• Paul Golding gives EPIC speech to midlands meeting

    Britain First - Jan 20th 2020 2:54pm EST

    Britain First leader Paul Golding gave an epic speech to assembled patriots in the town of Nuneaton, in the midlands.

  • Britain First launches campaign against Sharia Courts!

    Britain First - Jan 20th 2020 11:54am EST

    Britain First has launched a campaign against Sharia Courts, starting with the most notorious, the ‘Islamic Sharia Council’ in East London.

  • Paul Golding gives rousing speech in Manchester

    Britain First - Jan 18th 2020 4:29pm EST

    At an activist meeting in Manchester, party leader Paul Golding gave an impromptu speech calling for relentless action during 2020.

  • TORY HQ: Britain First stands with Boris

    Britain First - Jan 17th 2020 12:12pm EST

    Recently, at the Conservative Party headquarters in Westminster, Britain First held a flash demo holding a banner proclaiming our support for Boris Johnson’s leadership of the Tories.

  • GROOMING: Britain First confronts Greater Manchester Police

    Britain First - Jan 16th 2020 9:25am EST

    Greater Manchester Police have been exposed by a report as failing the victims of Islamist grooming gangs. They deliberately ignored the victims and consciously allowed grooming of young girls to take place, despite knowing what was going on. They even ordered their own officers to investigate ‘other ethnicities’, effectively facilitating Islamist grooming gangs because of […]

  • Britain First ‘Operation Downes’ launched in Rochdale

    Britain First - Jan 14th 2020 8:03am EST

    Britain First has launched ‘Operation Downes’ in the grooming hotspot of Rochdale. Operation Downes is a major campaign to combat the scourge of grooming gangs in towns around the nation. Operation Downes is named after a young girl who was killed by a grooming gang in Blackpool, Charlene Downes. The campaign was launched in Rochdale […]

  • A tribute to our activists of 2019

    Britain First - Dec 31st 2019 1:47pm EST

    HQ has produced a tribute to our courageous activists who took to the streets in throughout 2019. Our activists are the backbone of the British fightback. They are simple, working class men and women making a stand for our beloved country.

  • Christmas Message 2019

    Britain First - Dec 24th 2019 2:54pm EST

    Britain First would like to wish a merry and peaceful Christmas to all our supporters, at home and around the world. Britain First leader Paul Golding has released a special Christmas message to all supporters of the movement.

  • Paul Golding interviewed by the National Citizens Alliance of Canada

    Britain First - Dec 19th 2019 8:51am EST

    Britain First leader Paul Golding interviewed by the National Citizens Alliance of Canada. The National Citizens Alliance is led by Stephen Garvey, who attracted publicity recently for confronting an event called ‘Muslimfest’ in Canada. ‘National Citizens Alliance will share the facts to help Canadians understand that they have been misled by the mainstream parties that […]

  • Socialism is a complete failure

    Britain First - Dec 18th 2019 11:32am EST

    Socialism and all of its variations have been tried and tested throughout the last one-hundred years. In every nation, it has totally failed, and left over 100 million people dead. Socialism is a failed and discredited ideology that was rejected in the recent general election.