• Practical Applications

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 6th 2020 6:28pm EDT

    Is there any practical benefit to studying all of this and tracing its history aside from satisfying my own morbid curiosity about the origins and causes of our decline? Let all of this soak in: So my brother @RickyRebelRocks ???????? Adore ?????#Repost @brokebackUSA ???BLM held a “peaceful protest” in Beverly Hills so @rickyrebelrocks showed up […]

  • The Origins of the Modern Left

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 6th 2020 2:24pm EDT

    What is the “mainstream”? Where did the modern Left come from? In The Birth of the Mainstream and The Death of the Victorian Mainstream, I began to pinpoint its emergence in the years around World War I. It was the moment in time when the Romantic or Victorian sensibility that dominated the 19th century – […]

  • The Revolt of the Elites

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 30th 2020 10:27pm EDT

    Why do our cosmopolitan elites hate their own people? There are two popular theories in our circles that explain this phenomena. The first theory holds that it is the result of a Jewish culture of critique. The second theory holds that liberalism has degenerated our culture. While there is a great deal of truth to […]

  • Charles Baudelaire: Founding Father of Modernism

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 29th 2020 2:14pm EDT

    In the troubled life of the mid-19th century French poet Charles Baudelaire, we see the development of some of the key themes of Modernism: Being a social outcast, feeling like an “outsider” and being alienated from society Rejection of bourgeois norms Debauchery (Baudelaire was fascinated with evil and man’s descent into evil) Transgression against bourgeois […]

  • Charles Baudelaire: The Tortured Soul Who Inspired Modernism

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 28th 2020 8:28pm EDT

    I’ve never been into the arts. I have always been far more interested in history. In the course of my research, I have become increasingly convinced that each age of history is dominated by its zeitgeist which is the creation of a small group of elites who dream a big idea. It can be artists, […]

  • The Moderns

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 28th 2020 1:38pm EDT

    I’ve been a White Nationalist, a Southern Nationalist, Alt-Right. Above all else though, I have been on a journey to fully understand what has gone so terribly wrong with our world and what can be done to fix it. There are few people in our circles who have more exhaustively researched this subject. I’ve been […]

  • Major Turnings and Communication Mediums

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 6th 2020 7:45pm EDT

    BobT writes in the comments: “Instead, their gripe is deracination, the degeneration and erosion of their culture, the absence of restraint, the loss of its identity, cohesion and vitality and their demographic replacement by immigrants.” Dissidents like this aren’t going to gain any traction for one simple reason: Everyone is hopelessly addicted to their phones […]

  • Major Turnings

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 6th 2020 12:32pm EDT

    If we start taking culture seriously, we will notice these periodic breaks in history when the whole mood of our culture shifts into a new phase which lasts for over a century: Reformation – 1520s, 1530s, 1540s This is an easy one. It was an extremely fertile period in European history that set the tone […]

  • The Death of Modernism

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 5th 2020 5:03pm EDT

    Have you ever wondered where we are at in history? It is easier to think about the past and the people who lived through it. We think of previous generations as having lived through Antiquity or the Middle Ages or the Modern Era which we divide into Early Modern and Modern. We further divide the […]

  • An Intellectual History of “Woke” Left Modernism

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 22nd 2020 1:14am EDT

    Left Modernism is ubiquitous. It is synonymous with American mainstream culture which is a composite mix of liberalism, modernism and cosmopolitanism. It is essentially what we are against. Modernism rejects authority and tradition in favor of self-interest, self-expression, self-achievement, self-realization, self-fulfillment and self-advancement. It rejects the past in favor of the future. It is always […]