• Chelsea flop Lukaku edging towards Italy return – media

    RT - Jun 15th 2022 9:57am EDT (Archive)

    Belgian ace Romelu Lukaku looks set to return to Serie A after a disappointing season in London Chelsea and Inter Milan are reported to be holding high-level discussions about the potential transfer of Romelu Lukaku back to the Serie A team – less than a year after Roman Abramovich smashed the London club’s transfer record to […]

  • Serbia secures energy deal with Russia

    RT - Jun 15th 2022 9:46am EDT (Archive)

    Belgrade will get a favorable price for natural gas, according to President Vucic Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday he has agreed a favorable price for Russian natural gas imports under the terms of a new energy deal. “We agreed with Russian partners on the volumes at the lowest, very low price – from […]

  • Ukrainian troops thwart humanitarian corridor – Donbas militia

    RT - Jun 15th 2022 9:46am EDT (Archive)

    Only one civilian has walked out of the besieged Azot chemical plant, a military commander has said Ukrainian soldiers holed up at the Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk have foiled the evacuation of civilians through a humanitarian corridor provided by Russia, a military commander with the People’s Republic of Luganks (LPR) has said. “The evacuation […]

  • Siemens failed to return turbines to Gazprom

    RT - Jun 15th 2022 9:26am EDT (Archive)

    Russian gas supplies to Germany had to be reduced as a result German company Siemens has confirmed that Ukraine-related sanctions imposed on Russia have made it impossible for the equipment supplier to return gas turbines to Gazprom after they were repaired in Canada. The Russian energy company was forced to reduce gas supplies to Germany […]

  • Taiwan outlines consequences of potential Chinese attack

    RT - Jun 15th 2022 8:55am EDT

    Global trade would be hit more than it has been by the Ukraine war, Taipei says A Chinese military assault on Taiwan would have a much greater impact on global trade than the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Taipei’s top trade negotiator warned on Tuesday, insisting it would lead to a global shortage of semiconductor chips. […]

  • Israel, Egypt and EU sign gas export deal – media

    RT - Jun 15th 2022 8:16am EDT (Archive)

    Brussels is seeking new sources of energy to reduce its reliance on Russia Egypt, Israel, and the European Union have signed a deal to boost shipments of liquified natural gas (LNG) to EU member states, Sky News Arabia reported on Wednesday. Brussels hopes the agreement will help it to reduce energy dependence on Russia. “The […]

  • Macron calls on Ukraine to resume talks with Russia

    RT - Jun 15th 2022 8:12am EDT (Archive)

    Offering to mediate, the French president said that Zelensky ‘is going to have to negotiate with Russia’ in the future  French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday that his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky will have to restart negotiations with Russia at some point, offering European mediation in the process. “We want peace, which means that […]

  • IKEA scales down business in Russia – media

    RT - Jun 15th 2022 7:58am EDT (Archive)

    The furniture giant will sell its factories in the country, Izvestia reports Iconic Swedish furniture brand IKEA is winding down business activities in Russia, newspaper Izvestia reported on Wednesday, citing its sources. According to the report, the company informed its employees during a general meeting and will officially announce the decision soon. IKEA has not […]

  • US backs idea of another military bloc

    RT - Jun 15th 2022 7:56am EDT

    Washington would support a possible security alliance between the UK, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States, the US envoy to NATO says The US Permanent Representative to NATO, Julianne Smith, said on Tuesday that Washington would “want to support” the idea of a new security alliance, which could reportedly include Ukraine, the UK, Poland, the […]

  • House Republicans slam ‘woke’ Pentagon spending

    RT - Jun 15th 2022 7:50am EDT (Archive)

    Thirteen congressmen have penned a letter to the US military, demanding a financial breakdown of its Pride Month-related expenses The US Department of Defense is splurging too much money on promoting Pride Month, while neglecting “military preparedness,” a faction of Republican congressmen has charged, in a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. The representatives […]