• Introducing the liberal superman: Retardus Maximus

    Britain First - Sep 23rd 2019 2:56pm EDT

    Recently at a day of action in Dover, a moronic halfwit liberal decided to show the world why his species is beyond redemption. Self-righteous, completely hypocritical, politically correct, self-loathing, the political liberal is the worst type of traitor.

  • Britain First escalates migrant patrols around Dover

    Britain First - Sep 22nd 2019 10:28am EDT

    Yesterday, Britain First escalated our migrant patrols around Dover. Our activists set up three separate viewing stations along the coastline, complete with binoculars. This helped us to cover a huge stretch from Dover itself to the nearby town of Folkestone.

  • Paul speaks to migrants and tells them not to come to Britain!

    Britain First - Sep 19th 2019 11:13am EDT

    In this video, party leader Paul Golding speaks to a group of African migrants and tells them not to come to Britain. This video was recorded in the French port of Calais and shortly after our team were violently attacked by gangs of migrants. You can clearly see the sense of entitlement on the faces […]

  • Britain First attacked with rocks and bricks in Calais

    Britain First - Sep 15th 2019 8:32am EDT

    Britain First activist’s visited the French port of Calais and were violently attacked by gangs of migrants. Our activists were spat at, had rocks thrown at them and faced ferocious hostility.

  • Combating illegal migrant crossings!

    Britain First - Sep 14th 2019 3:04pm EDT

    A team of Britain First activists carried out our first patriot migrant patrol on a beach to the west of Dover. This particular beach has been the main landing ground for multiple illegal migrant crossings. Equipped with torches, binoculars and hi-vis jackets, our activists patrolled the beach keeping a close eye out for migrant crossings.

  • Giving the police in Rotherham a well deserved hard time!

    Britain First - Sep 9th 2019 10:18am EDT

    Britain First activists recently held a day of action in the Islamist grooming hotspot of Rotherham. The local police are implicated in a huge way in the catastrophic Islamist grooming scandal in the town. Because of this, our activists gave them a well deserved hostile reception when they approached us.

  • They want to BAN us from the media

    Britain First - Sep 3rd 2019 4:00pm EDT

    The Tony Blair Institute wants to put Britain First on a government banned list stopping us from appearing on the media.

  • Britain First campaigns in Southampton

    Britain First - Sep 3rd 2019 4:00pm EDT

    Britain First activists visited the city of Southampton, on England’s south coast. Activists from our South East and South West regions campaigned in the high street and several shopping centres, distributing thousands of leaflets.

  • My appeal has been postponed

    Britain First - Sep 3rd 2019 10:46am EDT

    The establishment are determined to keep Britain First out of Northern Ireland. To this end, they have postponed Paul Golding’s appeal.