• How Racial Integration Destroys Police Lives

    Amerika.org - Oct 19th 2019 9:10am EDT

    Keeping the peace among diversity contributes to a rise in police suicides increasing as more different populations share the same nation: Almost 60% of femicide-suicides were committed by men working in the police force, security industry or armed forces, says the study’s lead author, Women in relationships with men in these professions are at significantly […]

  • Alternatives To Socialized Medicine Rise As The System Bogs Down

    Amerika.org - Oct 19th 2019 5:02am EDT

    When we write the history of American healthcare, it will center on a policy of successive sabotage by which politicians wreck the existing system so that they can demand it push closer to the socialist ideal of “socialized medicine” or in the contemporary jargon, “single-payer.” This began with the sabotage of our charity hospital system […]

  • How Religions View Solipsism

    Amerika.org - Oct 18th 2019 3:51pm EDT

    On this site, you will find a slightly unorthodox view of life because many of our writers come at it from the perspective of nihilism, or an extremist realism where there are no universal truths, values, or communications. This differs from relativism, which holds that whatever you perceive is absolutely true, as if each person […]

  • Civil War In Syria Is An Extension Of The Second American Civil War

    Amerika.org - Oct 18th 2019 10:43am EDT

    Do you know how bad it’s going to get in Syria if we cut and run? I’m not terribly sure, but fail to see it as much of my problem. The numerous people who live there have a daily responsibility for maintaining at least a thin veneer of civil society in Syria. They know way […]

  • Periscope (October 18, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Oct 18th 2019 8:36am EDT

    China’s economic growth slows to 27-year low Globalism has ended. Apparently, like most Leftist programs, it relied on the economic stimulus caused by moving money from wealthier areas to poorer ones, since this enables people to “generate economic activity” through scams and lowest common denominator products which are the biggest contributors to landfill. The West […]

  • God-force

    Amerika.org - Oct 18th 2019 5:02am EDT

    Western Civilization encountered multiple crises at once. This typically happens when one “levels up,” or succeeds on one plateau and then moves to the next, where a series of entirely new challenges await. In contrast to linearity, developments in life occur in staggered stages, with some new developments opening up new fields, causing a plateau […]

  • Pipe Meditations (October 17, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Oct 17th 2019 8:11pm EDT

    Those of us in the modern time grew up in a bubble, and we went through an awakening to get where we are now, which leaves us in a vacuum between knowing what we do not want and what we will eventually desire. Each bit of figuring out our destination, and our plan for getting […]

  • Elites Own The Means Of Moral Production

    Amerika.org - Oct 17th 2019 3:02pm EDT

    The will of the capitalist is certainly to take as much as possible. What we have to do is not to talk about his will, but to inquire about his power, the limits of that power, and the character of those limits. – Karl Marx, “Value, Price, and Profit” Having been in the workforce and […]

  • Periscope (October 17, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Oct 17th 2019 11:17am EDT

    Congress Approval, Support for Impeaching Trump Both Up Now a quarter of people approve of Congress, and a narrow majority (of those polled) approve of impeaching Trump. Keep in mind that impeachment means a trial-like event, and that after that, the Senate must vote to remove Trump. This means that many who support impeachment are […]

  • Meditations On Evil

    Amerika.org - Oct 17th 2019 5:02am EDT

    Nietzsche tells us to be beyond good and evil, but everyday experience shows that the term “evil” persists because it is so useful. It describes those things which are pathologically determined to destroy the good, however we measure that. The paradox of evil is that most evil things do not intend to be evil. Some […]

  • Periscope (October 16, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Oct 16th 2019 9:14am EDT

    Migrant surge overwhelms Greek islands The flood continues, mainly because Europe cannot seem to muster a strong response to anything. Democracy signals weakness. Record 32 million Hispanics ready to vote, the largest minority in 2020 The percentage of Hispanics eligible to vote in the upcoming 2020 presidential election has surged nearly 20% since 2016 when […]

  • Inverting Inversion

    Amerika.org - Oct 16th 2019 5:02am EDT

    Individuals, when no longer kept occupied by the immediate need to provide food, evade predators, and reproduce, tend toward navel-gazing and therefore, construct a world of themselves as a defensive talisman against the part of the world that they cannot control, a.k.a. “Out There.” When they need to produce something, they try to bring their […]

  • Periscope (October 15, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Oct 15th 2019 4:06pm EDT

    Mack workers go on strike, begin picketing Sunday morning Trump brings manufacturing back to America and its prole parasites immediately begin trying to steal from the rest of us. They are already overpaid for what they do, and the only people who want this union action are the workers who cannot stand out for their […]

  • What Asiatic Admixture Looks Like

    Amerika.org - Oct 15th 2019 5:02am EDT

    People in the modern time think in terms of ideology, or one big idea that can form a symbol and unite people so that all together we mobilize, do the same thing, and dominate other forces competing for power. With the right symbol, you win. This follows the Leftist model. Early Leftists translated their desire […]

  • Celebrate Columbus, Not “Indigenous Peoples”

    Amerika.org - Oct 14th 2019 7:06pm EDT

    Western civilization has its share of people who are successful (enough) on the surface, but inside know that they are losers and fakes, and these people will use any excuse to make other people feel bad about succeeding. Too many of our people are repeaters. They do what others have done in education and the […]

  • Schizoid Voters

    Amerika.org - Oct 14th 2019 1:51pm EDT

    Long before Donald J. Trump entered the race as a candidate for president, people were protesting George W. Bush and his “forever wars” in the middle east. It was a common sentiment, echoed by Ron Paul, that we should be isolationist and bring the boys home, especially after a decade of war. When Trump ran […]

  • Periscope (October 14, 2019)

    Amerika.org - Oct 14th 2019 8:05am EDT

    Huge global carbon tax hike needed in next 10 years to head off climate disaster, says IMF One would be forgiven for assuming that global warming is nothing but a shakedown. In response to what is in theory the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced, they are talking about raising taxes instead of taking action? […]

  • Case Studies In Trace Admixture: Justin Trudeau

    Amerika.org - Oct 14th 2019 5:02am EDT

    For some time, a few on the Right have warned of the consequences of trace admixture, which is what happens when you combine individuals with small traces of other races and ethnic groups within them. At some point, this load of foreign DNA builds up and you have the same health problems, including mental health, […]

  • Diversity Creates Self-Hatred

    Amerika.org - Oct 13th 2019 5:02am EDT

    We often wonder what makes whites in America and Europe so prone to self-destruction, but we can find an answer from the Jewish experience of diversity: One of Judith Butler’s anti-Zionist arguments is that Jews are inherently diasporic. Basing her arguments on obscure Jewish thinkers or unknown kabbalistic interpretations, she believes that the Jew in […]

  • White Self-Hatred

    Amerika.org - Oct 12th 2019 5:15pm EDT

    If an orbiting alien wants to know more about the condition of Earth, he should spend a day running errands. Go to the grocery store, post office, gas station, and library. He could assess the mental state of the people there and get a good idea of the inner health of our society. Such an […]

  • What Is Truth?

    Amerika.org - Oct 12th 2019 9:18am EDT

    Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see. – Edgar Allan Poe Meg Myers has a hauntingly beautiful song entitled “Monster,” which I recall listening to, early morn, still vibrating alcoholism from the night before, lit American Spirit cigarette, engaging the darkness and the beauty of its filthy, honest-speaking truth into my […]

  • Liberalism Will End Because Of Ego Depletion

    Amerika.org - Oct 12th 2019 7:27am EDT

    Insanity used to be rare enough so that society could send those afflicted persons to a mental asylum, but in my adult life it has become normal to encounter people with mental problems wandering around in society. We can look to ethnic diversity eroding trust read together with best practices in achieving workforce diversity to […]

  • Assimilation? Irish-Americans Vote Leftist

    Amerika.org - Oct 12th 2019 5:02am EDT

    The Left often hits on truth so that they can twist it. With their idea of identity politics they discover a more truthful view of tribes (mosaics of: religion, ethnicity, culture, race, and region) than the conservative desire for “assimilation.” If we look at it critically, assimilation means the destruction of culture as one is […]

  • Living In The Age Of The Insane Western Child

    Amerika.org - Oct 11th 2019 7:59pm EDT

    Watching Greta Thunberg shriek her way through a highly-praised but inept speech, and then seeing the group of television commentators agree in round robin that it was profound and meaningful, I realized that we are in the age of the insane child. Children are in now control. Like ordinary children, they throw tantrums if they […]

  • How To Keep Amerika Running

    Amerika.org - Oct 11th 2019 3:31pm EDT

    Most people have some idea of what it takes to keep a site like this in operation. Mainly it requires a great deal of time and effort, and that takes away from other things that can be done with that time. It is a balancing act, to put it mildly. This site, unlike others, offers […]