• NATO surprised by Turkish opposition to new applicants

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 2:29pm EDT (Archive)

    Jens Stoltenberg was blindsided by Ankara’s objections to Sweden and Finland joining the military bloc NATO had no reason to believe there would be any problems with the membership applications of Sweden and Finland, alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Monday, admitting he was blindsided by “legitimate” Turkish concerns. He still wants Stockholm and Helsinki […]

  • Police bigwig gets seven-digit payout after Nazi insignia scandal

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 2:27pm EDT (Archive)

    A Washington assistant police chief is getting the boot for displaying Nazi symbols – plus a hefty payout Former assistant police chief Derek Kammerzell of Kent, Washington is being let go from his department for posting Nazi insignia on his office door – but he’s also getting a $1.52 million golden parachute, city leaders confirmed […]

  • Germany revives Nazi-era tank brand

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 1:50pm EDT (Archive)

    New ‘Panther’ tank is destined to be “a game changer on the future battlefield,” according to its manufacturer German arms giant Rheinmetall unveiled its new main battle tank at the major weapons exhibition in Paris on Monday. The vehicle comes under the ‘Panther’ nickname in an apparent nod to Nazi Germany’s iconic PzKpfw V medium […]

  • UK judge throws out Africa deportation appeal

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 1:49pm EDT (Archive)

    With the appeal quashed, the Home Office is poised to fly the first group of asylum seekers to Rwanda on Tuesday The UK Court of Appeal ruled on Monday that an earlier decision allowing the government to send asylum seekers to Rwanda cannot be overturned. The decision paves the way for the first plane to […]

  • West pressuring Arab states – top official

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 1:36pm EDT (Archive)

    Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul Gheit said that the West wants to use the Middle East to “surround” Russia Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit in an interview on Sunday accused the West of pressuring Arab states to condemn Russia over its military operation in Ukraine and vote against Moscow in international forums, in […]

  • US economy faces massive recession – economists

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 1:31pm EDT (Archive)

    The prediction comes in contrast to estimates from the Federal Reserve The US economy is about to tumble into a recession, economic experts have forecast, dismissing more upbeat predictions from the Federal Reserve. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers warned on Sunday that the Fed’s inflation-related forecasts have been “much too optimistic” and insisted that it […]

  • China seeks stronger security ties with Pakistan

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 12:57pm EDT (Archive)

    Beijing has reaffirmed its strategic partnership with Islamabad and agreed to enhance defense cooperation Chinese and Pakistani officials have agreed to increase their cooperation in countering terrorism and other security concerns, deepening their alliance amid efforts by “outside forces” to divide the two countries. “Pakistan and China reaffirmed their strategic partnership in challenging times and […]

  • Ukraine’s envoy berates Germany

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 12:50pm EDT (Archive)

    Andrey Melnik has told German journalists that the country has done too little to make Ukrainian refugees feel welcome Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnik has called into question Germany’s ‘welcoming culture’ toward Ukrainian refugees. The diplomat told journalists that many had left the country after not getting the reception they had hoped for. Taking […]

  • Russia becomes India’s 2nd largest oil supplier – Reuters

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 12:10pm EDT (Archive)

    Iraq remains the biggest source of fuel for the country Russia became India’s second biggest crude oil supplier in May, as New Delhi has been stocking up on the discounted Russian commodity, Reuters reported on Monday, citing trade sources.  According to the report, Indian refiners received around 819,000 barrels per day of Russian oil last […]

  • Japan’s farmers to switch from rice to wheat – media

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 11:49am EDT (Archive)

    As global prices soar, the country looks to import substitution Japanese farmers plan to reduce rice production and partially switch to planting wheat and soybeans at home, Japan Today reported on Monday, citing a survey by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The move comes as global prices caused by Russia’s military operation in […]