• Putin did not threaten Germany – Scholz

    RT - Feb 4th 2023 9:26pm EST (Archive)

    German tanks are also no threat to “Russian territory,” the chancellor claimed Chancellor Olaf Scholz has claimed a “consensus” was reached with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that Kiev will not use Western weapons, including German Leopard tanks, to stage attacks on Russian territory. The West, however, still considers Crimea and four other new Russian regions […]

  • Biden explains balloon takedown delay

    RT - Feb 4th 2023 6:33pm EST (Archive)

    The US commander-in-chief “ordered” the Pentagon to shoot down the suspected Chinese surveillance device days ago President Joe Biden has said that he gave his authorization to shoot down a Chinese high altitude balloon a day after he was first briefed on the suspicious device hovering over “sensitive” US military sites, but his defense officials […]

  • US shoots down Chinese ‘spy balloon’

    RT - Feb 4th 2023 2:45pm EST (Archive)


  • China helping Russia to obtain key technology – media

    RT - Feb 4th 2023 2:01pm EST (Archive)

    Western sanctions apparently haven’t hampered the flow of aircraft parts, radios and microchips Chinese defense firms are supplying Russia with components suitable for military use, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday. Despite repeated attempts by Washingon to shut off the flow of such components through Turkey and the UAE, tens of thousands of shipments […]

  • Swiss lawmakers oppose return of tanks to Germany

    RT - Feb 4th 2023 1:46pm EST (Archive)

    The armored vehicles are part of Switzerland’s “strategic reserve,” MPs have argued A Swiss parliament’s Upper House Security Committee has said German-made Leopard tanks form an essential part of the nation’s military reserves and should not be returned. Switzerland uses Leopard 87 tanks, which are its own version of the German-made Leopard 2. Ninety-six of […]

  • US inmates could soon be trading their organs for freedom

    RT - Feb 4th 2023 11:31am EST

    A proposed bill in New England would see prisoners trade their organs for a reduced sentence State legislatures around the United States are keenly watching the fate of a Massachusetts bill allowing prisoners to receive up to one year off their jail sentence by donating their organs. According to reports, Bill HD.3822, called the “Act […]

  • US officials ‘obsessed’ with Wagner Group – media

    RT - Feb 4th 2023 11:27am EST (Archive)

    The CIA and State Department have reportedly tried to pressure African governments into kicking out the Russian contractors The Biden administration has attempted to pressure African nations into expelling the Wagner private military company, with the firm’s presence in Sudan and Libya “at the top of every meeting” between American and Egyptian officials, the Associated […]

  • Macron calls Putin at Zelensky’s request – Paris

    RT - Feb 4th 2023 10:13am EST (Archive)

    Despite ruling out talks with Moscow, the Ukrainian leader seemingly uses his French counterpart as a go-between French President Emmanuel Macron’s phone calls with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, mainly took place “at the request of President Zelensky” of Ukraine, a spokeswoman for the French Foreign Ministry stated on Saturday. Zelensky has publicly declared that […]

  • Chinese property market crisis not over – IMF

    RT - Feb 4th 2023 9:54am EST (Archive)

    A large stock of unfinished housing is among the major problems to be addressed, the fund says China is still facing a real estate crisis and its government has a lot of work to do to fix the problems, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Friday. The cash-strapped property sector, which accounts for a […]

  • EU will face fuel shortages and soaring energy prices – Hungary

    RT - Feb 4th 2023 9:21am EST (Archive)

    The bloc agreed a price cap on Russian oil products earlier this week following heated debate EU member states will inevitably be hit by fuel shortages and skyrocketing energy prices due to a new price cap on Russian oil that comes into force on February 5, the Hungarian Energy Ministry said on Saturday. It added […]