• Twitter Says It Will Censor World Leaders As Democrat Presidential Candidates Double Down On Calls To Silence Trump

    Laura Loomer - Oct 16th 2019 7:06am EDT

    Once again, the fix appears to be in as Twitter is poised to begin restricting the reach of accounts of prominent world leaders – all while Democratic Party presidential candidates, specifically Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), continue to call for President Donald J. Trump to be stripped of his Twitter account. “In June, we announced there […]

  • Face Of The Democrat Party: Socialist ‘Squad’ To Endorse Socialist Sanders

    Laura Loomer - Oct 16th 2019 7:00am EDT

    Three members of the “Squad,” freshman congresswomen representing the communist wing of the already far left Democrat party, reportedly plan to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders in the socialist lawmaker’s second bid for the White House. Ocasio-Cortez, the Bronx-Queens politician famous for her extreme ignorance of the U.S. Constitution, is slated to appear alongside Sanders at […]

  • New Undercover Video Proves CNN Rigs Presidential Debates, Boosts Preferred Candidates

    Laura Loomer - Oct 15th 2019 3:19pm EDT

    Newly released undercover video obtained by Project Veritas confirms President Trump’s longtime criticism against one of the most politically biased and corrupt propaganda networks on television: CNN is fake news. Ahead of CNN’s heavily promoted Democratic debate on Tuesday, investigative undercover watchdog Project Veritas released secretly recorded footage showcasing the tactics senior officials at the […]

  • Google Whistleblower Exposes Company For Shilling On Behalf Of Big Pharma

    Laura Loomer - Oct 15th 2019 1:22pm EDT

    A Google whistleblower took a swing at his former employer on Twitter Monday for allegedly throttling websites that promote natural remedies to medical issues in order to protect Big Pharma’s reign of power. “Oh look here’s @Google, wiping out an entire economic sector in favor of big-pharma:” Zach Vorhies said. Oh look here’s @Google, wiping […]

  • BUSTED: CNN Admits Hunter Biden Is Cashing In On His Father’s Name In Undercover Project Veritas Video

    Laura Loomer - Oct 15th 2019 1:13pm EDT

    As Democrats attempt to move expeditiously with an impeachment inquiry against President Trump for asking the Ukrainian president to investigate allegations of corruption against Hunter Biden, their cohorts at CNN are deliberately misleading the American public about the Biden family’s Ukraine scandal. CNN President Jeff Zucker was seen in undercover footage released Monday by Project Veritas […]

  • “Cancel Culture” Has A New Opponent: Elton John

    Laura Loomer - Oct 15th 2019 12:15pm EDT

    Of all the people who could have possibly come out against “cancel culture,” wherein one is shunned for harboring the “wrong” political opinions or associating with people who harbor such opinions, legendary rockstar Elton John was perhaps not a likely candidate. But that is exactly what John did in an interview with NPR, wherein he […]

  • While Real Conservatives Were Being Censored, Ben Shapiro Was Meeting With Zuckerberg

    Laura Loomer - Oct 15th 2019 9:18am EDT

    During a busy Monday newsday, POLITICO reported that Facebook CEO and tyrant Mark Zuckerberg met with several conservative media figures as tensions flare between Silicon Valley and the political right over the topic of political censorship. We reported on the meetings, particularly on the fact that the political left was angered that Zuckerberg, their ideological […]

  • LeBron James Takes Internet Beating After Defending Chinese Regime

    Laura Loomer - Oct 15th 2019 7:09am EDT

    It’s been a long while since any event brought the internet together like National Basketball Association (NBA) player LeBron James defending the brutal communist Chinese regime in order to protect his bottom line. The “woke” basketball player excused the Chinese regime’s crackdown on freedom of expression and democracy in Hong Kong in an interview Monday […]

  • Left Freaks Out After Zuckerberg Meets With Conservative Media Figures

    Laura Loomer - Oct 14th 2019 2:37pm EDT

    The political left is losing its mind after POLITICO reported Monday that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been meeting with right wing media figures. “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been hosting informal talks and small, off-the-record dinners with conservative journalists, commentators and at least one Republican lawmaker in recent months to discuss issues like free […]

  • Twitter Bans Carpe Donktum: Cites Bogus ‘Copyright Infringement’ Violation Immediately After He Posts Video Exposing CNN’s Bigotry

    Laura Loomer - Oct 14th 2019 2:21pm EDT

    Carpe Donktum’s Twitter account was suspended Monday after President Trump’s favorite meme maker shared a video featuring a CNN staffer admitting the network is racist, but his account was reinstated shortly after news of his ban lit up the internet. Carpe Donktum, whose real name is Logan Cook, was notified his account was suspended immediately […]