• Mike Stone – Does ‘Back to Normal’ Mean Amnesia?

    Henry Makow - May 23rd 2023 3:30pm EDT

      American men have lost their balls. They’d rather swig liquid estrogen and jerk off to pornography than stand up for their country or for themselves. Talk about pathetic.       Makow comment- As long as they can get away with this shit, it will continue.       by Mike Stone (henrymakow.com)   […]

  • Henry Makow - May 23rd 2023 12:21pm EDT

                Tribute to murdered doctor Rashid Buttar by sister of Jeff Murray, murdered by police.                 BY DM  (HENRYMAKOW.COM)       Dr. Buttar’s legacy normalizing open discussion of medical malfeasance among his peers and the general population, his tireless assault on the […]

  • May 23- “I’m Not Bluffing” -Putin

    Henry Makow - May 23rd 2023 11:51am EDT

          Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.com     Putin –  “I’m not bluffing.”     “I will blow you NATO cross-dressers off the face of the earth. Our weapons are far superior to anything the West has.”   https://youtube.com/shorts/n69HDij1OE0?feature=share     The problem is that this is exactly what the Satanists […]

  • Patriotic Jew Sounded Commie Alarm 70 Years Ago

    Henry Makow - May 22nd 2023 3:04pm EDT

    Why America is Going Down the Drain Myron Fagan (1887-1972) was a distinguished and successful Broadway producer, writer and director. Communism is synonymous with Cabalist Judaism and Satanism. But Myron Fagan, the most courageous and eloquent Crusader against Communism was a Jew. Fagan warned his fellow Americans of the danger they faced. Look at the […]

  • May 22 – Was Rashid Buttar Poisoned?

    Henry Makow - May 22nd 2023 11:00am EDT

        Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.com      Outstanding opponent of COVID Hoax and Toxic Jabs      Rashid Buttar who has died aged 57 said a few days ago that he was poisoned after CNN interview   https://davidicke.com/2023/05/21/rashid-buttar-who-has-died-aged-57-said-a-few-days-ago-that-he-was-poisoned-after-cnn-interview/   “Slow down and remember God is in control,” Rashid Buttar   Mike […]

  • Trump, DeSantis & the Masonic Jewish (Right-Left) Tag Team

    Henry Makow - May 21st 2023 8:20pm EDT

    (On the left, Communist Jewish Gulag commandants in the USSR. On the right, Zionist Jewish pioneers at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel in 1921. Both are making the classic Masonic hand sign.)    A pattern reminiscent of pre-war Germany has emerged in the US and Europe.  There is an intensifying conflict between  Left” (globalism) and “Right,” (nationalism) which are each backed […]

  • May 21 – The Charade of Normality

    Henry Makow - May 21st 2023 1:01pm EDT

        (These “Deep State” elements are puppets of the Masonic-Jewish Communist Money Power)   Westerners are encouraged to think the “pandemic” is over and we’re back to normal.  They want us to forget their staged pandemic hoax cost millions of people their livelihoods, their health or their lives. Western society is controlled by criminals […]

  • Two Dozen Wonderful Movies that Bombed at the Box Office

    Henry Makow - May 20th 2023 2:41pm EDT

        Dear Henry,   Hope you are doing well. Watched La-La Land on your recommendation with my sweetie and we enjoyed it. How about publishing (or republishing)  your Top 10 or Top 20 movies that are worth watching. You have great taste in movies. Thanks.   cheers, M       We need movies that inform, […]

  • May 20- Globalists are Communist Satanist Traitors

    Henry Makow - May 20th 2023 12:06pm EDT

      Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.com   (LEFT, Durham Report vindicates Donald Trump)        “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor […]

  • Roll Call of Freemason Traitors Includes Hitler & Putin

    Henry Makow - May 19th 2023 3:56pm EDT

    Want to succeed? Just join a satanic secret society devoted to destroying your fellow citizens and civilization.     Ex-Mason, Childs, states in the video that the following list of (secret) Masons is just “tip of the iceberg.”     JewTube is now suppressing the video   “Humanity is being held hostage by a satanic cult” […]