• They Who Smelt It…David Cole - Jun 27th 2022 6:00pm EDT

    You’d think saving babies would be enough. Dobbs saved the babies. What more does the right need? “We won; pop the bubbly.” But that’s not how the right’s wired at the moment. Sure, saving babies is great and all, but the MAGA right’s too distracted to appreciate the victory. They’ll never admit it, but MAGAs […]

  • Their Damned Lies, and YoursDavid Cole - Jun 20th 2022 6:00pm EDT

    Remember the Dhaliwal brothers? No? Good. Like yesterday’s bowel movement, they don’t deserve remembering, let alone an encore. That said, I’m gonna reluctantly invoke them, because even the worst of mankind can offer lessons for the rest of us. Christmas Day 2007, brothers Kulbir (23) and Amritpal (19) Dhaliwal, their friend Carlos Sousa (17) in […]

  • Calamity of So Long CovidDavid Cole - Jun 17th 2022 12:20am EDT

    You didn’t think you could just walk away from Covid hysteria, did you? You didn’t think it would just end, right? In fact, “Phase II” is about to begin. And I’m not talking about more masks ’n’ jabs. I’m talking about a new iteration, a mutation. Not a viral one, but a metamorphosis in terms […]

  • Dysgenic SupremacyDavid Cole - Jun 17th 2022 12:20am EDT

    California State Senator Steven Bradford (Compton, Watts, Inglewood, and the dead rapper district of Long Beach) is the blackiest black in the state’s Democrat machine. Bradford so black, every time he visits Long Beach port, the vessels get sickle cell. As a legislator, he’s single-mindedly focused on California’s dwindling black minority (roughly 5.5% of the […]

  • “New Shooter New Shooter New Shooter!”David Cole - Jun 17th 2022 12:20am EDT

    Regarding the Uvalde school shooting, most of us have already cycled through the Seven Stages of Vicarious Grief. That’s the process that follows every mass shooting, when we pick our “why” from the list of seven approved mass shooting causes, and we criticize everybody who picked a different one. Here’s the list; feel free to […]

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