• Most Americans Say AI Threatens the Future of Humanity

    Daily Stormer - May 18th 2023 2:18am EDT

    Previously: Open AI Jew Tells American Congress to Mandate Licenses for Companies to Build AI AI is not real in the science fiction sense. It can’t possibly ever be “conscious.” That is just retarded, and I can’t believe people believe that. AI is always just going to be input-output, it’s simply more complicated. But in its […]

  • Open AI Jew Tells American Congress to Require License to Build AI

    Daily Stormer - May 17th 2023 6:05am EDT

    Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI which offers ChatGPT, is set to testify before Congress as lawmakers look to regulate the rapidly evolving technology. What could the future of AI could look like in the U.S.? @andrewrsorkin explains. pic.twitter.com/A1hiPdEVmB — TODAY (@TODAYshow) May 16, 2023 The fear here is obviously an open source AI that […]

  • Texas: Fat Black Woman Representative Goes Full Fascist, Votes to Ban Child Mutilation

    Daily Stormer - May 17th 2023 4:39am EDT

    Certain people have argued for a long time that there is some alliance to be made between right-wingers and the blacks, given that the blacks do not agree with the Regime policy on social issues. Black people really hate faggots and other weird shit. Donald Trump went in big on that in 2020, and I […]

  • France Wants to Sue Apple for Planned Obsolescence

    Daily Stormer - May 16th 2023 9:01am EDT

    If France has laws against planned obsolescence, they should just ban all consumer electronics and go back to the 1980s. Apple is possibly the worst offender, but every company is doing this. There is no real reason an iPhone from 2015 shouldn’t be fine today, and yet no one, even the most thrifty, are walking […]

  • Elon Musk Says Soros is Like Magneto (Fact Check: True)

    Daily Stormer - May 16th 2023 8:55am EDT

    Elon Musk has declared that the Jew George Soros is like the Jew Magneto. Soros reminds me of Magneto — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 16, 2023 Unsurprisingly, a Jew poster brought up the fact that Magneto was a Hologram survivor, to which Elon replied that Soros “hates humanity.” (Magneto also hates humanity, which is why […]

  • LA: Flesh-Eating “Zombie Drug” on the Rise, “Gruesomely Disfiguring People”

    Daily Stormer - May 16th 2023 2:43am EDT

    #LosAngeles‘ ‘zombie’ hell: Flesh-eating #drug ‘tranq’ takes over city’s streets as users with rotting skin are seen hunched over and spaced out – but officials say they can’t ban it because it’s legal pic.twitter.com/VN46F84GmB — Hans Solo (@thandojo) May 15, 2023 Welcome to a Democrat city in biden America. Flesh-eating zombie drug ‘tranq’ | takes […]

  • Watch: Border Patrol Center Full of Nuevos Americanos

    Daily Stormer - May 15th 2023 11:40pm EDT

    NEW: Video courtesy of TX Congressman @RepTonyGonzales office shows significant overcrowding in Border Patrol’s Central Processing Center in El Paso, TX on Friday. He says they have a max capacity of around 1,000, but there were 6,000 that day. This room capacity 120, but had 750 pic.twitter.com/4cdULVXXTO — Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) May 14, 2023 It […]

  • California: School Terrorizes Retarded Mexican Girl for Not Embracing Lesbianism, Trannies

    Daily Stormer - May 15th 2023 8:51am EDT

    The retard girl’s mother Democracy cannot stand for these spic retards and their hate. Fox News: A special needs student at a California high school was allegedly called a “bigot” by her teachers for mistakenly not using preferred pronouns, objecting to participating in a lesson about “scissoring” and refusing to get undressed near male teachers. […]

  • US Does No Background Checks on Foreign Fighters Trained to Terrorize Russia

    Daily Stormer - May 15th 2023 6:20am EDT

    Sending a bunch of psychotic lunatics into a war zone makes sense. War is, after all, about violating “human rights.” The issue is, this is not the way the US presents themselves as they are constantly making reference to MCU films. RT: American special forces have trained up foreign proxy fighters and sent them on […]

  • Daniel Penny’s Legal Defense Fund Raises $2 Million

    Daily Stormer - May 15th 2023 3:31am EDT

    Daniel Penny, the hero who stands accused of manslaughter for accidentally suffocating a rampaging negro he was subduing, has raised nearly $2 million dollars for his legal defense on GiveSendGo in just a few days. I was wringing my hands wondering if I should promote it, given that this could lead to “supported by neo-Nazis” […]