• Lavrov Warns Polish ‘Peacekeeping’ Plan Will Trigger “Direct Clash” Between NATO and Russia

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 24th 2022 6:54am EDT

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov responded to a Polish plan to send 10,000 NATO ‘peacekeeping’ troops into Ukraine by warning that this would trigger a “direct clash” between Russia and NATO. The comments were in response to a proposal we highlighted yesterday that would see the ‘peackeeping’ force establish protection for humanitarian corridors with a […]

  • Secret Plan to Send 10,000 NATO “Peacekeeping Troops” Into Ukraine

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 23rd 2022 8:42am EDT

    A secret plan for a “peacekeeping mission” involving 10,000 NATO troops from different countries entering Ukraine and imposing a limited no fly zone is allegedly being prepared by the Polish government. Polish news outlet Onet reports that President of Poland Andrzej Duda is waiting on a green light from the White House to implement the […]

  • Poll: Vaccinated People Far More Likely to Support Risking WWIII Over Ukraine

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 22nd 2022 8:14am EDT

    A new poll finds that vaccinated people are far more likely to risk World War III over Ukraine by supporting aggressive measures against Russia, while unvaccinated people are more likely to support diplomatic measures. The revealing results of the survey, which was conducted by EKOS, were published by the Toronto Star. Canadians who have received […]

  • Poll: Over 75 Per Cent of Russians Support Invasion of Poland

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 22nd 2022 7:51am EDT

    A new poll finds that around 75 per cent of Russians would support an invasion of Poland, while a significant number would also approve of their country’s use of nuclear weapons. The poll results underscore how, contrary to propaganda in the west, Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine enjoy a high level of popular support amongst […]

  • Video: Rogan Exposes How West Has Done A Complete 180 On ‘Corrupt’ Ukraine

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 22nd 2022 5:47am EDT

    Joe Rogan noted on his podcast that the Western narrative on Ukraine has flipped 180 degrees in a few weeks from the country having a horrible corrupt government to being heroic allies against the Russian scourge. “I have this screenshot that someone sent me,” Rogan stated, “about the way the people on the left were […]

  • What Happened to People Who Volunteered to Fight For Ukraine?

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 21st 2022 7:40pm EDT

    Many ‘foreign volunteers’ with zero military training are traveling to Ukraine hopped up on the promise of social media dopamine and being able to express their support for ‘the current thing’. But some of them are fleeing for their lives or coming home in body bags. Please share this video! https://youtu.be/1udDZIByHd4 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow […]

  • Russian Cosmonaut Warns History Is Being Re-Written As US Space Industry Conference Drops Yuri Gagarin’s Name

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 21st 2022 8:37am EDT

    A U.S. space industry conference has dropped the first man in space Yuri Gagarin’s name from its title because he was Russian, prompting another Russian Cosmonaut to warn that history is being rewritten. RT News reports that Colorado-based The Space Foundation, comprised of aerospace industry executives, renamed a fundraising party dropping the title “Yuri’s Night,” reasoning […]

  • Poll: When Americans Are Informed Of What A NATO No-Fly Zone Really Means Support Drops To Just 23%

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 18th 2022 8:52am EDT

    A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll has revealed that when Americans are informed of what a NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine would really mean, shooting down Russian planes, support for it drops from 40 percent to just 23 percent. Other recent polls have suggested that significant numbers are in favour of the measure, and the media has […]

  • “We Will Never Forget Who Bombed Our Embassy in Yugoslavia”: China Chides NATO Moral Exhibitionism

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 18th 2022 8:32am EDT

    China responded to NATO’s moral exhibitionism on Ukraine by asserting, “We will never forget who bombed our embassy in Yugoslavia.” Ouch, burn! The reaction came as a response to NATO’s insistence that Beijing condemn Russia’s “brutal invasion” of Ukraine. NATO probably wished they’d have never asked. “Chinese people can fully relate to the pains and […]

  • Video: Lindsey Graham Calls For Putin’s Assassination for THIRD TIME

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 17th 2022 9:40am EDT

    Senator Lindsey Graham has TRIPLED down on calling for Russian leader Vladimir Putin to be assassinated. Speaking at a press conference, Graham said “I hope he will be taken out, one way or the other,” adding “I don’t care how they take him out. I don’t care if we send him to The Hague and try him. […]

  • WWIII: Biden Sending THOUSANDS Of Marines To Australia In Anticipation Of Conflict With China

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 16th 2022 9:18am EDT

    The Pentagon is to deploy over two thousand troops to Australia by September to join an established rotational force of 200 in anticipation of a conflict with China, according to reports. The Daily Mail notes that “The contingent is part of an ongoing US initiative in the Indo-Pacific region to prepare for a possible Chinese invasion […]

  • Ukrainian TV Host Calls For Genocide of Russian Children

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 16th 2022 7:14am EDT

    Ukrainian TV host Fahruddin Sharafmal took to the airwaves to demand the genocide of Russian children, quoting top Nazi Adolf Eichmann as he called for “killing children.” Yes, really. Sharafmal uttered the vile comments during a segment on the Channel 24 news station. “I know that as a journalist, I have to be objective, I […]

  • UN Head: ‘BONE-CHILLING Nuclear War A Possibility’

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 15th 2022 8:33am EDT

    The Secretary General of the United Nations became the latest globalist figure to state that a nuclear war is on the horizon Monday, describing it as a “bone-chilling” development. UN head Antonio Guterres warned that the escalation of war in Ukraine ”whether by accident or design” threatens the existence of life on Earth, noting that “The prospect […]

  • Anti-Radiation Pills, Survival Food Selling Out in US Amid Panic Buying

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 15th 2022 7:32am EDT

    Anti-radiation pills and survival food is selling out in the United States amid panic buying in response to the potential for the war in Ukraine to escalate to a nuclear conflict. Manufacturers in the US are reporting depleted inventories of potassium iodide tablets, with IOSAT having sold out of its 14 pack boxes which ordinarily […]

  • EU Head: If NATO Gets Involved In Russia-Ukraine Conflict, It’s WORLD WAR THREE

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 14th 2022 8:28am EDT

    The head of the European Council Charles Michel told reporters at the weekend that if NATO enters the conflict between Russia and Ukraine it will almost certainly lead to a third world war, which will be nuclear. In underreported comments, Michel told the Spanish newspaper El Pais “Russia is a nuclear power and we are […]

  • Lindsey Graham AGAIN Calls For Putin’s Assassination

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 14th 2022 7:59am EDT

    GOP Senator Lindsey Graham has called for Vladimir Putin’s assassination for the second time in as many weeks, despite criticism that it will only succeed in inflaming the situation with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Graham stated “I’m calling for the crushing of the Russian economy,” adding “Putin is a war […]

  • China Amplifies Russian Claims About Secretive US Bio-Weapons Research in Ukraine

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 14th 2022 7:01am EDT

    China has amplified Russian claims, dismissed as “disinformation” in the west, that the United States has a network of biological labs in Ukraine that are being used to research how to spread pathogens through animals. The US State Department insists that the secretive biolabs are purely focused on “securing Cold War era Soviet bioweapons,” although […]

  • Europeans Panic Buying Iodine Pills

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 8th 2022 2:23pm EST

    People in multiple different European countries are panic buying iodine pills in fear of nuclear fallout caused by the conflict in Ukraine. They’re flying off the shelves in Romania at the same rate as after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Please share this video! https://youtu.be/REZO9mDOMZU SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet ——————————————————————————————————————— Brand new […]

  • Macron Decries Russophobia, Says He Still Has “Respect” For Russian People

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 8th 2022 6:46am EST

    Amid a global deluge of Russophobia, French President Emmanuel Macron said he still had “respect” for the Russian people and that the country’s civil society needed to be part of the future of peace in Europe. Macron made the comments in the aftermath of two weeks of virulent anti-Russian sentiment that has led to the […]

  • “Are We Your Slaves?” Pakistani Prime Minister Rebukes Pressure to Condemn Russia

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 7th 2022 1:16pm EST

    Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan slammed western envoys for pressuring him to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, asserting that he was not their ‘slave.’ Earlier this month, the heads of 22 foreign missions to Islamabad published a letter asking Pakistan to back a UN General Assembly resolution denouncing the attack. However, both Pakistan and its […]

  • Report: More Than 3000 Americans Want To Join Ukrainian Army

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 7th 2022 8:34am EST

    Over 3000 Americans have officially applied to join the Ukrainian army to fight Russian troops, according to a defense official at the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, D.C. The official told The Military Times, that hundreds have already arrived in Ukraine, and that thousands more from across the world have applied to join what Ukraine President […]

  • Washington Post Suggests Zelensky “Fight is Here” Quote Was Never Said

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 7th 2022 8:25am EST

    The Washington Post investigated the veracity of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky responding to a U.S. offer to evacuate him with the words, “The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride,” and found no evidence to confirm he ever made the statement. The newspaper could only find a single source for the quote, one […]

  • Video: Rand Paul Slams “Reckless” Lindsey Graham For Calling For Putin’s Head

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 7th 2022 8:09am EST

    Senator Rand Paul has labelled Lindsey Graham’s call for Vladimir Putin to be assassinated as “reckless,” warning that such rhetoric “inflames the situation.” Appearing on a podcast Friday, Paul was asked about Graham’s comments last week when he questioned if there is “a Brutus in Russia?”who can “do the world a great service” by killing Putin. […]

  • Trends Forecaster: 10 Per Cent Chance of “Civilization-Ending Global Nuclear War” Within a Year

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 7th 2022 7:30am EST

    Investment trends forecaster BCA Research says there is a 10 per cent chance that a “civilization-ending global nuclear war” will occur within the next 12 months. Yes, really. The doomsday prediction was made by BCA Research global chief strategist Peter Berezin in a research note titled Rising Risk Of A Nuclear Apocalypse. Berezin writes that […]

  • Ukraine Claims Dubious Russian Attack on Nuclear Plant in Bid to Lobby For NATO No Fly Zone

    Paul Joseph Watson - Mar 4th 2022 7:04am EST

    The Ukrainian government said they had detected “elevated levels of radiation” after claiming Russia deliberately attacked a nuclear plant, calling for NATO to impose a no fly zone, but IAEA officials later clarified that no leak had been detected. The entire incident appears to possibly have been yet another contrived story given claims that the […]