• French Cocksuckers to Ban Smoking on All Beaches and Public Parks, Turn Everyone Gay

    Daily Stormer - Nov 29th 2023 7:12am EST

    France, like China, is a smoking country. However, unlike China, France is a vagina country. If I was a vagina, I would want people to smoke, as it would make help to cover the stench emanating from between my legs (the worst stench ever). But women are too stupid. Also, women are filthy, and they […]

  • Memetic Monday: Late and Crappy

    Daily Stormer - Nov 28th 2023 3:49pm EST

    Well, it’s a rare Tuesday Monday. It doesn’t matter much, because the memes are not good. By the way: I had technical problems. I would have fewer technical problems if people would send me money. But basically, no one wants to send me money. If you want to send me money, send an email to […]

  • Disney’s Latest N****rfest May be One of the Worst Flops in Cinema History

    Daily Stormer - Nov 26th 2023 10:06am EST

    I think there is room for a consensus here. Should I stop putting “nigger” in the titles? I don’t think it matters at this point. The Daily Stormer is devolving into self-satire as its author prepares for merciful death. I wrote a thing a couple weeks ago about Disney’s own dive into self-satire, being pushed […]

  • Yes, Misery is the Natural State of Man. And That is Fine.

    Daily Stormer - Nov 24th 2023 11:00am EST

    Being alive on earth be like The Illness Revelations have been bogged down in various boondoggles for weeks now. We need to return to the Path of Glory. We need to return to my original notes. We have no choice. I must reestablish the themes. Remember, that one of the original themes was that life […]

  • This Donation Drive Makes Me Wanna Blow My Fucking Brains Out

    Daily Stormer - Nov 23rd 2023 5:31am EST

    Holy shit. I’ve gotten less than a quarter of what it costs to pay for one month of running the site (while paying myself nothing, by the way – the number includes nothing for my vodka or cigarettes). What’s more, less than 10% of people who requested addresses sent anything. Are they just fucking with […]

  • Don’t Badger Your Family

    Daily Stormer - Nov 22nd 2023 12:48pm EST

      You’re lucky you’re not at my Thanksgiving. We’re talking about the Jews, but we’re all drunk, smoking two cigarettes and once, gritting our teeth, men are doing cocaine and pointing guns at each other, everything feels inexplicably thick and damp, a guy calls for hookers and you’re just hoping he won’t choke one to […]

  • Blink-182’s New Album and the Hermeneutics of AI Suspicion

    Daily Stormer - Nov 21st 2023 1:24pm EST

    As a millennial, I felt some obligation to listen to the new Blink-182 album when it was released. Fascinatingly, I found some serious realizations about our dawning robot future while subjecting myself to this horrible record. Blink-182 was a defining band of the millennials generation. It’s somewhat unfortunate that this was the case, as the […]

  • Big Wall Street Journal Piece Says “Elon has Gone Too Far,” Doesn’t Say How

    Daily Stormer - Nov 19th 2023 4:35am EST

    The Wall Street Journal, a pro-war Jewish publication that used to be good, on Saturday accused Elon Musk of “going too far.” The article, penned by Wall Street Jew-lover Tim Higgins, did not say where Elon went “too far.” It simply listed off some various comments he’s made, including the now infamous tweet from Wednesday […]

  • Hitler was Right and You Filthy Rats Know Me and My Friends Would All Say It to Your Weasel Faces

    Daily Stormer - Nov 17th 2023 3:10am EST

    Silence, Jew! We’ve heard enough of your whining! Previously: HOT: Elon Bites Jew, Draws Blood, Tucker Interviews Candace About Rat Shapiro Attack! The Jews released a video of a white man in his fifties lecturing his teenage son about how saying “Hitler was right” is hatred. Sickeningly, the goal of the video is to attack […]

  • Proof That Bing Images is Adding Words to Prompts to Make Your Images Interracial

    Daily Stormer - Nov 16th 2023 1:40pm EST

    This nigga be reppin the Chinese in a Russa? Y’all be trippin. We’ve been going through the issues surrounding AI here during Illness Revelations: AI Week Blitz. Actually, we haven’t gotten to anything important. I have all these notes, and… well, whatever. We can extend it if we have to. Next week is supposed to […]

  • Amidst Stalling AI Week, Anglin Begs for Aid, Claiming He Will Drill a Hole in His Skull

    Daily Stormer - Nov 15th 2023 12:56pm EST

    Reprinted from the Associated Press without permission.  Amidst a slow start of he much ballyhooed “AI Week Blitz,” anti-Semitic child marriage advocate and Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin has begun begging for financial aid, claiming he will “pay someone a lot of money to drill a tiny hole” in his head to “alleviate the pressure” […]

  • AI Week BLITZ: Why Don’t Captchas Ask Which Hands Have the Right Number of Fingers?

    Daily Stormer - Nov 14th 2023 3:23pm EST

    The worst part about all of this is that when the robots destroy everything, they are going to be blasting Radiohead. It’s the fourth Tuesday of Illness Revelations, and you know what that means: AI Week BLITZ! I’m not particularly excited about AI week. Personally, I’d rather be talking about the absolute supremacy of the […]

  • Elon Names AI After Worst Heinlein Book of All

    Daily Stormer - Nov 14th 2023 11:39am EST

    As I’ve aged, my resentment for Robert Heinlein has simply grown, even as I developed a kind of affection for Jew Isaac Asimov’s stilted and autistic prose*. I went through Heinlein again I guess maybe five years ago. (You think of things in your life in relation to the coronavirus hoax, no? It truly was […]

  • Memetic Monday: I May Not Agree With Your Prompt, But I’ll Die for Your Right to Type It

    Daily Stormer - Nov 13th 2023 3:36am EST

    The power of AI art is beyond your comprehension. The top issue of the Day is not AI, because AI week starts tomorrow, because Monday is a meme holiday. All weekly events, as we are now doing theme-based weekly events, will begin on Tuesday. Weekly events, however, do not mean that every article of the […]

  • If You Though Saturday was Trash, Wait Until You See Sunday!

    Daily Stormer - Nov 12th 2023 9:50am EST

    Okay, so. I’m dialing it in this weekend, as we prepare for the biggest Illness Revelations blitz yet: the AI Week Blitz. I’m doing a little bit here. I think it’s worth reading. But I don’t think it’s great work. It’s not Illness-tier. We will be back in force on Monday. Well, Monday is a […]

  • If You Thought Saturday was Trash, Wait Until You See Sunday!

    Daily Stormer - Nov 12th 2023 9:50am EST

    Okay, so. I’m dialing it in this weekend, as we prepare for the biggest Illness Revelations blitz yet: the AI Week Blitz. I’m doing a little bit here. I think it’s worth reading. But I don’t think it’s great work. It’s not Illness-tier. We will be back in force on Monday. Well, Monday is a […]

  • WARNING: Reality May be Collapsing (Special “Illness Revelations: AI Week Blitz” Preview)

    Daily Stormer - Nov 10th 2023 1:48am EST

    Taste the freedom I find it advisable to warn you, dear reader, that reality could be collapsing. You might say: “Well of course you’d say that, Anglin! You have a brain tumor, you silly goose!” However, no. I was lying about the brain tumor. I’m perfectly fine and the issue actually is that reality is […]

  • On the Deeply Personal Nature of My Agenda to Abolish the Age of Consent

    Daily Stormer - Nov 9th 2023 12:56am EST

    “Here’s a 5 story photo of an orgy. Also, if you pay a girl for a blowjob, you’re going to prison – unless you film it and post it on the internet, in which case that is totally fine.” -The Jews The Jews put gigantic pictures of nearly nude women everywhere. Then they declare that […]

  • Fare Thee Well, John Wayne – There’s Nothing Left to Say

    Daily Stormer - Nov 8th 2023 3:02am EST

    FILLER – CLEARLY MARKED – FILLER John Wayne was Irish, by the way. He was an Irishman. Clint Eastwood is only like a quarter, but John Wayne is confirmed majority Irish, with Irish identity and behavior and a strikingly handsome potato-like visage. This is filler, because as I told you when I canceled AI week […]

  • Memetic Monday: Doomed to a Life of Happiness

    Daily Stormer - Nov 6th 2023 12:05pm EST

    Illness Revelations be like Okay, so. Yeah, I mean. Literally, huh? So Anglin. Today is mostly filler I guess, but there are memes. A couple, at least. SPOILER: this is the best one: Ran out of memes from normal sources so I had to buff it with some stuff from normie meme sites. Mostly they […]

  • You’re Lucky If You’re Even Reading This

    Daily Stormer - Nov 5th 2023 4:37am EST

    The Illness Revelations are a Magic Mystery Tour you go on without taking acid. It’s coming to take you away.  After a quiet period through the entire month of October, we are again having issues keeping the site up. Basically, you should be able to refresh and then wait 5 seconds and it should come […]

  • Disney Releasing Fourth Consecutive George Floyd Animated Film Despite Massive Losses

    Daily Stormer - Nov 3rd 2023 3:46am EDT

    Wish, featuring a black bitch fighting evil whites, is Disney’s fourth George Floydist animated film. The first three were disasters for the company, but they’ve decided to keep doing it. People don’t really seem to be aware of it, but George Floyd’s fat, stupid corpse is still hanging over all of society. Probably, everyone is […]

  • Watched “Gangs of New York” – Had No Irish Experience

    Daily Stormer - Nov 2nd 2023 3:28am EDT

    If you’re getting bored with Irish identity themes, please standby. It’s almost over. It will come back, but right now, it’s almost over. Next week, we’re starting fresh with hot new themes and edgier jokes than ever before. We need to continue on with general self-discovery, instead of my own personal self-discovery journey.  I had […]

  • “DROWNED IN A HOT TUB. HAHAHAHA” or the Urgent Necessity of Brutal Irish Nepotism

    Daily Stormer - Nov 1st 2023 3:04am EDT

    On the day that guy from Friends died, a former SNL writer mocked him with a hilarious tweet. Although the tweet got criminally low engagement, the writer is is a notable public person, with a Wikipedia page, so the tabloid media decided to write up some outrage porn on it. The New York Post said […]

  • I Had a Dream OJ Simpson Gave a TED Talk About How OJ Simpson was Innocent

    Daily Stormer - Oct 31st 2023 6:17am EDT

    Yesterday, when I was trying to collect those memes, I feel asleep in my chair. That’s why they were late. I fell asleep sitting up in my chair. While sleeping sitting up, I had a dream about Bill Gates giving a TED talk proclaiming OJ’s innocence. Gates said in his stupid, annoying gay voice: “So, […]