• Periscope (September 29, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Sep 29th 2019 9:31am EDT (Archive)

    After deadly Frederick fair assault, Md. lawmaker wants to change hate crime law In this assault, an old white guy refused to give a dollar to two black teens, who promptly beat him and killed him. Instead of changing hate crime laws, how about we abolish them and the rest of civil rights, so that […]

  • Conservative Environmentalism Wins Out Over Leftist Greenism

    Amerika.org - Sep 29th 2019 5:02am EDT (Archive)

    As part of the ongoing sea change that is shifting toward populism and after that twenty-first century conservatism, humanity finds itself heading toward standards that do not depend on ideological conformity and universal obedience, and instead, take people as they are. This new view recognizes the inherent limitations of the human being both as an […]

  • Periscope (September 28, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Sep 28th 2019 8:16am EDT (Archive)

    Brexiteer jailed for inciting racial hatred In the West, we have now ended up at the usual place that societies go when they die: repression for symbolic reasons. Every society oppresses someone, usually people like child pornography fans and advocates for random violence, but we are now throwing people in jail for words they used […]

  • Ideology Creates A False Sense Of Unity

    Amerika.org - Sep 28th 2019 5:02am EDT

    Conservatives got blindsided by the Left because we did not understand the symbols that they used. Take “equality,” for example. To a conservative, this means no preferential treatment. Everyone gets in a line, waits their turn, and when they get to the front, they each get the same thing that every other individual gets. The […]

  • Periscope (September 27, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Sep 27th 2019 7:56am EDT (Archive)

    Shares rise as trade optimism muffles impeachment noise The Left believed that it could hold the Trump presidency hostage with impeachment talk, but it turns out that few people were convinced. Markets consist of people, and people panic when there is talk of changing who is in power, since chaos always interrupts business and daily […]

  • How Generalists Displace Native Species

    Amerika.org - Sep 27th 2019 5:02am EDT

    Humans see the world in context of immediate problems, which have a “first mover advantage” in that they come to us, instead of us seeking their underlying questions. Sort of like a thesis looking for data (cherry picking) instead of data looking for a thesis (the “scientific method”) this process resembles a begging-the-question fallacy, in […]

  • A Legal Coup

    Amerika.org - Sep 26th 2019 1:24pm EDT (Archive)

    If you can stand (((Mark Levin))), then you can learn more about why Corporate Conservatives are stupid. They are compromised by being part of a corrupt system. They have an interested stake in getting what impeachment is wrong. In service of this fundamental corruption, Levin has taken out his Ouija Board and again made contact […]

  • Periscope (September 26, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Sep 26th 2019 7:20am EDT (Archive)

    Anti-immigration conservative set to win back power in Austria People are tired of the constant failure brought on by diversity, and they want to see something else from our future besides the toxic brew of consumerism, bureaucracy, and globalism that became the new boring endless normal in the 1990s. We want to escape modernity. Beating […]

  • Stress And Rationalization

    Amerika.org - Sep 26th 2019 5:02am EDT (Archive)

    In every kitchen, there is a miscellaneous drawer, and it usually has more items than any other drawer although they are smaller. These are things which do not categorize easily, including stuff of unknown function, at least in ours. Every few months one of us has to clean the thing out, which results in the […]

  • Periscope (September 25, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Sep 25th 2019 11:06am EDT (Archive)

    Trump asked Ukraine leader to look into why investigation of Biden’s son ended, text of call shows The hype over this one has blown past all reason. Trump was asking Ukraine, in the context of sending them foreign aid, whether they were facing an ongoing corruption problem regarding the Biden investigation; he asked why it […]