• Episode 715 – A Serious Joke

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 8th 2021 6:16pm EST

    A Serious Joke Boris Epshteyn previews the impeachment show trial that begins Tuesday, and the Democrats’ completely manufactured case. “It’s a joke but it has to be taken seriously,” he said. Follow @BorisEP The Elsewhere Smear Machine Jack Posobiec and Raheem Kassam fact check Jake Tapper, who was caught lying to cover up AOC’s lies […]

  • Episode 714 – Big Tech Identity Theft

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 8th 2021 12:51pm EST

    ‘It’s Very Orchestrated’ He’s sold 54 million pillows but you couldn’t find him on Google? Mike Lindell exposes the orchestrated censorship campaign against his documentary on election fraud Absolute Proof. Big Tech and Big Media use information warfare together to malign anyone with opposing views, and then to suppress those opposing views. WATCH: Absolute Proof. […]

  • Episode 713 – Even Rubes Vote

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 8th 2021 12:35pm EST

    Biden Ballot Dump Gateway pundit founder Jim Hoft dropped a bombshell video of over 50 boxes of ballots being delivered in the middle of the night in Wayne County Michigan, and was promptly banned on Twitter.  WATCH: Suspicious Vehicle Seen Escorting Late Night Biden Ballot Van at TCF Center on Election Night The Left Declares […]

  • Episode 712 – How to Win

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 6th 2021 11:56am EST

    Stop Them From Labeling You a Domestic Terrorist “They are trying to atomize you, trying to balkanize you,” said Jack Posobiec. We need to say “No, there are 75 million of us and we are not going away.” Follow on Telegram @BannonWarRoom Take Over the Party Attorney Dan Schultz explains how to take back the […]

  • Episode 711 – It’s All Converging

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 6th 2021 11:01am EST

    Annihilating History Rudy Giuliani reacts to Fox’s cancellation of Lou Dobbs, the latest move to memory hole the election fraud. “This has to be because he’s violating the censorship put out by the new Stasi,” Giuliani said. “Pretty soon they’re gonna come visit your homes.” “They want to bury this, they want to annihilate history,” […]

  • Episode 710 – The Big Lie vs. The Big Steal

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 5th 2021 6:58pm EST

    ‘Hateful, Pathetic Nobodies’ Boris Epshteyn rips the “hateful, pathetic nobodies” of the Democrat establishment who mocked reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and asks a pivotal question: Would anyone want to have dinner with any of them? ‘Unnecessary’: Nadler Shuts Down Gaetz’s Request To Recite Pledge Of Allegiance At Start Of Hearings Democrats on hot mic […]

  • Episode 709 – Moment of Clarity

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 5th 2021 12:30pm EST

    Here’s What They Did War Room brings in the heavy hitters who were all over the plot by the establishment to steal the election in the summer of 2020: Darren Beattie, Lee Smith, Raheem Kassam, and Dave Ramaswamy. “All of this public back and forth between left and right organizations is all kabuki theater,” said […]

  • Episode 708 – Of the technocrat, by the bureaucrat, for the plutocrat

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 5th 2021 12:16pm EST

    The Cabal Rabbi Aryeh Spero kicks off the show with a prayer for the nation and then reacts to the admission in TIME magazine that a cabal of powerful people conspired to deny President Trump a second term. Rabbi Spero says they got the title — the “Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” — […]

  • Episode 707 – Globalism’s Back, Baby

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 4th 2021 6:01pm EST

    You Can Question Voting Machines, If You’re a Democrat  Boris Epshteyn explains why it’s perfectly legitimate to question the integrity of voting machines — as long as you’re the top lawyer for the Democrats. Perkins Coie’s Mark Elias Is Arguing Voting Machines Caused NY Democrat to Lose Last Undecided Congressional Race Flashback: Soros, Gates-Linked ‘Election […]

  • Episode 706 – Woketopians on Parade

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 4th 2021 12:18pm EST

    Woketopian Censor Brigade War Room deconstructs AOC’s ever-changing narrative about her “near-death” experience being across the street where no rioters were on Jan. 6. Now she’s turning to the left’s Woketopian censor brigade to bail her out and stop #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett. Matt Palumbo, content manager @BonginoReport, on why Parler is coming back and explains why the […]

  • Episode 705 – Referendum in 2022

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 4th 2021 12:14pm EST

    The Real Referendum is 2022 Matt Gaetz explains how Liz Cheney remained in leadership, and where the Republican base goes from here. “The only way we win is if we’re worthy of winning,” Gaetz said, calling for a redo of the 2010 primary fights that made the GOP stronger. “Sometimes a reformation in our own […]

  • Episode 704 – GOP Proxy War

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 3rd 2021 5:59pm EST

    ‘You’re Making History Here’ Liz Harris, director of Citizens Investigation, unveils the demands for the forensic audit in Maricopa County and has evidence of at least 106,000 fraudulent votes in Arizona. Calling Their Bluff  Stephen K. Bannon calls GOP senators like Kevin Cramer’s bluff, and dares them to vote to convict Donald J. Trump after […]

  • Episode 703 – Big Brother Fauci

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 3rd 2021 11:58am EST

    Big Brother Fauci  Stephen K. Bannon explains the buried lede about herd immunity: the push for mandatory vaccinations for children.  “Big Pharma owns the Republican Party…and half the Democrat Party, too,” Bannon said. Days after the Biden regime released a report that calls for additional research on Wuhan virus vaccines for adolescents, Dr. Fauci claims […]

  • Episode 702 – Prairie Populism

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 3rd 2021 11:01am EST

    Two Parties, One Scam Rep. Matt Gaetz joins War Room to explain why the battle for the Republican Party must be waged outside of Washington, D.C., his recent meeting with President Trump, and what’s next for Liz Cheney. Get the book Firebrand: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the MAGA Revolution Not Tired of Winning […]

  • Episode 701 – MAGA Survival

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 2nd 2021 6:01pm EST

    Biden Regime Wants to Slip Amnesty Into Covid Relief Rosemary Jenks, president of NumbersUSA, updates War Room on the open borders policies of the Biden regime. Jenks warns Democrats are trying to slip amnesty for up to 7 million illegal aliens into the CCP virus relief bill. The move to give “essential workers” amnesty would […]

  • Episode 700 – Groundhog Day (Again)

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 2nd 2021 12:31pm EST

    Peaceful Protest Election integrity investigator Matt Braynard asks why he is the lone voice asking the DOJ to drop charges against 142 peaceful MAGA protesters who exercised their First Amendment rights on January 6th. Stephen K. Bannon says the answer is obvious: “The kowtowing and cowardice of the Republican establishment is on full display.” Read […]

  • Episode 699 – Asymmetrical Warfare

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 2nd 2021 11:06am EST

    The Real Cancer on the GOP Joey Correnti IV, chairman of the Carbon County Wyoming Republican Party, gives an update on the growing momentum to censure Liz Cheney for her impeachment vote. 10 Counties Have Censured Liz Cheney So Far McConnell Calls GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a “Cancer For the Republican Party” – Greene […]

  • Episode 698 – Useful Idiots of the Establishment

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 1st 2021 6:26pm EST

    We Were Right and They Were Wrong War Room reacts to one year later Bill Maher covering the lab origins of the CCP virus. Peter Navarro responds to Charlie Gasperino, the go-to useful idiot for the hedge funds and the CCP trying to spin news in the marketplace. Watch Heather Heying & Bret Weinstein: The […]

  • Episode 697 – Return from Elba

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 1st 2021 12:47pm EST

    They Want Him to Fight War Room calls the New York Times’ 10,000-word bluff: they’re not confident. If there was really nothing to the election fraud, Democrats and the media would welcome the argument. But they don’t. The last thing they want is for President Trump to show all of the damning evidence in the […]

  • Episode 695 – This is Fight Week

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Feb 1st 2021 12:00pm EST

    Fake News from NYT Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton responds to the fabrication in the New York Times that the White House was involved in the Texas lawsuit. Instead the NYT  “ought to be concerned about that and the direction of our democracy and whether we have one anymore.” Follow @TXAG Every Biden regime executive […]

  • Episode 695 – From Palin to WallStreetBets

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Jan 30th 2021 11:59am EST

    From Palin to the Reddit Peasant Revolt   Michael Glassner, COO of the Trump campaign, and Stephen K. Bannon explain how the roots of the reddit populist revolt on Wall Street go back to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.  “People were fed up with institutions in America that was really the beginning of this movement,” […]

  • Episode 694 – A Perfect Storm

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Jan 30th 2021 11:07am EST

    ‘This is a Perfect Storm’ Mike Cernovich joins War Room to explain the interconnectedness of the reddit peasant revolt, and how it brings moral clarity. “It’s right there in our faces now. We’re peasants, we’re serfs, we deserve nothing, we will own nothing and be happy” who are indentured servants to the ruling class. “They […]

  • Episode 693 – The Perfect Distillation of the Tyrannical Elite

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Jan 29th 2021 6:05pm EST

    Why GameStop Is Important for Economic Nationalism The GameStop story shows how to drive the narrative with populism. Boris Epshteyn says Elizabeth Warren is “as much a populist as she is a Native American,” and Jack Posobiec explains how the little guy figured out how to do something good and to stick it to the […]

  • Episode 692 – A Million Little Captain Ahabs

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Jan 29th 2021 12:01pm EST

    Yellen Must Answer Jack Posobiec says it is completely disqualifying for Jen Psaki to say there is no reason for Janet Yellen to recuse herself from discussions regarding Robinhood despite taking $810,000 from Citadel. Posobiec says Psaki must explain if Janet Yellen is in breach of her ethics agreement. Stephen K. Bannon explains why the […]

  • Episode 691 – Financial Stop the Steal

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Jan 29th 2021 11:08am EST

    The Next Phase of Populism Stephen K. Bannon explains the populist uprising on Wall Street is payback for the financial collapse in 2008. This is “Financial Stop the Steal,” says Raheem Kassam, and just the next iteration of the populist nationalist movements that aren’t going anywhere. Boris Epshteyn updates on what the reddit rebels did […]