• BREAKING: Media That Never Cared About Political Violence Now Cares About Political Violence

    Laura Loomer - Oct 14th 2019 8:17am EDT

    Remember when America’s esteemed leftist media cared about political violence, and strongly condemned it in every form or fashion? We don’t either. But after a meme ripoff from a scene from the 2014 film Kingsman: The Secret Service depicting President Donald J. Trump slashing and bashing his way through media outlets and detractors was allegedly […]

  • ABC Caught Faking Syria Attack Footage

    Laura Loomer - Oct 14th 2019 7:19am EDT

    PROPAGANDA: What is coined as FAKE NEWS is something the President of the United States and conservative voices say when referring to the mainstream media, otherwise known as the MSM. The MSM is telling the world that they are being called FAKE NEWS because the president is corrupt, the GOP is corrupt, and they are […]

  • MORE: Proof of Chinese Influence On Entertainment Industry Keeps Growing

    Laura Loomer - Oct 14th 2019 6:49am EDT

    Last week, Hollywood and the National Basketball Association (NBA) were caught in the middle of a firestorm after China’s influence on both subsets of the American entertainment industry were exposed. Over the weekend, more proof that American entertainment remains under guidelines set forth by the Communist Chinese emerged. BuzzFeed reported: In early 2018 as development […]

  • Amid Global Backlash, Blizzard Reduces Ban, Gives Prize Money Back To Gamer It Punished For Backing Hong Kong Protesters

    Laura Loomer - Oct 12th 2019 2:00pm EDT

    Facing fierce backlash from gamers around the world for acting as China’s thought police, video game developer Blizzard Entertainment is walking back its ban of professional Hearthstone player Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai, after suspending him from the company’s Grandmaster tournament for voicing support of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. Blizzard Entertainment, one of America’s biggest […]

  • UPDATE: Facebook Cryptocurrency Project Faces More Turmoil Ahead Of Launch

    Laura Loomer - Oct 12th 2019 11:48am EDT

    Several more “founding members” of Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Libra have pulled out of the program ahead of the first board meeting for the currency’s governing body Monday. “Stripe and eBay have followed PayPal in backing out of Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra,” Engadget said. “They confirmed to the Financial Times that they would pull their support, while Mastercard and Visa have also dropped out.” Neither […]

  • Russia Sentences Israeli-American Woman 7.5 Years In Prison For 9 Grams Of Marijuana, Netanyahu Pleads For Her Release

    Laura Loomer - Oct 12th 2019 11:42am EDT

    A Russian court sentenced an Israeli-American woman to seven-and-a-half years in prison Friday after she was arrested by Russian authorities for marijuana possession, despite repeated attempts made by Israel’s Prime Minister demanding her release. In April, 25-year old Naama Issachar was apprehended in a Moscow airport during a stopover for the connecting flight to Tel […]

  • South Park Escalates Tiff With Chinese Government In 300th Episode

    Laura Loomer - Oct 12th 2019 11:26am EDT

    Long-running animated series South Park continued its fight with the Chinese government in its 300th episode this week after the program was cutoff in China last week. “In the episode, titled “SHOTS!!!,” Towelie forces Randy Marsh to declare ‘F— the Chinese government,’” Business Insider said. “Marsh is reluctant at first since he’s been selling marijuana […]