• Passed Out Man Found With 300 California Recall Ballots

    American Renaissance - Aug 30th 2021 1:29pm EDT

    California authorities are investigating why a man found passed out in a car had more than 300 unopened mail-in ballots for the gubernatorial recall election. The man was arrested Aug. 16 after being found in a store parking lot in Torrance, police said. {snip} The man was a felon who had drugs, a loaded firearm, […]

  • Today’s Defeat Will Be Tomorrow’s Victory

    American Renaissance - Aug 15th 2021 8:00am EDT

    Early on in 1997, in an attempt to give Eurocentrists a voice in the belly of the multicultural beast, I decided to run for a seat on the New York City Council. I risked an uphill battle against a powerful Republican incumbent because he had arranged a sweetheart deal with the Democrats to run unopposed […]

  • Race and Immigration in Scandinavia and Finland

    American Renaissance - Aug 1st 2021 1:00pm EDT

    Denmark for the Danes!, by AR Staff, January 2002 Race and Immigration in Scandinavia, by Mikael Widmark, December 2003 Norway Makes Progress, by AR Staff, November 2005 Cartoon Jihad, by AR Staff, March 2006 Report From Sweden by Mikael Widmark, November 2006 Soft-Headed Swedes by Mikael Widmark, December 2006 Changed Overnight: Race in Finland by […]

  • The American Renaissance Guide to the Struggle in France

    American Renaissance - Jul 14th 2021 7:00am EDT

    Open Letter to a Former French Resistance Fighter by Colorado, July 1994 Nationalism on the March in France by Jared Taylor, April 1998 Who is a Frenchman?, by AR Staff, April 1998 Thunder on the Right by Jared Taylor, May 1998 A Festival for France by Jared Taylor, November 1998 Bruno Gollnisch Fights for France, […]

  • Are the Good Times Over for Biden?

    American Renaissance - Jul 13th 2021 12:16am EDT

    Are the Democrats headed for their Little Bighorn, with President Joe Biden as Col. Custer? The wish, you suggest, is father to the thought. Yet, consider. On taking office, Biden held a winning hand. Three vaccines, with excellent efficacy rates, had been created and were being administered at a rate of a million shots a […]

  • Justice Dept. Sues State of Georgia Over New Voting Restrictions

    American Renaissance - Jun 25th 2021 6:05pm EDT

    Justice Department officials announced a federal lawsuit Friday against Georgia over new statewide voting restrictions that federal authorities allege purposefully discriminate against Black Americans, the first major action by the Biden administration to confront efforts from Republican-led jurisdictions to limit election turnout. The legal challenge takes aim at Georgia’s Election Integrity Act, which was passed […]

  • Joe Manchin: Racist or Profile in Courage

    American Renaissance - Jun 11th 2021 12:01am EDT

    In 1859, Abraham Lincoln related the tale of an Eastern monarch who charged his wise men with discovering words that would everywhere and always be true. The wise men went away and returned to present the monarch with this six-word sentence: “And this, too, shall pass away.” So, the question: How long will Sen. Joe […]

  • Samoa: First Woman Prime Minister Barred from Parliament, Takes Oath in Tent

    Daily Stormer - May 24th 2021 8:43am EDT

    ZOG is doing coups all over the world. No one has any idea what is going on in Samoa because no one cares, but apparently they’ve underwent some kind of revolution with a female woman declaring herself president in a tent. Deutsche Welle: A political crisis in the Pacific island of Samoa deepened on Monday […]

  • In Bitterly Divided Election in Southlake, Texas, Opponents of Anti-Racism Education Win Big

    American Renaissance - May 3rd 2021 5:52pm EDT

    Nine months after officials in the affluent Carroll Independent School District introduced a proposal to combat racial and cultural intolerance in schools, voters delivered a resounding victory Saturday to a slate of school board and City Council candidates who opposed the plan. In an unusually bitter campaign that echoed a growing national divide over how […]

  • London: No City for White Men

    Counter Currents - Apr 8th 2021 6:45am EDT

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan 1,231 words Genetically speaking, I am almost 100% a child of the British Isles, with my strongest links to recent ancestry being London, Dublin, and County Cork. Even that stubborn and pesky 4.3% “Spanish and Portuguese” quotient of my genetic makeup may simply be “Black Irish” DNA resulting from when the Spanish Armada […]