• Documents concerning the US and its dangerous pathogen testing facilities in UkraineArmed With Knowledge - Mar 10th 2022 3:21pm EST


  • How to fail at geopoliticsArmed With Knowledge - Feb 26th 2022 12:57am EST

    Over the last decade, having recognized that China and Russia are a threat economically and geopolitically, the incompetent leaders of the US chose to target the pressure points of both countries, that being Taiwan and Ukraine, specifically. A great deal of effort went into convincing the US population that the causes of supporting Taiwan and […]

  • Waukesha bloodbath: media mouthpieces getting what they have incited?Armed With Knowledge - Nov 22nd 2021 5:50am EST

    Yesterday, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a parade came to a catastrophic end as a vehicle sped into the procession, killing at least 5 and injuring at least 40 as the crowd screamed.Wisconsin is already on alert amidst the conclusion to the divisive trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot multiple people who attacked him during […]

  • Lützows Wilde Verwegene Jagd – Lunikoff (rock)Armed With Knowledge - Jun 23rd 2021 12:08am EDT

    Original title: Lützows Wilde Verwegene Jagd Translated title: Lützow’s wild, daring hunt Original music: Carl Maria von Weber Lyrics: Theodor Körner Year: 1813 Theodor Körner war Teil des Lützowschen Freikorps, einem Freiwilligenverband innerhalb der preußischen Armee. Das Freikorps war nach dem gescheiterten Russlandfeldzug gegründet worden. Im April 1813 schrieb Körner das Lied, also noch vor […]

  • CityArmed With Knowledge - May 27th 2021 8:31pm EDT

    Living third-world, rat-infested, crime-ridden slum? You cheered what was inevitably going to lead to this. And you slandered, cussed and vilified those who warned of it. Ian Stuart – Down in the city Feeling low, which way to go now It’s a freak-show, down in the city Broken dreams, and desperate screams The switchblade gleams, […]

  • Down in the cityArmed With Knowledge - May 27th 2021 8:07pm EDT

    I live in a third-world, rat-infested, crime-ridden s-hole, You turned my city into this…. Ian Stuart – Down in the city Feeling low, which way to go now It’s a freak-show, down in the city Broken dreams, and desperate screams The switchblade gleams, down in the city Empty cans, forgotten plans Begging hands, down in […]

  • Luni betterArmed With Knowledge - May 27th 2021 7:55pm EDT

    was embarassed by that last one

  • Ian Stuart – Freedom? what Freedom!?Armed With Knowledge - May 27th 2021 5:23pm EDT

    They’re taking our freedom away

  • The truth about Abe LincolnArmed With Knowledge - May 22nd 2021 10:16pm EDT

    As former U.S. President Abraham ‘Abe’ Lincoln stated in his Address on Colonization to a Deputation of Negroes on August 14, 1862:"In the American Revolutionary war sacrifices were made by men engaged in it; but they were cheered by the future. Gen. Washington himself endured greater physical hardships than if he had remained a British subject. Yet he was a […]

  • What BLM and Antifa have right: Churchill, Lincoln and the Founding Fathers all targetedArmed With Knowledge - May 16th 2021 11:46pm EDT

    George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. Winston Churchill. These are prominent, highly-regarded icons of history. But now they are getting "cancelled" – more specifically, the statues built to honor these figures are under attack. Mount Rushmore was built on land that belonged to the Lakota tribe and sculpted by a man who had strong bonds with the […]