• Michigan: All-Moslem City Council Fires Employees Who Broke Anal Flag Ban

    Daily Stormer - Jul 17th 2023 2:42pm EDT

    This is so good. Every city in America should be run by Moslems. The Post Millennial: The all-Muslim city council of Hamtramck, Michigan has fired city staffers of the town’s Human Relations Commission after they flew a Pride flag on public property, in violation of a recently passed resolution banning the practice. Russ Gordon and […]

  • Don’t Go to America – You Will be Killed

    Daily Stormer - Jul 17th 2023 10:16am EDT

    This foreigner bitch turned up dead in a ravine in Columbus, Ohio I saw this retweeted by the ugly censorship activist and former neo-Nazi Hilter-lover (associate of Andy Warski) Ion Mile Cheong: Most of us should kiss the ground we call home. The wife, @TheRealMrsBroke just landed back in the US from El Salvador. I […]

  • Standard Chartered: Bitcoin to Hit $50,000 by the End of the Year, $120,000 by the End of 2024

    Daily Stormer - Jul 16th 2023 6:42am EDT

    I’m not the one saying it. RT: The world’s leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, could surge to a new record high next year, a top analyst at Standard Chartered predicted this week in a note seen by Reuters. According to Geoff Kendrick, the cryptocurrency could climb to $50,000 this year and potentially even further as the jump […]

  • Russia Breaks Through Crude Oil Price Cap, Officially Breaking the Petrodollar

    Daily Stormer - Jul 16th 2023 6:30am EDT

    The West failed to shut Russia out of the oil market. This means the petrodollar is doomed. RT: Russia’s flagship Urals crude breached the $60 price cap set by the EU and G7 countries this week for the first time since the mechanism was implemented in an attempt to curtail Moscow’s oil exports. The Urals […]

  • Racist Bigots Complain That Venice Beach is Now a Vibrant Homeless Encampment

    Daily Stormer - Jul 16th 2023 3:10am EDT

    America was founded on the principles of homeless drug addicts living in public spaces. It’s who we are. We are getting closer and closer to utopia every day: Blacks are no longer punished for their crimes We are doing serious democracy in the Ukraine Most kids are trannies The border is totally open Elon Musk […]

  • Mexico Files Complaint Over Texas’ Inflatable Toy Barrier

    Daily Stormer - Jul 16th 2023 1:40am EDT

    Stop right there! Put down the blow-up toy – by order of Mehico! New York Post: Mexican officials lodged a complaint with the United States government over the floating barriers Texas installed in the Rio Grande River to deter migrants from crossing into the state illegally. If the orange buoys impede the flow of the […]

  • BASED RFK Jr. Says Covid was Genetically Engineered to Spare Jews

    Daily Stormer - Jul 15th 2023 9:26am EDT

    This guy is an antisemite and a dangerous crank. Period. RFK Jr. says COVID was ‘ethnically targeted’ to spare Jews https://t.co/tXrMwvOTO1 via @nypost — Janet Johnson (@JJohnsonLaw) July 15, 2023 I don’t really even understand exactly what this means, but clearly, the implication is that the Jews designed the virus to spare themselves while killing […]

  • After New Troop Deployments, Kennedy Says Brandon Planning a Ground War with Russia

    Daily Stormer - Jul 15th 2023 6:41am EDT

    The goal of my campaign is to end the polarization. I am going to do that by talking to people on all sides and finding the values and ideas we agree on, instead of focusing on the things that tear us apart. Controversies are deadlocking the US political system, and the way you… pic.twitter.com/OcsZ6LpxsU — […]

  • Watch: Brandon Declares Ukrainian Victory Over Russia

    Daily Stormer - Jul 14th 2023 11:05am EDT

    Biden claims Putin “has already lost the war.” pic.twitter.com/8CGVLL8gdW — Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) July 13, 2023 Putin isn’t the one who has run out of shells and is forced to make the whole world hate him by introducing internationally banned weapons. New York Post: President Biden said Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin has […]

  • Seattle Schools to Pay for Mutilation of Their Students

    Daily Stormer - Jul 14th 2023 10:20am EDT

    Someone’s gotta pay to mutilate these kids. We can’t expect the parents to do it. The parents don’t even want their kids mutilated in the first place. They’re not going to pay for it. Daily Mail: Schools in Seattle are offering free ‘gender affirming care’ to students as young as 11, a prominent parental rights […]

  • Texas: College Professor Fired for Allowing Open Debate in His Classes

    Daily Stormer - Jul 13th 2023 9:18pm EDT

    What right do people have to just go around sharing their views on issues? Someone’s feelings could get hurt. You know who hurt people’s feelings with his views on topics? That’s right: Adolf Hitler. Sharing your views on topics is a form of Toxic Holocaust Masculinity parading as white supremacist colonialism, global warming, slavery. Anti-Semitism. […]

  • Watch: Black Men Try to Abduct 14-Year-Old White Girl at Mall

    Daily Stormer - Jul 13th 2023 5:34pm EDT

    You gotta love these blacks. They are so innocent and good natured. After slavery and the Holocaust, they still have so much love. They really love 14-year-old girls, for example. New York Post: A brave 14-year-old girl narrowly escaped a brazen abduction attempt at a Pennsylvania mall, where she said a man grabbed her by […]

  • A Third of All Student Loan Borrowers Spent Money They Thought Biden Would Forgive

    Daily Stormer - Jul 13th 2023 2:31pm EDT

    Yeah, I mean – he said he was going to forgive the loans. Why would you not take free money? Of course, Brandon is a liar, and he’s not even a real communist. He is a totally fake communist, and he’s a gay faggot. In real communism, you are not allowed to be gay – […]

  • Nazi Moms Force Florida School District to Remove Porn Books Featuring Incest, Pedophilia, and Bestiality

    Daily Stormer - Jul 13th 2023 2:26am EDT

    “Moms for Liberty” is at it again. Here we see their co-founder cheering on a member for quoting Hitler in a newsletter. “I stand with that mom!” *audience cheers* pic.twitter.com/289eFp1yQD — Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) July 8, 2023 Apparently the Moms for Liberty find a distinction between Americans and Jews pic.twitter.com/wmMz3xNVrF — Liam Nissan (@theliamnissan) July […]

  • Migrants Pictured Walking Past Floaty Toys as They are Being Installed in the Rio Grande

    Daily Stormer - Jul 13th 2023 1:00am EDT

    So I guess some of these floaty toys do have barbed wire on them? It looks like that in some of the newer photos? Apparently, they added that after they were mocked. But of course, if these are effective at all, some spic is going to hurt himself, and that cripple governor will apologize and […]

  • Illinois: Fat Jew Governor Forces Landlords to Rent to Illegal Immigrants

    Daily Stormer - Jul 12th 2023 7:19am EDT

    The Pritzkers are a very rich family of Jewish terrorists. Somehow, the most public face of the family is incapable of controlling his food intake, and is out here in this bitch looking like Jabba the Hutt. The Post Millennial: Illegal immigrants will soon be granted housing rights in the state of Illinois after Gov. […]

  • Trust in “Higher Education” is Lower Than Ever

    Daily Stormer - Jul 12th 2023 7:00am EDT

    At this point, the entire concept of “higher education” is coming into question. People used to say “oh, well – it’s just the social sciences that have all this liberal ideology.” That isn’t really the case anymore. The whole system is geared towards turning everyone into zombies that serve ZOG. Anyone who refuses to go […]

  • Washington State Had Highest Murder Rate Ever in 2022, Almost Double That of 2019

    Daily Stormer - Jul 11th 2023 7:52am EDT

    Washington loves the blacks. They love encouraging the blacks to commit crimes. Then they whine when the blacks take them up on it? The Post Millennial: A new report shows that murders reached an all-time high in Washington state in 2022. There were a reported 394 statewide murders last year, which is a 16.6 percent […]

  • Religious Parents Join Together to Oppose Maryland School’s Satanic Tranny Agenda

    Daily Stormer - Jul 11th 2023 4:09am EDT

    Book display in a Maryland elementary school. These books discuss topics on gender identity including that doctors “guess” a baby’s gender and toddlers can know if they are transgender. These are the book they’re reading to kids in schools. pic.twitter.com/ZJOhXbleLw — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) January 10, 2023 I don’t know what to tell you: […]

  • Captain Obvious: Elon Says It’s Impossible for the Ukraine to Win (Basic Math)

    Daily Stormer - Jul 10th 2023 10:10am EDT

    The flower of Ukrainian and Russian youth have been dying in trenches for a long time with almost no territorial gains. Whichever side goes on the offensive against heavily entrenched positions will lose far more soldiers. Moreover, Russia outnumbers Ukraine ~4:1, so would win a… — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 10, 2023 Elon Musk appears […]

  • Biden Agrees with Putin: No NATO for the Ukraine

    Daily Stormer - Jul 9th 2023 9:45pm EDT

    It’s not really clear how anyone was talking about the Ukraine joining NATO while they are in the middle of a war, as that would effectively mean that NATO was declaring war on Russia. There is a mutual defense pact that would be triggered as soon as the papers were signed. But yeah, anyway – […]

  • Shock as Portland Still Full of Homeless Camps After Ban

    Daily Stormer - Jul 9th 2023 8:50pm EDT

    Portland, OR – Drug addicts roam the streets #Addicts #Drugs #Portland #crazyvideos pic.twitter.com/436stINpMY — CrazyVideos (@CrazyVidKid) April 28, 2023 It looks like drug-addicted street people do not abide by the law. This shocking revelation brings with it many profound questions as to the nature of Portland. New York Post: A new ban on daytime homeless […]

  • Watch: Black Man Riding Scooter Goes on Shooting Rampage, Kills 1, Injures 3

    Daily Stormer - Jul 9th 2023 1:09pm EDT

    A 25-year-old man is in custody this morning after police say he went on a shooting spree in the streets of New York City on Saturday. The gunman killed one man and wounded three others as he rode a scooter through Brooklyn and Queens, shooting randomly. #SundayTODAY pic.twitter.com/AuUxts6bDd — TODAY (@TODAYshow) July 9, 2023 warning […]

  • Texas Deploys Inflatable Toy Barrier Along Rio Grande, Hoping to Stop Invaders

    Daily Stormer - Jul 9th 2023 12:45am EDT

    The buoys have arrived and the installation of the marine barrier on the Rio Grande begins today. #OperationLoneStar pic.twitter.com/43VEM1tfLu — Texas DPS (@TxDPS) July 7, 2023 New marine barrier installation on the Rio Grande begins today. Texas DPS is overseeing the project in Eagle Pass. More to come. pic.twitter.com/nHrTqUG7Fi — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) July 7, […]

  • Portland Health Officials Giving Snorting Kits, Glass Pipes to Addicts

    Daily Stormer - Jul 9th 2023 12:30am EDT

    “The Multnomah County Health Department will begin distributing tin foil and straws this month to fentanyl smokers at sites across Portland”. They’ll also distribute “glass pipes for smoking meth and crack as well as ‘snorting kits’.”https://t.co/oCXERs1Law — Rational in Portland (@rationalinpdx) July 8, 2023 It’s like the old Pink Floyd thing: “how can you have […]