• Tucker Does First Interview Since Fox Firing (With Russell Brand)

    Daily Stormer - Jul 8th 2023 8:45am EDT

    Tucker Carlson did his first interview since being fired from Fox. With Russell Brand. I actually like Russell Brand because he’s funny. I’ve been enjoying his Rumble channel. It was a smooth move on Tucker’s part, because basically everyone likes Russell Brand, even though he is kind of faggy, because he’s funny. Most of these […]

  • Brandon Preparing Jew-Style Guarantees for Jewkraine: “If There is a Peace Agreement…”

    Daily Stormer - Jul 8th 2023 8:22am EDT

    I don’t know why all those people who comment on things were acting like the Ukraine was going to join NATO. That was really dumb. Of course that wasn’t going to happen. RT: The US is willing to offer Kiev a sort of security arrangement currently offered to Israel instead of membership in NATO, President […]

  • We Need Trump Back NOW – Niggas is Struggling Out Here Like a MF

    Daily Stormer - Jul 8th 2023 6:16am EDT

    This niggas is falling hard. There is only one man who can solve this problem. Axios: The historic employment gains notched by Black Americans during the pandemic-era recovery may be beginning to reverse — one of the disappointing details of the June jobs report out Friday. The hot labor market sharply narrowed employment gaps, helping lower-income and […]

  • Biden Approves Cluster Bombs for the Ukraine, Pentagon Says War Crimes “Better Than a Russian Victory”

    Daily Stormer - Jul 7th 2023 11:00pm EDT

    The United States promises that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will “carefully” use cluster munitions ” They will not use the projectiles in civilian-populated urban environments ,” Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Kahl said. pic.twitter.com/8YWAPrjGtA — Spriter Team (@SpriterTeam) July 8, 2023 These cluster bombs being used in Iraq was a huge deal. […]

  • Poll: 3% of Americans Want Senile Old Coot to Run the Country

    Daily Stormer - Jul 7th 2023 2:00am EDT

    For the record, RFK Jr. is 69. RT: The overwhelming majority of Americans believe that the country should not be run by an elderly president, a poll by the Pew Research Center has revealed. Only 3% of respondents said they wanted someone in their 70s or older in the Oval Office, according to the study, […]

  • California: Los Angeles County’s Hobo Population Reaches 75,000

    Daily Stormer - Jul 7th 2023 1:00am EDT

    I’d like to point out that Japan – a country who’s population is around 14 times the population of LA County – had fewer than 4,000 known hobos as of 2021. I wonder what they’re doing differently. The Post Millennial: Homelessness has increased by ten percent in the city of Los Angeles, and it has […]

  • Obese Black Woman Changes American Anthem to Attack America

    Daily Stormer - Jul 6th 2023 9:36pm EDT

    I spent two hours checking if this is a tranny, and apparently it’s not Frankly, the whining of the blacks is much more intolerable than their endless stream of violent acts. Breitbart: Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Jill Scott was slammed on social media for changing the lyrics to the National Anthem during a recent […]

  • CDC Teaches Trannies to “Chestfeed” Kids

    Daily Stormer - Jul 6th 2023 1:14pm EDT

    Transgender “mother” who took hormones to create milk-like substance from his nipples so he can feed his baby, claims “It IS breast milk” Footage via: Nominal.naomi on TikTok pic.twitter.com/5D1ooGtmm1 — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) May 25, 2023 Wow, this is great for society. We’re inches away from utopia. New York Post: The Centers for Disease […]

  • New Robert Kennedy Ad is Very Good

    Daily Stormer - Jul 6th 2023 1:11pm EDT

    Robert Kennedy Jr.’s new ad, entitled “Reclaiming Democracy,” is very good. At this point, I’m intrigued by focusing on the totalitarian aspect of the Biden Regime instead of the racial aspect. Kennedy, by the way, has also made some good statements about immigration (specifically that the empire is making it so people don’t want to […]

  • Following Virus Hoax, Economy Moves to Move Free Southern States

    Daily Stormer - Jul 6th 2023 1:00am EDT

    Freedom is always good for the economy. It would be hard to say that the Southern States of America are “free,” because America itself is basically a gigantic communist prison camp (especially compared to anywhere else in the world, excluding edge cases like North Korea – and even North Korea arguably allows for more personal […]

  • Following Virus Hoax, Economy Moves to More Free Southern States

    Daily Stormer - Jul 6th 2023 1:00am EDT

    Freedom is always good for the economy. It would be hard to say that the southern states of America are “free,” because America itself is basically a gigantic communist prison camp (especially compared to anywhere else in the world, excluding edge cases like North Korea – and even North Korea arguably allows for more personal […]

  • Largest Teachers Union Recommends “Gender Queer” for Summer Reading

    Daily Stormer - Jul 5th 2023 4:05pm EDT

    This is a power-play against the population. It is pushback against the laws that are being made to ban this shit. These teachers are saying “we all support this – there is nothing you can do.” Still think “teacher is a good job for a woman”? New York Post: The National Education Association (NEA) on […]

  • Minnesota: Democrats Pass Barrage of Woke Laws

    Daily Stormer - Jul 5th 2023 10:31am EDT

    Honestly, Minnesota should just go back to Sweden. Nah, I don’t mean that. But seriously: none of these people even speak Swedish, or really have any connection to Sweden at all, yet somehow, they’ve developed all the policies of the Swedes. Who can deny the importance of blood? The Guardian: On 1 June, in front […]

  • Biden Admin Ordered to End the Censorship

    Daily Stormer - Jul 5th 2023 10:15am EDT

    You are aware, dear reader, that I am ever the pessimist. I would never have expected the Twitter Files to result in a judge issuing an injunction against Biden. I assume it will be quickly overruled by some other judge, but it is nonetheless quite a heavy blow to the authority of the Democrat Party […]

  • White House Evacuated Over Cocaine in the Carpet

    Daily Stormer - Jul 3rd 2023 4:48pm EDT

    Why does the White House have carpet in the first place? Carpet is really disgusting. Haven’t people gotten the memo on that yet? You can’t clean carpet. RT: The White House and the surrounding area were evacuated on Sunday as the Secret Service investigated an unknown substance found on the grounds that turned out to […]

  • Based Professor Told Female Students to Strip So He Could Examine Their Nipples

    Daily Stormer - Jul 2nd 2023 10:52am EDT

    Islam is right about women. If they’re going to act like whores by going around in men’s spaces, they should be treated like whores. Why are there women in college? Like, how can that possibly make any sense for a society? New York Post: The US Department of Education concluded a sexual harassment investigation at […]

  • Selfish Jew Rats Run Jew School, Refuse to Teach Children

    Daily Stormer - Jul 2nd 2023 3:56am EDT

    The rabbis were too busy sexually molesting the boys to instruct them???? Imagine my shock! New York Times: Eighteen private schools run by the Hasidic Jewish community have been breaking the law by not providing their students with an adequate secular education, New York City officials said on Friday. The findings were an extraordinary rebuke […]

  • Record Number of 40-Year-Old Women Have Never Been Married

    Daily Stormer - Jul 1st 2023 8:02am EDT

    Obese dykes is who you should take life advice from, goy This is, in fact, a major crisis. No matter how you spin feminism, the basic reality is that women as a group will always take more from society than they put in. I am speaking about material production here. In terms of the psychological […]

  • California: Chaos at the Reparations Meeting! Blacks Demand Half the Country and Immediate Reparations NOW!

    Daily Stormer - Jun 30th 2023 9:37pm EDT

    The final meeting of the Reparations Task Force in California descended into chaos as members of the public demanded immediate reparations. The task force has recommended potential payments of up to $1.2 million for qualifying black Californians. However, these payments are… pic.twitter.com/3DdY0sVm4W — IV Times (@iv_times) June 30, 2023 #California #Reparations Task Force Chair @KamilahMooreEsq […]

  • Texas School District Bans Pronoun Madness, Says Genitals at Birth Determine Correct Bathroom

    Daily Stormer - Jun 30th 2023 8:40pm EDT

    BREAKING NEWS, GUYS! A school district in Texas has declared that a woman cannot have a penis! They’re teaching this to kids! Who would spread this kind of disinformation against trans lives??? Are they working with the Russians??? New York Post: Students’ gender at birth will now determine restroom and pronoun use at a Texas […]

  • Gay Furries Hack US Government Agencies to Protest Anti-Tranny Laws

    Daily Stormer - Jun 30th 2023 8:02am EDT

    Trannies are mostly autistic. It’s not clear if that is because autists are more vulnerable, and they are targeted with this tranny propaganda, or if it is something intrinsic. Either way, it’s very unfortunate. A lot of autistic people are competent with computers, and it is a shame what is going to happen to these […]

  • New York: Priest Gets 6 Months in Jail for Trying to Stop Women from Killing Their Babies

    Daily Stormer - Jun 29th 2023 11:38pm EDT

    The thing he was arrested for There hasn’t been any big change in any laws in the US in terms of freedom of speech. They’ve just all of a sudden started finding ways to prosecute Christians. The Supreme Court isn’t doing anything about it. Maybe this guy “blocks your path” – you can easily walk […]

  • White College Professor Sues Penn State Over All Sorts of Retarded, Anti-White Gibberish

    Daily Stormer - Jun 29th 2023 11:45am EDT

    Every university in America is now nothing but an anti-white ritual humiliation extravaganza. It was really going in this direction long before George Floyd, but after George Floyd, there are no brakes on the anti-white hate train. I don’t think they even bother teaching anything else anymore. Washington Examiner: A former Pennsylvania State University professor […]

  • Israel Leaking Details of Brandon’s Iran Talks to Republican Anti-Iran Activists

    Daily Stormer - Jun 29th 2023 10:55am EDT

    Previously: Ukrainian Jews and Israeli Jews are Feuding Israel is our greatest ally and the only democracy, but don’t cross them or they will leak your communications. But they are our greatest ally ever, and we love their great respect for who we are in a democracy. We have to fight wars for them though because […]

  • Majority of Fatmericans Support Arming “Ukraine,” Poll Suggests

    Daily Stormer - Jun 29th 2023 1:39am EDT

      Who knows if these polls are true. A lot of polls are fake, and a lot of Americans are fat retards. Reuters: Solid majorities of Americans support providing weaponry to Ukraine to defend itself against Russia and believe that such aid demonstrates to China and other U.S. rivals a will to protect U.S. interests […]