• Miss Universe Grew Up In A World Where She Was Too Ugly To Win Her Crown

    Occidental Dissent - Dec 9th 2019 10:40pm EST

    “I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me — with my kind of skin and my kind of hair — was never considered to be beautiful.” A new Miss Universe has been crowned. https://t.co/1VwecmBA70 pic.twitter.com/WJ25YUQ00m— CNN (@CNN) December 9, 2019 This is so routine now that it is barely worth […]

  • Saudi Terrorist Responsible For Pensacola Mass Shooting

    Occidental Dissent - Dec 7th 2019 1:21pm EST

    I didn’t have time to write about this yesterday. Obviously though, it is devastating for the carefully constructed narrative that Iran is the greatest threat we are facing in the Middle East when a Saudi terrorist does a mass shooting on American soil and six other Saudis stand around and film the entire thing! The […]

  • Pete Buttigieg Condemns Woke Black Lives Matter Activist Who Disrupted Campaign Event

    Occidental Dissent - Dec 5th 2019 3:30pm EST

    It’s deeply depressing that @BernieSanders’ supporters have gone from harassing @PeteButtigieg’s staffers of color online to harassing our supporters of color in real life, but here we are https://t.co/pI4WkNXRhD— Lis Smith (@Lis_Smith) December 5, 2019 Can you imagine what it would be like if these people were in power and trying to run the country? […]

  • PISA 2018 Results Released

    Occidental Dissent - Dec 3rd 2019 4:31pm EST

    Results from PISA 2018 cover 79 countries and economies, representing ~32m 15-year-olds’ skills in reading, math & science ? https://t.co/yxx9nzP35R #OECDPISA #SDG4 pic.twitter.com/oKPlAbPe0I— OECD Education (@OECDEduSkills) December 3, 2019 What do you think is the secret of Estonia’s success in the PISA rankings? BBC: “It outperforms the major European economies, including the UK, in influential […]

  • New York Times: Beacon High School Students Protest Half White Student Body

    Occidental Dissent - Dec 2nd 2019 9:20pm EST

    It would be interesting to know what percentage of the “White students” at Beacon High School are actually Jewish. New York Times: “Beacon’s student population is about half white, a striking anomaly in a public school system that is nearly 70 percent black and Hispanic. Beacon is not a specialized high school — it has no admissions test — […]

  • Amren: Racial Differences In 20 Charts

    Occidental Dissent - Dec 1st 2019 7:04pm EST

    It makes me sick to look at these charts. I’m not just looking at twenty charts of intractable racial differences. This is twenty years of my life. In those twenty years, how many people have been professionally ruined over charges of “racism”? How many people have had their lives ruined to sustain a lie? How […]

  • UN: Zimbabwe Is On The Brink of Manmade Starvation

    Occidental Dissent - Nov 29th 2019 10:41pm EST

    Oh … I thought it was on the brink of Wakanda status. BBC: “Zimbabwe is on the brink of man-made starvation, a UN official has warned.More than 60% of the country’s 14 million people are considered food-insecure, according to the findings.Hyperinflation, poverty, natural disasters and economic sanctions were among the identified causes.Women and children were […]

  • New York Times: Black Art Has Its Moment, Finally

    Occidental Dissent - Nov 27th 2019 4:29pm EST

    It’s a masterpiece. New York Times: “What made the 2010s the most thrilling of all the decades I’ve spent in the New York art world was the rising presence of black artists of every ilk, on every front: in museums, commercial galleries, art magazines, private collections and public commissions.During this exhilarating sea change new talent emerged, […]

  • “Dirty White Bitches” Beaten By Mob In New York City

    Occidental Dissent - Nov 26th 2019 9:04pm EST

    No big deal. There is absolutely nothing to see here. New York Post: “A model and an actress got their money-makers messed up by a racist pack of miscreants during a Midtown bar brawl, according to a new lawsuit seeking to force the venue to hang on to surveillance footage of the throw-down. …But on […]

  • Summit News: Al Pacino’s Hunters Features White People Wearing Red MAGA-Style Hats Being Hunted As Nazis

    Occidental Dissent - Nov 25th 2019 5:22pm EST

    This comes as no surprise. I brought up Al Pacino’s new Netflix show Hunters earlier this month. Paul Joseph Watson has uncovered an interesting plot twist about the Nazis. “A new Amazon Prime show starring Al Pacino features a group of “diverse” vigilantes who hunt down and kill “Nazis,” some of whom are depicted wearing […]