• Stop Mentally And Physically Abusing Children – #StopTransChildAbuse

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 25th 2019 5:39am EDT

    We published an article yesterday about the sad story of a mother pushing her seven-year-old son into gender transitioning. Stop Mentally And Physically Abusing Children – #StopTransChildAbuse #StopTransChildAbuse We published an article about the terrible life-changing process a mother wants her son to go through to become a girl. We also highlighted the fact that […]

  • Mother Abuses Her Boy Child With Transgenderism

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 24th 2019 4:09am EDT

    In Dallas, Texas, there has been a hard-fought public case highlighting the issues of child transitioning. A mother abuses her boy child with transgenderism. Sickening Child Abuse A father from Texas has been legally prevented from stopping his ex-wife transitioning his seven-year-old son James into Luna using hormone-blocking therapies and chemical castration. A jury has […]

  • #NotOkayToBeWhite – RACISM Against White People Is OK

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 23rd 2019 1:26pm EDT

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission has been criticised for surveying white students suffering racial harassment. #NotOkayToBeWhite – RACISM Against White People Is OK Everything And Everyone Is Racist We live in a time where left-wing activism has decided to segregate everyone into “groups”, whether they be lesbian, people of colour, disabled, gay, transgender, rich […]

  • Proud Boys – Politically Persecuted And Politically Prosecuted

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 22nd 2019 3:05pm EDT

    Being an enemy of a political state comes at a cost, Tommy knows this better than most. Proud Boys – Politically Persecuted And Politically Prosecuted. Useful Idiots Of The Political Left Antifa are the useful violent radical left-wing militants of the Labour Party here in Britain. Antifa are the useful violent radical left-wing militants of […]

  • Geopolitical Allies, Terrorists, Dictators, Marxists And ISIS

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 19th 2019 5:41am EDT

    The Middle-East is and always has been a complicated mess of warring tribal, political and religious factions. It is time to look at geopolitical allies, terrorists, dictators, Marxists and ISIS. Dammned If You Do…. Everyone knows that Syria is a mess, Iraq is a mess too but perhaps less so than Syria is. The Middle-East […]

  • Boris’s Brexit Statement

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 18th 2019 4:56am EDT

    Listen to Boris’s Brexit statement after a deal has finally been agreed between the UK Government and the European Union. Brexit In Name Only? For more than three years, the UK has been trying to negotiate the terms of Article 50 after a majority of the British electorate voted to leave the EU. Despite the […]

  • Shia Clerics Pimping Out Children For Sex

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 16th 2019 3:57am EDT

    Nikah mut’ ah literally means “pleasure marriage” which is practiced primarily in Twelver Shia Islam. But why are Shia clerics pimping out children for sex? Halal Prostitution The BBC recently produced a documentary about Shia Muslim clerics in Iraq pimping out young children for sex in an Islamically acceptable way. The broadcasting of this documentary […]

  • Muslim Hatred For Female Left-Wing Handshakes

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 15th 2019 8:21am EDT

    Ida Auken is an MP for the Social Liberal Party in Demark, and she has caused quite a stir by exposing Muslim hatred for female left-wing handshakes. Leftist And Islamic Cultural Enrichment Ida Auken is a former minister for the environment and a currently serving MP for the radical left Social Liberal Party in Denmark. […]

  • WATCH As Project Veritas EXPOSE CNN Again

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 14th 2019 1:27pm EDT

    Everyone knows that Jeff Zuker uses his network as a Democrat media arm to bludgeon Donald Trump. Watch as Project Veritas expose CNN again. CNN The Fake News Network President Donald Trump is currently fighting another attempt to remove him from office because the much-vaunted Russian collusion delusion came up with absolutely nothing. No conspiracy, […]

  • Islamists And Communists Fight It Out In Syria

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 11th 2019 10:22am EDT

    Donald Trump has come under fire for withdrawing US troops from Syria even though he made that promise during his political campaign. Now Islamists and communists fight it out in Syria. The Middle East Mess Whenever a western country is drawn into a conflict in the Middle East, it becomes a messy and complicated affair […]