• CIA Leftist John Brennan Says He’s Worried About Leftist Rhetoric

    Daily Stormer - May 25th 2021 8:59am EDT

    John Brennan, former head of the CIA and current MSNBC contributor, has come out and started that he is “worried” about leftist rhetoric. Brennan is a man who has pushed extremist pro-Antifa, pro-BLM and anti-white material for years, so this is at first glance quite a reversal. Washington Examiner: Juliette Kayyem, a professor at the […]

  • The Economy has Already Collapsed But the Government is Able to Prevent the Biggest Effects

    Daily Stormer - May 25th 2021 8:37am EDT

    I’m increasingly starting to believe that inflation will not cause a visible economic collapse for several years. The economy already has actually collapsed, of course. But basically, the government has devised a can-kicking plan to make it not obvious that the economy has collapsed for some time. Jim Cramer is saying the same thing. CNBC: […]

  • Rand Paul Gets Death Threat Package with White Powder, Blames Jew 80s Pop Singer

    Daily Stormer - May 25th 2021 6:58am EDT

    There aren’t actually any “white supremacists” or “far righters” in the government. Because there are no far righters to attack, leftist lunatics who have been whipped up into a frenzy by the hysterical Jewish media and Jewish-controlled government tend to attack two people: Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Obviously, we here at Tranny Watch like […]

  • Jews Claim 17,000 People Tweeted “Hitler was Right” in Response to Gaza Slaughter

    Daily Stormer - May 25th 2021 5:40am EDT

    People are mad about the Jews murdering all those people in Palestine. The Jews have cried havoc and released the dogs of censorship. USA Today: Five Jewish groups penned a letter to President Joe Biden on Friday expressing concern about the recent surge of antisemitic hate crimes in the U.S. amid the military confrontation between […]

  • Florida: Local Journalist Ben Ryan on a Crusade to Force School to Publish Cleavage Shots of 13 Year Olds

    Daily Stormer - May 24th 2021 10:26am EDT

    COMING UP NEXT on CBS47 & FOX30 at 5 @BenRyanANJax @BachmanANjax @TenikkaANjax @MikeFirstAlert pic.twitter.com/9u9YNdGc3k — ActionNewsJax (@ActionNewsJax) May 21, 2021 Editing out a 9th grade slut’s cleavage from her yearbook photo is a human rights violation. You expect this in places like Belarus or from Hamas terrorists, but not from the heartland of global democracy. This is a […]

  • Print That Money Joe, You Deep Fake Geezer!

    Daily Stormer - May 24th 2021 9:45am EDT

    Deep Fake Joe needs to get that money printer brrrrrring ASAP. Republicans need to back off and let this computer generated image make it rain. Take the wedge out, Mitch! Pull the wedge! Release the lever! Wind the pulley! Trigger the GEARS! The Week: Senate Republicans are “trying to drive a wedge” between President Biden […]

  • Chicago Police Issue Vote of No Confidence in Lori Lightfoot

    Daily Stormer - May 23rd 2021 9:14am EDT

    Some cops were expected to push back against the anti-cop agenda. But they aren’t going to do anything. New York Post: Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police issued a vote of no-confidence in Mayor Lori Lightfoot Wednesday, citing poor work conditions and the cancellation of a march for fallen officers due to the coronavirus pandemic. The […]

  • You Want to Have Sex? Then Get Vaxxed with This Deadly Gene Therapy Experiment

    Daily Stormer - May 23rd 2021 12:20am EDT

    Weirdest White House covid announcement to date: Dating sites like Tinder, Match, OkCupid will now have users display vaccination status to make them more attractive + encourage vaccinations! — William Wan (@thewanreport) May 21, 2021 Previously in the world of internet sluts: Tinder Will Allow Women to Perform Background Checks on Men The latest “carrot” in […]

  • UBI Agenda: Monthly Payments of Up to $300 Per Child, No Strings Attached

    Daily Stormer - May 22nd 2021 11:45pm EDT

    The AP only shows brown kids in its article about monthly payments of up to $300 per child. It’s accurate.  This “free money from the government” agenda is part of a ploy to justify destroying everyone’s independent livelihood with this stupid virus hoax. Of course, they start out with credits for children, and who has […]

  • California: 6-Year-Old Boy Shot to Death in Road Rage Incident! No Arrests!

    Daily Stormer - May 22nd 2021 7:40am EDT

    Black violence is rising along side the total decomposition of the white man’s mental health. So now, you see these stories, and you don’t know who is responsible. The underlying point is: you’re now living in an extremely dangerous society. LA Times: A 6-year-old boy on his way to school was fatally shot Friday morning […]