• Mitt Gets Booed Like a Bitch in Utah

    Daily Stormer - May 2nd 2021 7:14am EDT

    .@SenatorRomney is getting boo’d loudly at the @UtahGOP convention. @fox13 #utpol #utgop pic.twitter.com/4vMwVnh6YI — Ben Winslow (@BenWinslow) 1 мая 2021 г. Mitt Romney got majorly booed in Utah. I haven’t see someone get booed like this since the Middle Eastern Christians booed Ted Cruz for saying he wanted total Jewish domination of their homelands. With […]

  • Actress Ellen Page Says Cutting Her Breasts Off to Pretend to Be a Man Saved Her Life

    Daily Stormer - May 1st 2021 2:44pm EDT

    At first I was like But then I was just like The ride never ends. BBC: Elliot Page says having transition surgery has been a “life-saving” experience. The Oscar-nominated star of Juno has opened up about coming out as a trans man in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. He told Winfrey it was “crucial and […]

  • 63% of US Companies Will Require Workers to Show Proof of Vaccination

    Daily Stormer - Apr 30th 2021 1:40pm EDT

    Pictured: SCIENCE giving public health directions. There is a war against bodily autonomy. CNBC: More than 60% of companies in the U.S. will require proof of vaccination from their employees, according to a new survey conducted by Arizona State University with support from the Rockefeller Foundation. A broad majority of U.S. employers, 65%, plan to […]

  • Rudy Giuliani Appears on Tucker Carlson After Raid

    Daily Stormer - Apr 30th 2021 12:00am EDT

    I heard that Rudy Giuliani was on Tucker Carlson. This is the first time Rudy has appeared on TV since his home was raided by the feds and all of his computers were seized. So I went to YouTube and typed “Tucker Carlson.” More than the 15 first results were anti-Tucker videos. That is something […]

  • Trump Says He’s 100% Thinking About Running for President in 2024

    Daily Stormer - Apr 29th 2021 11:30pm EDT

    Joe Biden has already said that he’s ready to go again in 2024. It will be great to have a rematch and maybe next time, for no reason, the Democrats won’t cheat. Newsweek: Former President Donald Trump asserted that he’s definitely considering running for the White House again in 2024. In a Thursday phone interview […]

  • Crack Down on Jeopardy! After Realizing It’s a Hotbed of White Supremacy

    Daily Stormer - Apr 29th 2021 8:49am EDT

    It is incredible that the establishment will attack people as “conspiracy theorists” for simply asking for data to be collected regarding the potential side-effects of the coronavirus vaccine (data that is collected for every other drug in history), while at the same time the establishment endorses very wild, baseless theories. Very regularly now, establishment people […]

  • Biden Speech: Attacks China, Promoting Even More Fear and Confusion, Demands $4 Trillion

    Daily Stormer - Apr 29th 2021 5:30am EDT

    The Fake President Joe Biden has given a rousing speech to Congress, wherein he promoted the Chinese as a new threat on par with Adolf Hitler. This is really weird. (This is the State of the Union speech, but it isn’t called that because of some protocol which makes it so a President’s first State […]

  • Rudy Giuliani’s Home and Office Raided by Biden Fed Agents – Is Trump Going to Prison?

    Daily Stormer - Apr 29th 2021 5:25am EDT

    Rudy raided! There is no clear reason they would do this unless they are attempting to put together a case against Donald Trump. Maybe they won’t indict Trump, but thinking about doing that is the only reason they would do this. AP: Federal agents raided Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office Wednesday, seizing computers and […]

  • Watch: Fauci Lashes Out Against Joe Rogan for Advising Young and Healthy Listeners to Avoid Vaccine

    Daily Stormer - Apr 29th 2021 3:22am EDT

    JOE ROGAN: “I think it’s safe to get vaccinated. But if you’re 21 years old… if you are a healthy person and you’re exercising all the time and you’re young and you’re eating well, I don’t think you need to worry about this.”pic.twitter.com/SUn39qOJ0R — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) April 27, 2021 Joe Rogan has said that […]

  • CDC Now Says Guidelines Don’t Explicitly Recommend Pregnant Women to Take Coronavirus Vaccine

    Daily Stormer - Apr 29th 2021 2:00am EDT

    Rochelle “Early Life” Walensky is currently the head of the CDC, and she is really into dazzling the goyim. The CDC is part of a conspiracy to confuse everyone. The CDC is working with Anthony Fauci to this end – you will notice that they often come out on the same day and say different […]