 1st 2020 5:07pm EDT

    This is an excellent article. It lays out how the Victorian culture of the 19th century had divided the world into sharp hierarchies and spheres – in race, sex, class, gender roles, civilization – and how the Modernist culture of the 20th century violently reacted against its predecessor and set about dismantling all of those […]

  • S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 526 | Organized Jewish Terrorism

    Jared Howe - Oct 1st 2020 9:54am EDT

    Never let it be said that Antifa isn’t Jewish or organized. That’s the takeaway from a new article from the Jewish Forward, which details the explicitly Jewish history of the Antifa ORGANIZATION, including the founding documents and principles it created in 1934 in opposition to the British occupation of Palestine. It’s as true now as […]

  • S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 525 | Stand Back and Standby

    Jared Howe - Sep 30th 2020 3:01pm EDT

    …did Trump just threaten to deputize the RWDS? The Blue Checkmark Mafia is in an uproar over the fact that President Trump wouldn’t condemn wHiTe SooOpReeeeeemiSts or the Proud Boys last night during his debate with Biden, who was dragged over the finish line by Chris Wallace. When prompted by Biden and Wallace to disavow […]

  • From Babbitt To Bateman: The Bohemian Origins of Consumer Capitalism

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 30th 2020 10:39am EDT

    The Victorians had prized religion and morality and an ethic of self-denial, thrift and industry. They also restrained sexuality. The Moderns rejected all of this as bourgeois, repressive and philistine. They wanted to live their lives in the moment and devoted to the religion of art and experience. If you lived a bourgeois life like […]

  • The Greenwich Village Idea

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 30th 2020 2:37am EDT

    What is Modernism? Why are we spending so much time on this? Who were the Moderns? Who were the Victorians? What was the nature of this culture war that broke out in America in the late 1910s and early 1920s? How did it lead to the creation of our world? The following excerpt comes from […]

  • George Babbitt, Main Street and the Origins of the Culture War

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 29th 2020 5:34pm EDT

    In the 1910s, Modernism arrived in America. In the 1920s, the culture war began between Moderns in the cities who repudiated traditional religious and moral values in favor of self-expression and cultural liberation and Victorians in the small towns and countryside who clung to them. Prohibition was the first big flash point in the culture […]

  • S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 524 | Cantwell Convicted

    Jared Howe - Sep 29th 2020 9:48am EDT

    As you may have already heard, political prisoner Christopher Cantwell was convicted yesterday on two of the three charges against him – one count of extortion through interstate communications and one count of threating through interstate communications. …and yet there’s every indication that this was the end result of a political fishing expedition, the likes […]

  • The Young Intellectuals and Nietzsche

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 28th 2020 10:54am EDT

    I’ve been getting some pushback against my argument that Friedrich Nietzsche had a major formative impact on the people who created modern American liberalism. The hallmark of modern liberalism is social liberalism or cultural liberalism. It is left-libertarian. It is driven by the transgressive impulse to tear down cultural norms. It is an aesthetic form […]