• Douglas Murray: Far Left Ideology Is Based on a Lie

    Occidental Dissent - Jun 28th 2020 6:01pm EDT

    Surprisingly, I watched this and found nothing that I disagreed with. We are on the same page. In fact, I have repeatedly said here in recent weeks that anti-racism is the animating idea of the post-World War era and that the postwar consensus has grown decadent and that this idea is plunging the West into […]

  • Saint Louis Protests

    Occidental Dissent - Jun 27th 2020 8:04pm EDT

    Should he stay or should he go? Protesters clash over statue of St. Louis’ namesake, by @joelcurrier. https://t.co/bjKfqV94mb pic.twitter.com/WnghoNF0rM— Robert Cohen (@kodacohen) June 27, 2020 Another brief scuffle over the statue’s symbolism. pic.twitter.com/k58gwe0dMP— Joel Currier (@joelcurrier) June 27, 2020 Arguments continue at the Louis IX statue. There have been a few scuffles; last police officer […]

  • Curb Your Anti-Capitalism

    Occidental Dissent - Jun 27th 2020 7:05pm EDT

    American Embassy in Moscow “Defiantly” Flies the LGBT Rainbow Flaghttps://t.co/fyaFJJpwE6— Darren J. Beattie ? (@DarrenJBeattie) June 27, 2020 Here’s what the US Embassy in Seoul looks like these days: pic.twitter.com/AbdZMvpSLI— William Gallo (@GalloVOA) June 15, 2020 We are flying our beautiful rainbow flag to celebrate #Pride2020 this weekend. #Pride pic.twitter.com/qwOncZ5N55— Bank of England (@bankofengland) June […]

  • Today’s Cancellations

    Occidental Dissent - Jun 27th 2020 6:17pm EDT

    The Mississippi State Flag: #BREAKING: Mississippi lawmakers vote to move forward with legislation to change the state’s flag https://t.co/7n4VfB6WMg pic.twitter.com/3M8YE7txyJ— The Hill (@thehill) June 27, 2020 The legislature has been deadlocked for days as it considers a new state flag. The argument over the 1894 flag has become as divisive as the flag itself and […]

  • Woke Supremacy and Symbolic Murder

    Occidental Dissent - Jun 27th 2020 5:44pm EDT

    BREAKING: @Facebook Senior HR Business Partner, Leslie Brown, has been FIRED today after @Project_Veritas released a video with her saying, “No one has the White Man’s back anymore.”FACEBOOK: Comments [made] ‘Not Consistent with our Policies,’ ‘Reviewing Training and Oversight’ pic.twitter.com/C0IbtWaCEl— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) June 25, 2020 The CEO of Catholic Charities recorded a video confessing […]

  • Jaden McNeil’s Auto-da-fé

    Occidental Dissent - Jun 26th 2020 2:26pm EDT

    Jaden McNeil, a nerdy White kid who is a Kansas State student and a Groyper leader associated with Nick Fuentes, is being burned at the stake for making a joke about George Floyd on Twitter: If Jaden had only engaged in blasphemy against Jesus Christ, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but this is […]

  • Target: The White Man

    Occidental Dissent - Jun 25th 2020 11:28pm EDT

    There is now denying it now. The days of conservative make believe are over.

  • White Devils

    Occidental Dissent - Jun 25th 2020 5:55pm EDT

    In the last days of progressive liberalism, future historians will recall how it had degenerated into nothing more than the We Wuz Kangz Afrocentrism of 25 years ago. This was written by the founder of the New York Times’ 1619 Project: Dey came before Columbus! White man stole our civilization! Sure, they didn’t make it […]

  • The Guardian: The Wokelash Is No Joke

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 30th 2020 6:26pm EST

    Laurence Fox is suffering from a chronic case of “racism” fatigue. The Guardian: “BBC Question Time made a brief foray onto the national news agenda recently after panellist Laurence Fox accused an audience member of racism when she described him as a “white, privileged male” during a discussion about the media’s treatment of Meghan, Duchess of […]

  • Woke Supremacy: Student Expelled For Posting “It’s Okay To Be White” Flyers At Oklahoma City University

    Occidental Dissent - Dec 10th 2019 9:29pm EST

    This student obviously didn’t know his place under woke supremacy. As a White male, he is at the bottom of the racial and cultural hierarchy. Oklahoman: “A student has been expelled from the Oklahoma City University School of Law after posting flyers that said “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE.”OCU Police Director Bill Citty said the […]