• UK government tacitly admits the COVID vaccines are killing working age people in the UK in record numbers

    Steven Kirsch - Apr 23rd 2023 9:09pm EDT

    This John Campbell video was posted 3 months ago showing a stunning rise in excess deaths from 4,700 to 26,300. That’s a 5.6X increase. That is not statistical noise. Something caused that. But the UK authorities are silent on this. There is only one thing that could potentially cause this: the COVID vaccine. This is […]

  • RFK Jr. speech launching his run for President

    Steven Kirsch - Apr 23rd 2023 3:49am EDT

    I was there. This was an amazing speech. No notes. No teleprompter. Thanks to the mainstream media, this video (which was posted today without any fanfare) has only 619 views, 45 thumbs up, and the channel has only 258 subscribers. Please watch the video, subscribe to the channel, give it a thumbs up, and help […]

  • Interested in taking action to hold people accountable for their actions?

    Steven Kirsch - Apr 22nd 2023 3:32pm EDT

    Here’s the Slack workspace invite link to my new workspace. NOTE: This link will work only for the next 24 hours (it is deliberately set to expire at noon on Sunday April 23). It is limited to the first 400 people to accept. If you are serious about helping out now with one of the […]

  • My NCI testimony

    Steven Kirsch - Apr 21st 2023 9:38pm EDT

    Here’s my testimony at the National Citizen’s Inquiry in Canada: My slides Here are the slides I used. Red-shift Zoom red-shifts my video feed. Here’s what I really look like in the feed from vMix: Does anyone else get their video feed red-shifted by zoom? Zoom is the only app that does this with my […]

  • Did I just find a medical review board that is not corrupt??

    Steven Kirsch - Apr 21st 2023 5:45pm EDT

    Executive summary Did I finally find a medical board that is not corrupt? Lock in your answer right here, then continue reading Earlier this month, the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Amazonas (CREMAM) unanimously acquitted Dr. Flavio Cadegiani, physician, scientist and lead author of research on proxalutamide to treat COVID-19. The northern […]

  • VSRF call this week: Dr. Kirk Moore

    Steven Kirsch - Apr 19th 2023 8:48pm EDT

    VSRF Weekly UpdateThursday, April 207pm Eastern | 4pm Pacific Register here to watch on ZoomOrLive stream on Rumble I am in Boston this week for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s  presidential announcement (which was absolutely awesome), but I am on a JetBlue flight right now returning in time to host our great show as planned. At […]

  • ICAN wins religious exemption decision in Mississippi: Why this matters

    Steven Kirsch - Apr 18th 2023 12:51am EDT

    Executive summary Here’s the announcement of the win: The federal court ruling that the First Amendment requires that, by 7/15/23, the State of Mississippi afford its residents a religious exemption for their children to attend school without one or more state mandated vaccines! If the state appeals and ICAN wins again, the decision will apply […]

  • Did anyone hear back from Springer Nature on the Mark Skidmore paper retraction?

    Steven Kirsch - Apr 17th 2023 2:50pm EDT

    Executive summary We live in an age where medical journals can retract papers with impunity. And the other journals won’t say a word about such improper retractions. They aren’t going to hold their peers accountable for scientific integrity. So it’s up to us to take action. Introduction I wrote an article recently on the unethical […]

  • Daniel Wilson, PhD: A master of misdirection

    Steven Kirsch - Apr 14th 2023 5:32pm EDT

    One of Daniel Wilson’s recent videos on YouTube going after my friend Del Bigtree. In this article, I’ll show you how Dan’s explanations are “hand-waving” with no calculations to back them up and when you ask him for the data he points you to a page with no data and then mocks you for not […]

  • VSRF call this week: COVID Litigation Conference Recap

    Steven Kirsch - Apr 13th 2023 1:39am EDT

    VSRF Weekly UpdateThursday, April 137pm Eastern | 4pm Pacific Register here to watch on ZoomOrLive stream on Rumble This Thursday on the VSRF Weekly Update, co-host Livio Sanchez and I welcome Civil Rights Attorney Tricia Lindsay and leading Covid litigator Warner Mendenhall who partnered with VSRF to host the Covid Litigation Conference. We will be […]