• Just emailed this to a reporter I know

    Alex Berenson - Sep 2nd 2022 1:59pm EDT

    We’ll see if I get any response. I am not hopeful. Why are you so reluctant to believe [NOTE: I should have said “consider”] what is increasingly obvious? The mRNAs have turned out to be a truly bad bet. The all-cause mortality and live birth data are the most important data we have, the only […]

  • mRNA shots are the gift that keeps on giving

    Alex Berenson - Sep 1st 2022 9:35pm EDT

    Remember when the Centers for Disease Control told you the mRNA in Covid vaccines didn’t last long in your cells? Remember when fact-checkers at Reuters told you the coronavirus spike protein the vaccines make you produce isn’t dangerous? About that. The CDC has now quietly removed its promise that your body “breaks down and gets […]

  • More frightening news about fertility and the mRNA shots, this time from Singapore

    Alex Berenson - Sep 1st 2022 9:30am EDT

    Singapore knows how to make its people behave. The Asian city-state is famously uptight. It punishes criminals with caning and has prohibited chewing gum since 1992. (Do not under any circumstances deal drugs in Singapore; a 41-year-old man was sentenced to death after being caught with two pounds of cannabis in 2018.) So when Singapore […]

  • The current state of play

    Alex Berenson - Aug 30th 2022 1:02pm EDT

    A reader emailed this and I thought it was such a cogent summary of the insanity of the public health push for Omicron boosters that I asked him if I could run it in full: Time to Take a Deep Breath and Think: Stepping back and taking a deep breath, here is a different way […]

  • A year ago yesterday

    Alex Berenson - Aug 29th 2022 2:08pm EDT

    That hot August night 12 months ago, it felt like someone had duct-taped my mouth shut. Yes, I’d feared Twitter might ban me permanently if I kept telling the truth about the Covid vaccines. How could I not? On July 30, 2021, Twitter had locked my account after I did nothing more than report the […]

  • Some excellent news out of Hawaii

    Alex Berenson - Aug 27th 2022 6:51pm EDT

    My man Vince speaks the truth. If the mRNA shots are dead in Hawaii, they’re dead everywhere (maybe dead is the wrong word given the all-cause mortality numbers we’re seeing): — Added bonus: the shots are “anticipated to be available” even though the Food & Drug Administration hasn’t even approved them yet and – as […]

  • Another week with deaths far above normal in Europe

    Alex Berenson - Aug 25th 2022 1:48pm EDT

    The strange and seemingly unending rise in all-cause deaths in the mRNA vaccinated countries continues. This morning, European researchers released their most recent weekly report on deaths across the continent: Unreported Truths is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. SOURCE The countries that […]

  • Journalists who hate journalists (and journalism)

    Alex Berenson - Aug 23rd 2022 11:53am EDT

    The gold mine that is Berenson v. Twitter keeps spitting nuggets: It wasn’t just the White House that was after me last year… my fellow members of the Fourth Estate were in touch with Twitter too. (It appears that at some point, Twitter’s Trust & Safety Team turned into the Dealing With Angry Karens Unit, […]

  • Jesse Jackson can’t swim*

    Alex Berenson - Aug 22nd 2022 5:03pm EDT

    When he was running for President, Jesse Jackson used to say that if he walked on water, the next day’s headlines would proclaim “Jesse Can’t Swim.” I’m starting to understand how he felt. — (Email chain among Twitter employees, March 14 and 15, 2021, before the White House began applying months of public and private […]

  • Paxlovid works, the vaccines don’t

    Alex Berenson - Aug 22nd 2022 12:15pm EDT

    If you have the choice of taking an mRNA jab or the anti-viral medicine Paxlovid, take Paxlovid every time, a new study suggests. The paper, from researchers at Harvard, offers more evidence that the sharp fall in Covid deaths this year has little to do with the mRNA vaccines – despite what vaccine advocates constantly […]

  • The pandemic’s wrongest man, an occasional series (bye-bye Tony Fauci edition)

    Alex Berenson - Aug 22nd 2022 11:33am EDT

    Special Tony Fauci retirement edition! — Right on schedule! This has been the pandemic’s wrongest man, an occasional series!

  • Covid has caused a new psychiatric disorder, and it’s not what you think; please help me name it

    Alex Berenson - Aug 19th 2022 11:10am EDT

    We need a word for this new illness, which exclusively affects members of Team Reality: It is a low- to medium-grade anxiety disorder caused by the realization that the bureaucrats and politicians who are nominally in charge do not really know what they’re doing, cannot read or understand data, and will not course correct in […]

  • The half-truths and excuses from public health “experts” never end

    Alex Berenson - Aug 18th 2022 12:53pm EDT

    Loving Covid vaccines means never having to say you’re sorry. Some less delusional members of the public health community have finally noticed the collapse in demand for the mRNA shots they have promoted for almost two years. Now they are trying to understand and explain to each other why the public will not line up […]

  • The biggest US hospital company quietly removed a report on a case of a fatal brain disease following mRNA vaccination from its Website

    Alex Berenson - Aug 17th 2022 1:52pm EDT

    Last year, shortly after receiving Pfizer’s mRNA Covid vaccine, a 64-year-old Florida woman named Cheryl Cohen suffered a sudden and devastating case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease – a progressive brain disorder. Cohen’s symptoms began on May 5, 2021, when she suffered a panic attack while driving. By June, she was unable to care for herself and […]

  • Do people under 30 die at above normal rates for weeks after mRNA injections?

    Alex Berenson - Aug 16th 2022 2:28pm EDT

    National vaccine monitoring data from New Zealand show Pfizer’s mRNA Covid shot is associated with above-normal death rates in teenagers and young adults for weeks after they are jabbed. The signal is subtle and does not prove the vaccines are behind the extra deaths. But they are another warning sign for the mRNA vaccines, which […]

  • Long, long, long Covid

    Alex Berenson - Aug 15th 2022 11:16am EDT

    Eugyppius, a must-read Team Reality Stack, explains why the media and public health bureaucrats can’t quit Long Covid despite its obvious absurdity and along the way dismantles a study I’d been meaning to dismantle. (Eugyppius, who is an academic by day, is at his best as a theoretician of Covid – trying to explain the […]

  • Just a reminder…

    Alex Berenson - Aug 12th 2022 3:11pm EDT

    A lot of you have joined up as free subscribers and since I returned to Twitter. If you’re thinking about becoming a paid subscriber, this is a really good time to upgrade or join! You can do so easily at https://substack.com/settings. (If you’re not, that’s fine too… you’ll still see almost everything, though you may […]

  • Great piece on censorship from the Bad Cat

    Alex Berenson - Aug 12th 2022 1:32pm EDT

    Who was banned from Twitter even before I was (and remains banned even now). I am more hopeful than he is that the law may have something to say about what Twitter and other social media companies are doing – though I understand his pessimism about legal remedies and desire for a technology-based solution. Anyway, […]

  • If you’re wondering if I plan to sue the Biden Administration for violating my First Amendment rights by pressing Twitter to ban me…

    Alex Berenson - Aug 12th 2022 9:04am EDT

    That would be yes. More to come soon.

  • The White House privately demanded Twitter ban me months before the company did so

    Alex Berenson - Aug 12th 2022 7:58am EDT

    Biden Administration officials asked Twitter to ban me because of my tweets questioning the Covid vaccines, even as company employees believed I had followed Twitter’s rules, internal Twitter communications reveal. In a White House meeting in April 2021, four months before Twitter suspended my account, the company faced “one really tough question about why Alex […]

  • Even Seattle is sick of Dr. Anthony Fauci

    Alex Berenson - Aug 11th 2022 10:27am EDT

    On Tuesday, America’s Doctor showed up at a Mariners game to throw out the first pitch. Things did not go as planned. Hey, at least he’s looking good for 80! Enjoy. Subscribe now

  • Dr. Deborah Birx – who helped shape the US response to Covid – doesn’t understand basic epidemiology or how clinical trials work

    Alex Berenson - Aug 10th 2022 12:38pm EDT

    You may still vaguely remember Deborah Birx. If not. In March 2020, Dr. Birx became the “response coordinator” for the White House task force on Covid, a job she held until Donald Trump left office. Birx has now written a book about her time at the White House, Silent Invasion. It came out in April […]

  • Denmark ends Covid vaccinations for anyone 18 or younger

    Alex Berenson - Aug 9th 2022 1:34pm EDT

    This announcement is both a statement of the reality that healthy kids are at essentially zero risk from Covid and a vote of no confidence in the long-term risk-benefit profile of the mRNA jabs: American vaccine fanatics, take note. You are hurting your kids for no reason except your own narcissism and anxiety. Powered by […]

  • The funeral business is doing great!

    Alex Berenson - Aug 5th 2022 5:20pm EDT

    And not because of Covid. Don’t take it from me. Take it from the good folks at Service Corporation International, “North America’s leading provider of funeral, cremation, and cemetery services” – handling 450,000 corpses* a year. (*not their word). Service Corporation’s earnings boomed in 2020 and 2021, thanks to Covid. Funerals are a solid but […]

  • The price of fear (Part 3, Canadian edition)

    Alex Berenson - Aug 3rd 2022 3:46pm EDT

    (Third in a series) Last month, I asked your for first-person stories of the way Covid and vaccine restrictions changed your lives. One subset was particularly striking – those from readers in Canada. Australia may have had stricter rules, but I’m not sure any democratic country did more to ostracize citizens who dared to question […]