• We Do Not Need Immigrants For Economic Prosperity

    Amerika.org - Oct 6th 2019 5:02am EDT

    The West finds itself accepting change very slowly these days. In biological terms, the biggest influence shaping us now may be the shift in generations. The Baby Boomers are moving on, which means that governments need to come up with a big chunk of money for their end of life costs. Boomers found themselves naturally […]

  • Pipe Meditations (October 5, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Oct 5th 2019 8:33pm EDT

    You will never hear it mentioned in public, but we are living through a really terrible time. This is what it looks like when a civilization fails, and everyone is lying about it because to admit that will force them to downgrade their own assessment of their own cleverness. After all, we were warned about […]

  • Why Immigration Acts Like An Invasive Species

    Amerika.org - Oct 5th 2019 5:02am EDT

    Invasive species always win. Since they are not adapted to their new home, they spend no time, energy, or mental concern on being specialized, and simply do what is easiest. This means that while they are not efficient, they are effective. If you take a handful of rats and pitch them on some random deserted […]

  • Populism Or Mass Mobilization?

    Amerika.org - Oct 4th 2019 7:51pm EDT

    Two roads diverge in our future: populism, where the spirit of the people expresses a dissenting view to that of its elites, or mass mobilization, where the underclasses are organized towards overthrowing the elites and replacing them with elites of its own. Populism relies on the idea of vox populi, or a “voice of the […]

  • Losing Star Wars

    Amerika.org - Oct 4th 2019 10:47am EDT

    The Nerd Force weakens. It really wasn’t particularly awesome to begin with, but at least in the Late 1970s, Hollywood could still crank out a halfway decent Western (or perhaps, a high fantasy with cowboy boots). Star Wars is much closer to epic fantasy than to Western. While there is certainly some broad influence from […]

  • Periscope (October 4, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Oct 4th 2019 10:40am EDT

    US jobless rate fell to 50-year low of 3.5% No one really understands the Trump economy. Here is my formulation: long-term consumer confidence. People like having a masculine, aggressive, and realistic leader in charge, especially one from America’s historical founding group, the ethnic Western Europeans. Scots-German WASP Donald Trump shows us that he is looking […]

  • Is Christianity Irrational?

    Amerika.org - Oct 4th 2019 5:02am EDT

    At some level, we all like the idea of religion, but fear that it may simply be our own projection. Then it would join other human solipsistic behaviors like gambling, addiction, egotism, and other projections of our desires on the world as if they were real. In many academic circles, it is considered foolish even […]

  • Periscope (October 3, 2019 PM)

    Amerika.org - Oct 3rd 2019 12:09pm EDT

    Israel quietly lets in thousands of Gaza workers, in bid to ease tensions Now that Arabs control its elections, Israel is following the path that America pursued, which is Neville Chamberlain style appeasement. This will not work; it shows weakness, and those who are given an inch will take a mile, and then repeat. Brute […]

  • Swedes Experience The Great Replacement

    Amerika.org - Oct 3rd 2019 10:27am EDT

    So your local political bigshots have decided to deworsify your neighborhood. They want pliable, mystery-meat morons to help them pass all their euchastes and elect whatever detestable pervert they feel like trebucheting into power. Your civic authorities seem to have their eyes wide shut and their legs spread wide. What does the smarter brother do? […]

  • Periscope (October 3, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Oct 3rd 2019 10:16am EDT

    In Houston, a Rash of Storms Tests the Limits of Coping With Climate Change The New York Times continues lying. Here it tells falsehoods to obscure a few things, but the first is that urbanization is not our problem. Houston is a test case for what happens when you make a city that extends fifty […]