• Why Catholicism is Wrong on Church History & Erick Ybarra Refuted

    Jay Dyer - May 26th 2020 10:19pm EDT

     “In this video we deconstruct the Catholic claims about Papal primacy in the first millennium Church with particular reference to Erick Ybarra whose video can be found here. We simultaneously prove that the Orthodox and scholarly position of ecclesiology and Church structure is the correct one, basing it in the canonical tradition from the […]

  • Roman Catholic Papacy Subverted….By the Franks! Jay Dyer / Snek

    Jay Dyer - May 25th 2020 9:51pm EDT

     Snek joins me to cover the issue of the Frankish subversion of the papacy – contrary to the erroneous opinion of many trads, the papacy was subverted by the carolingians and hence their rejection of the 7th ecumenical council and addition of the Filioque. This marks, according to Siecienski, a divorce from Byantium and […]

  • Filioque? History of a Doctrinal Controversy – Fr Dcn Dr Ananias / Dyer / Lewis

    Jay Dyer - May 23rd 2020 9:24pm EDT

     Fr Dcn Dr Ananias and Lewis join me to discuss the seminal scholarly survey of the Filioque and its history from Siecienski.  We will look at the relevant patristic sources, the medieval debate as well as Lyons and Florence, into the modern period. Fr Dcn Dr Ananias is here.   Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in […]

  • Relationship Issues! Men VS Women! Jamie Hanshaw & Jay Dyer (Half)

    Jay Dyer - May 22nd 2020 11:34pm EDT

     What are relationships? Do they exist? Are they all doomed? What is a man? Do they exist?  How do we find a roadmap for dealing with males and females and the two planets they come from (Mars and Uranus).  Jamie joins me to discuss a couple books she recently perused. The second half will […]

  • Eyes Wide Shut And Esoteric Hollywood: Jay Dyer + Shaun Attwood

    Jay Dyer - May 19th 2020 4:09pm EDT

     Huge interview on one of YouTube’s largest true crime channels!  Thanks to Shaun Attwood for having. me on! “Shaun Attwood, who survived the jail with the highest rate of death in America, as told on TV by Locked-Up Abroad “Raving Arizona.” Shaun’s popular True Crime podcast premiers every Monday night at 6 PM (UK […]

  • The Real “Enlightened Ones” – Dean Arnold (Partial)

    Jay Dyer - May 18th 2020 4:01pm EDT

     My godfather Dean Arnold joins me to discuss his recent books and analyses of Gates.This is a snippet interview clip. We cover his background and ideology, and then move on to look at the United Nations and its influence and players. We cover old ground in relation to the Lucis Trust and Dean’s new […]

  • Is Hollywood Crashing? Jay Dyer on Matt Chats

    Jay Dyer - May 15th 2020 9:22pm EDT

     Matt Chats invited me on to cover the media sphere. We cover We talked conspiracy theories, right vs left, and symbolism in Hollywood. Enjoy! Follow Matt on Instagram for exclusive content. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or purchase my books in the […]

  • Dictatorship of Gentlemen: Jay Dyer + Charles Moscowitz

    Jay Dyer - May 15th 2020 6:44pm EDT

     Veteran award-winning radio host and author Charles Moscowitz is joined by Jay Dyer, host of Jay’s Analysis, in a discussion about what Whittaker Chambers called the dictatorship of gentleman.  We cover technocracy, Trump and where we are headed in the near future in the West. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access […]

  • Messianic Prophecies? Sam Shamoun + Jay Dyer

    Jay Dyer - May 15th 2020 6:02pm EDT

     Sam returns to cover the best typological and prophetic arguments for Christ in the OT. WE cover the known and less known areas of Genesis, some surprising areas of Exodus, the Psalms, the amazing areas of Isaiah, the minor prophets and much more!   Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the […]

  • Top 5 80s Teen Movies! Jay Dyer + Jamie Hanshaw

    Jay Dyer - May 10th 2020 12:22am EDT

     Tonight we cover the top 5 (or 6) teen coming of age dramas and comedies of the 1980s.  We will cover Say Anything, Breakfast Club, Risky Business, Cant Buy Me Love, Ferris Bueller and Adventures in Babysitting!  The choices weren’t easy, but we narrowed it down to the best, in our view. Sunday night […]