• Stephen Breyer To Retire From Supreme Court

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 26th 2022 1:59pm EST

    We don’t who will replace him. All we know is that the pick will be a black woman. Note: This was one of the easiest predictions.

  • Jonathan Capehart: What Can You Do?

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 25th 2022 8:32am EST

    As Charles Murray said, these people are suicidal. They are going to squander the precarious position that they inherited.

  • Theodore Roosevelt Statue Removed From Outside NYC Museum of Natural History

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 20th 2022 12:06pm EST

    Alt-Right outlet VDARE[.]com claims “as for ‘all men are created equal,’ neither Jefferson nor any of the other Founding Fathers ever meant that to apply to blacks.” False! 1/3. — Thomas J. Main (@ThomasJMain) January 18, 2022 Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal” and decried slavery, which violated the “sacred rights of life & […]

  • Joe Biden: “Whose Side Are You On?”

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 17th 2022 11:23am EST

    The choice is clear. Whose side are you on? You’re either with Joe Biden, John Lewis, MLK III, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ibram X. Kendi and “democracy” or with George Wallace, Bull Connor, Jefferson Davis, Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, the Republican Party and all of the “domestic enemies” who oppose “our democracy.”

  • Martin Luther King III: Sinema ‘Siding With Legacy Of Bull Connor’

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 14th 2022 5:53pm EST

    Speaking of inflation … Huffington Post: “Martin Luther King III blasted Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) after her Thursday speech announcing that she wouldn’t support changes to Senate rules to pass Democrats’ major voting rights bills, accusing the Arizona lawmaker of “siding with the legacy” of prominent segregationists and white supremacists over that of his father, the late civil […]

  • The Washington Post: The Rise of a Pro-Democracy Media

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 7th 2022 11:07am EST

    Perry Bacon, Jr. is clearly excited about this. “Journalists” are rising to the occasion to defend “our democracy.” They are finally showing the “moral clarity” to reject “both sides-ism.” This could work! The Washington Post: “America’s news media is increasingly covering the growing radicalism of the Republican Party and its democracy-eroding behavior. That’s a welcome […]

  • Breaking Points: NYC Plans To Deny COVID Care Based On Race

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 3rd 2022 7:38pm EST

    Seriously though, this is more objectively racist than anything I have ever said or done in my entire life.

  • San Francisco’s Mayor Is Sick of the Bullshit That Has “Destroyed” Her City

    Occidental Dissent - Dec 17th 2021 10:46am EST

    ABC7: Amid a spike in vehicle break-ins, some Bay Area car owners have been deliberately leaving their trunks open in an effort to avoid forced entry by thieves. pic.twitter.com/CDIgZGfsOc — Populist News (@populistaaa) December 15, 2021 Black Man shoots Asian Girlfriend in the head, Killing her & then Ex Wife who was White while live-streaming […]

  • Poll: Wokeism Is a Major Loser For Democrats

    Occidental Dissent - Dec 17th 2021 9:15am EST

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise. There is a reason why Republicans love to talk about Wokeism. 48% of Republicans think that “only people being too easily offended is a major problem” compared to 5% who think “only people saying very offensive things is a major problem If we take these positions as rough approximations […]

  • Charlottesville’s Statue of Robert E. Lee Will Be Melted Down

    Occidental Dissent - Dec 9th 2021 12:08pm EST

    I don’t have much to say about this. This is a fitting end to “Charlottesville” though. This reflects the mindset of the woke progressives who live in Charlottesville. Back in 2017, I went there with the League of the South because I loved the statue and opposed the people who wanted to tear it down. […]