• Dr. Mercola and His Employees All Lose Their Bank Accounts at the Same Time

    Daily Stormer - Jul 27th 2023 1:45am EDT

    Hmm… A bank is a private company so they can do whatever they want to you. America is a libertarian country, you see. It’s also a communist country. The best of both worlds! Florida’s Voice: Employees of a Florida-based retail health company said JP Morgan Chase Bank suddenly terminated their personal and company bank accounts […]

  • LeBron James’ 18-Year-Old Son Goes Into Cardiac Arrest While Playing B-Ball with His Homies

    Daily Stormer - Jul 26th 2023 4:00am EDT

    Ah, the trials and tribulations of youth. I remember the first time I went into cardiac arrest during sports camp. It was shortly after I grew hair on my balls. The classic coming of age tale. Reuters: The 18-year-old son of NBA legend LeBron James suffered a cardiac arrest while practicing with the University of […]

  • US Sending More Weapons to the Ukraine as the Endless War Continues to Not End

    Daily Stormer - Jul 26th 2023 3:15am EDT

    Is this even news? Of course they are sending more. If they ever stop sending weapons and money to the Ukraine, the country will collapse. So the only way they are going to stop is if they’ve decided to surrender. RT: The Pentagon has announced another security assistance package for Ukraine worth $400 million, including […]

  • Canada: Former School Principal Kills Himself After Being Accused of Whiteness

    Daily Stormer - Jul 25th 2023 8:27pm EDT

    This is literally what they want you to do. They are trying to drive us all to suicide. Fox News: A former Canadian principal died by suicide after filing a lawsuit against the Toronto District School Board in response to the harassment he faced for disagreeing with an anti-racism instructor who claimed Canada was more […]

  • Idaho: Maskless Churchgoer Settles Lawsuit Over 2020 Arrest, Gets $300,000

    Daily Stormer - Jul 25th 2023 5:17pm EDT

    Get dat money, nigga, get dat money. New York Post: Idaho resident Gabriel Rench was awarded a hefty settlement for his 2020 arrest during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rench spoke out about his case Monday and argued his arrest was the result of liberalism and cancel culture. Rench was arrested in September 2020 along with […]

  • DC Football Club Fires Trainer for Doing “A-OK” Symbol (Neo-Nazism)

    Daily Stormer - Jul 25th 2023 7:29am EDT

    Remember, this was just a joke. From like 8 years ago. People thought it would be funny to start calling the “A-OK” hand gesture a hate symbol. It’s not clear if diving instructors have stopped using it. BBC: An athletic trainer for DC United, the MLS football club in Washington DC, has been fired for […]

  • The IRS Says They’re Going to Stop Sending People to Your Private Properties to Intimidate You

    Daily Stormer - Jul 25th 2023 6:37am EDT

    Thus far, the Democrats have yet to explain why “the IRS is going to show up at your house and kill you if you didn’t pay enough taxes” was ever a thing. Meanwhile, the Republicans continue to refuse to call for the IRS to be abolished, even whilst it is obviously unconstitutional. The concept of […]

  • California: Republicans Back Down, Will Allow Teachers to Go Full-Anal on Young Boys

    Daily Stormer - Jul 24th 2023 10:24pm EDT

    None of these anti-faggot politicians have spines. They will always back down when they start to feel a bit of heat. We need extremists. We need the caliber of man who ran the Spanish Inquisition. The Post Millennial: A conservative California school board in Riverside County has approved a previously rejected social studies curriculum for […]

  • Justice Department Sues Texas, Orders Cripple Governor to Remove Cripple Toy Barrier

    Daily Stormer - Jul 24th 2023 9:00pm EDT

    A UN agency named the U.S.-Mexico border the deadliest land crossing in the world — long before Texas deployed razor wire or marine barriers. Biden’s open border policies encourage migrants to risk their lives. This crisis is on his watch. Full letter: https://t.co/msNkCEGMqc — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) July 24, 2023 If President Biden truly cared […]

  • Gitmo Torture Victim Remembers Meatball Ronny Laughing at Him as He Shat All Over the Place

    Daily Stormer - Jul 24th 2023 3:46pm EDT

    I was vomiting and shitting all over myself and dude was like People don’t often mention that Ron DeSantis is a big torture guy from the Iraq war. He enjoys laughing at people while they shit all over themselves. INSIDER: An ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee says he remembers, to this day, how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis […]

  • Old Woman Fired After 13 Years for Trying to Stop Vibrant Shoplifters

    Daily Stormer - Jul 24th 2023 8:28am EDT

    You can’t stop “theft.” It’s not even theft. It’s called “reparations.” Black people built this country out of cotton. The Post Millennial: A Georgia woman was fired from her job at Lowe’s after she was brutally attacked by a group of thieves while attempting to intervene in a robbery at the store. Donna Hansbrough, 68, […]

  • After Failing to Ignore RFK, Democrats Going on the Attack

    Daily Stormer - Jul 23rd 2023 10:29am EDT

      Previously: RFK Jr. Testifies Before Congress While Being Swarmed by Jews This is desperate. If they were not afraid, ignoring would be the strategy. They apparently view him as a real threat. There are some very serious question as to why Brandon is refusing to debate him, despite his very strong poll numbers. The Hill: […]

  • BREAKING: Guy From Internet Says Stock Market Going Bad in Future

    Daily Stormer - Jul 23rd 2023 5:20am EDT

    I do not play the stock or bond markets. As an entrepreneur I like my hands on control too much. Yet too many signs point to a severe stock market crash. If your future depends on stocks and bonds please be careful, possibly ask for professional advice. Afraid depression coming. — Robert Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) July […]

  • Maine: Woman Governor Signs Law Allowing Abortion Up to the Moment of Birth

    Daily Stormer - Jul 22nd 2023 7:37am EDT

    Serious question: in what kind of situation would you need to kill your child moments before it is born? How do you go through nine months of pregnancy, then be like “nah”? The answer is: basically, no one would ever do that. These women push for this simply for the sake of being morbid. Life […]

  • Due to the Increase in Material Abundance, Americans are Getting Poorer and Poorer

    Daily Stormer - Jul 22nd 2023 6:45am EDT

    The Industrial Revolution and the series of technological revolutions that followed have created many benefits for mankind. For example, humans can now enjoy virtual reality pornography. They can also get tattoos and have food delivered to their homes. Unfortunately, these technological advances have also had several negatives. Chief among the negatives is a drastic drop […]

  • American Media Finally Facing Existential Crisis Over Ukraine Failure

    Daily Stormer - Jul 22nd 2023 6:15am EDT

    mfw It’s been nearly two months since the start of the Ukraine’s much promoted “offensive,” but the American media is just now coming to terms with just how bad this disaster actually is. The following is from a Yahoo! News article by one Alexander Nazaryan: Hopes were high throughout the spring, as a Ukrainian military […]

  • Jake Sullivan Issues Stark Warning on the Ukraine: “Their Shit is All Fucked Up Retarded”

    Daily Stormer - Jul 22nd 2023 5:41am EDT

    Jake Sullivan, who is a sadistic homosexual who was once featured in the documentary film “The Gift,” is finally having to tell some hard truths about just what exactly is going on in the territory of the former Ukraine. At the Aspen Security Forum in Washington, DC (people thought it was in Aspen, but it’s […]

  • Sharks are Now Taking Cocaine, Creating “Cocaine Sharks”

    Daily Stormer - Jul 21st 2023 10:33am EDT

    Cocaine sharks are like regular sharks – except they are high on cocaine. This is the new crisis – worse than the coronavirus, worse than BLM, worse than democracy in the Ukraine: sharks on cocaine. New York Post: Sharks lurking off of Florida’s coast may be eating bundles of cocaine dumped in the ocean by […]

  • Woman Sues Thai Restaurant Over Dragon Balls So Spicy They Ruined Her Life

    Daily Stormer - Jul 20th 2023 12:00pm EDT

    This woman suing is not even American. No doubt her lawyer must be Jewish. New York Post: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the spicy Thai food restaurant. A woman is suing a San Jose, Calif.-area restaurant and its employees for negligence and emotional distress, claiming that one of the eatery’s mega-spicy […]

  • Now They’re Going to Indict Trump Over January 6!?!

    Daily Stormer - Jul 20th 2023 7:41am EDT

    Word is, they are now planning to indict Trump for freeing Willy We always thought the big indictment would be over January 6. Now, apparently, that’s what they’re doing. Apparently. New York Times: Federal prosecutors have introduced a new twist in the Jan. 6 investigation by suggesting in a target letter that they could charge […]

  • Illegal LA Trailer Park Oozing Human Feces Onto Neighboring Properties

    Daily Stormer - Jul 19th 2023 2:42pm EDT

    We probably… need to kill billions of people? New York Post: An illegal collection of 25 camper vans parked on a suburban California street has been oozing human feces and urine onto neighbors’ property, which they claim has been making them sick. The setup is located on a private property by “vanlord” Cruz Godoy, who […]

  • Detroit: 12-Year-Old Girl Charged for Attacking 11-Year-Old Girl With Acid

    Daily Stormer - Jul 18th 2023 9:00pm EDT

    We all know white people are actually to blame for this Why do white people force the blacks to do things like this??? CNN: A 12-year-old girl in Detroit is facing charges after allegedly throwing acid on an 11-year-old girl at a playground, officials said. Deaira Summers, the 11-year-old suffered second-degree burns on her back, […]

  • Blinken Comments on Bridge Attack: It is the Ukraine’s Right to Do Terrorism

    Daily Stormer - Jul 18th 2023 6:22am EDT

    The definition of terrorism is an attack on civilians in order to create fear in the population. Generally, this is judged by whether an attack has any military purpose. Obviously, civilians can die in attacks that do have a military purpose, but this is different than targeting civilians directly as an end in itself. There […]

  • University Cancels General Robert E. Lee’s Horse

    Daily Stormer - Jul 18th 2023 5:37am EDT

    The horse was a racist! It was a racist horse! Get it out! National File: Washington and Lee University is giving new meaning to the term “beating a dead horse” after desecrating the grave of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s trusted war horse, Traveller, as part of an effort to erase both the horse and […]

  • Millions of American Military Emails Leaked Because of Typo

    Daily Stormer - Jul 17th 2023 3:09pm EDT

    LMAO: US military emails end with “.mil” -> Mali’s emails end with “.ml” Millions of US military emails have been misdirected to Mali through a “typo leak” that has exposed highly sensitive information, including diplomatic documents, tax returns, passwords and the travel… pic.twitter.com/foaF08GAsl — Lord Bebo (@MyLordBebo) July 17, 2023 How incompetent is this government, […]