• Print That Money Joe, You Deep Fake Geezer!

    Daily Stormer - May 24th 2021 9:45am EDT

    Deep Fake Joe needs to get that money printer brrrrrring ASAP. Republicans need to back off and let this computer generated image make it rain. Take the wedge out, Mitch! Pull the wedge! Release the lever! Wind the pulley! Trigger the GEARS! The Week: Senate Republicans are “trying to drive a wedge” between President Biden […]

  • Chicago Police Issue Vote of No Confidence in Lori Lightfoot

    Daily Stormer - May 23rd 2021 9:14am EDT

    Some cops were expected to push back against the anti-cop agenda. But they aren’t going to do anything. New York Post: Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police issued a vote of no-confidence in Mayor Lori Lightfoot Wednesday, citing poor work conditions and the cancellation of a march for fallen officers due to the coronavirus pandemic. The […]

  • You Want to Have Sex? Then Get Vaxxed with This Deadly Gene Therapy Experiment

    Daily Stormer - May 23rd 2021 12:20am EDT

    Weirdest White House covid announcement to date: Dating sites like Tinder, Match, OkCupid will now have users display vaccination status to make them more attractive + encourage vaccinations! — William Wan (@thewanreport) May 21, 2021 Previously in the world of internet sluts: Tinder Will Allow Women to Perform Background Checks on Men The latest “carrot” in […]

  • UBI Agenda: Monthly Payments of Up to $300 Per Child, No Strings Attached

    Daily Stormer - May 22nd 2021 11:45pm EDT

    The AP only shows brown kids in its article about monthly payments of up to $300 per child. It’s accurate.  This “free money from the government” agenda is part of a ploy to justify destroying everyone’s independent livelihood with this stupid virus hoax. Of course, they start out with credits for children, and who has […]

  • California: 6-Year-Old Boy Shot to Death in Road Rage Incident! No Arrests!

    Daily Stormer - May 22nd 2021 7:40am EDT

    Black violence is rising along side the total decomposition of the white man’s mental health. So now, you see these stories, and you don’t know who is responsible. The underlying point is: you’re now living in an extremely dangerous society. LA Times: A 6-year-old boy on his way to school was fatally shot Friday morning […]

  • Homeland Security to Increase Social Media Tracking in Response to Capitol Storm

    Daily Stormer - May 21st 2021 9:07am EDT

    This is the greatest security threat to America, according to the Biden administration. Recently, the Attorney General came out and claimed that the number one threat to America is white people. He claimed there are white terrorists hiding in the bushes, basically. AG Merrick Garland, who is Jewish, gave the keynote speech at an Anti-Defamation […]

  • Lori Lightfoot Says She Will Only Talk to Nonwhite Journalists

    Daily Stormer - May 20th 2021 9:49am EDT

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot is like the black lesbian version of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. The Chicago Mayor is going buckwild. The blacks are popping off like never before and this bitch is going out there talking about the threat of white journalists to her emotional safety. Chicago Times: Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday defended […]

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks Out Against Plan to Create “911 Style Commission” to Investigate January 6

    Daily Stormer - May 20th 2021 5:30am EDT

    Marjorie Taylor Greene is the last American. The Democrats are attempting to create a “911 style commission” to “investigate” the “insurrection” on January 6. The plan passed the House on Wednesday – with the support of several Republicans! What this plan would do is give vast spying and subpoena powers to a Democrat committee, presumably […]

  • Watch: Negress Goes Buckwild on Coalburner! RACE WAR!

    Daily Stormer - May 19th 2021 10:45am EDT

    Pizza pizza, muffuggen bitch ass white devil! Video has emerged of a white girl getting beaten pretty good by a big black bitch. The incident happened at a Little Caesar’s Pizza in Augusta, Georgia. @AsianPatDixon @censoreddottv@HeWasntJogging Look at all the bleeps stand around and do NOTHING. This animal deserves to be in a cage the […]

  • Donald Trump Now Officially Under CRIMINAL Investigation!

    Daily Stormer - May 19th 2021 3:11am EDT

    It looks like Donald Trump might end up in prison after all. He should have fled the country to Russia and declared himself “President in Exile” after the stolen election! I don’t know what he’s even thinking… BBC News: The New York attorney general’s office says it is investigating the Trump Organization “in a criminal […]

  • Lazy Gay Shooter Yells for People to Come Out of Their Apartments So He Can Shoot Them

    Daily Stormer - May 18th 2021 12:04pm EDT

    I can’t tell if this is a homo or an f-to-m trans lesbian. But this is a mug shot, so he’d been arrested before. Probably released without bail roflmao When I first saw the headline I thought it was more information about the black who set his own house on fire to lure people out […]

  • Starbucks Employees Rebel Against Company Telling Them They Don’t Have to Wear Masks

    Daily Stormer - May 18th 2021 11:44am EDT

    CLEARLY MARKED FILLER Did Howard Schultz have surgery to make his face look somehow more Jewish? (I’m aware he’s no longer the CEO, but he’s still the face of the company.) Starbucks employees are raging against the machine after the machine told them they could take their muzzles off. The mask has become a symbol […]

  • New York Faggot March Bans Cops, Orders Them to Remain at Least a Block Away

    Daily Stormer - May 17th 2021 11:52am EDT

    The organizers gave this sexually abused little boy an award in 2017 I don’t know what they’re afraid of. It’s not like the cops are going to arrest homosexuals for child abuse. Homosexual child abuse has been endorsed by the state. The cops only enforce the mandate of the state. If the state says not […]

  • Fauci Admits That 40-50% of NIH and FDA Employees are Refusing His Deadly Vaxx

    Daily Stormer - May 16th 2021 11:00pm EDT

    Fauci says that to learn the effects of the vaccine, you have to get injected with it. It’s like the box in Hellraiser. Last week, “The Dominator” and Total Supreme Leader of America Anthony Fauci said that he is planning to inject 6-month-old infants with the deadly coronavirus vaccine. In the same week, Lord Fauci […]

  • NYC: Good Boy Arrested by Racist Cops for Subway Stabbing Spree After Having Been Released Without Bail

    Daily Stormer - May 16th 2021 2:05pm EDT

    Children have been going on subway knifing sprees for eons. This is not an excuse for whiteness to be enforced on the black community. New York Post: One of the suspects in Friday’s terrifying Manhattan subway slashing spree was nabbed with one victim’s stolen backpack — and the bloodied kitchen knife allegedly used in the […]

  • In Honor of Dead Jogger, Georgia Becomes First US State to Repeal Citizen Arrest Laws

    Daily Stormer - May 16th 2021 12:00am EDT

    Isn’t “black jogger” redundant? This jogger would still be alive if it wasn’t for those meddling citizens! All he was trying to do was rob a construction site! He was curious about what it was like to rob a construction site! Boys get curious!   NPR: About a year after the shooting death of Ahmaud […]

  • Survey: Almost 10% of Americans Think They Could Beat Elephants, Gorillas and Lions in an Unarmed Fight

    Daily Stormer - May 15th 2021 11:30pm EDT

    I’m sure I could beat any animal 1-to-1. If I fought an elephant, I would just climb up his silly long-nose and gouge out his eyes, then start punching him in the temples. It would be as easy as beating up my stupid whore wife. RT: Most Americans quizzed in a new survey think they […]

  • Black Guy Who Burned His Own House and Then Shot Neighbors had Schizophrenic History

    Daily Stormer - May 15th 2021 9:41am EDT

    We’ve got some new information on black schizophrenic who set his house on fire and then started shooting people who went out to view the burning house. This is from local news WJZ, May 8, 2021: Four people are dead after a tragic shooting and fire on a townhome-lined street in Woodlawn Saturday morning. “This […]

  • Odious Goblin Fauci Says He’s Planning on Vaxxing 6 Month Old Infants

    Daily Stormer - May 14th 2021 8:05pm EDT

    The odious goblin Anthony Fauci, who at 3 feet 7 inches is a big guy for you, announced on Jew Jake Tapper’s show on Thursday that he is planning on vaxxing 6 month old infants with the deadly coronavirus vaccine. The revelation was slipped into the interview, which was about the CDC’s new “no masks […]

  • Fat Cat on Tucker Carlson Says Crypto Community is “Criminals and Terrorists”

    Daily Stormer - May 14th 2021 4:46pm EDT

    Tucker Carlson on Thursday had on John Catsimatidis, a literal fat cat billionaire and Republican New Yorker. It’s a pretty funny clip, just due to the way this guy carries himself. As far as I’m aware, he’s not Jewish. He looks very Jewish but a lot of Greeks look Jewish, and he talks Jewish because he’s […]

  • California Registers First Population Decline Since 1850

    Daily Stormer - May 8th 2021 9:09am EDT

    Since today is Saturday, we decided to give our readers a treat and sneak in some news that isn’t about trannies. ABC News: California’s population fell by more than 182,000 last year, the first yearly loss ever recorded for the nation’s most populous state that halted a growth streak dating to its founding in 1850 […]

  • Montana Governor Signs Anti-Tranny Sports Bill

    Daily Stormer - May 8th 2021 7:40am EDT

    I have no further comment on trannies. CNN: Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a bill Friday that prohibits transgender girls from participating in girls’ sports in schools, according to the records of the state legislature. Gianforte signed the measure, House Bill 112, into law two weeks after the final version of the bill passed both […]

  • Parents Complain Teacher Reads Pro-Tranny Book to 1st Graders; School Board Refuses to Do Anything

    Daily Stormer - May 7th 2021 2:32pm EDT

    This is the book the Jewess teacher was reading Every single article on the Daily Stormer is now somehow tranny related. We’re just reflecting the mainstream, actually. Everything everywhere is about trannies now. Breitbart: Parents of first-graders in the Bellingham School District in the state of Washington were reportedly dismissed by school officials after protesting […]

  • AP: “Thanks in Part to $1,400 Stimulus Check, Americans are Buying More Homes and Cars”

    Daily Stormer - May 7th 2021 2:00pm EDT

    “Did you buy a new house with your stimulus check too?” In an article about there not being enough workers for all of these businesses that are looking to hire more people, the Associated Press asserts that Americans are flush with cash, buying houses and cars, “thanks in part” to the $1,400 stimulus checks. AP: […]

  • Idaho: Girl Shoots Up School – Kills No One

    Daily Stormer - May 7th 2021 10:46am EDT

    I da hoe? Bitch, you da hoe. New York Post: A sixth-grade girl was identified as the person who opened fire at an Idaho middle school Thursday, wounding two students and a custodian before she was disarmed by a teacher. The victims all suffered bullet wounds to their arms and legs, and are expected to survive, officials […]