• My exclusive 10 minute interview with Tony Fauci

    Steven Kirsch - Jan 15th 2022 12:50am EST

    OK, I didn’t really interview Tony. Here’s the idea. I hire Tyler Fischer who does a brilliant Fauci imitation to play Fauci in the “interview” scripted below. We promote it to go viral. The idea is to use humor to wake people up as this is one of the “tricks” to break the mass formation […]

  • The stunning increase in myocarditis rates after the vaccines rolled out

    Steven Kirsch - Jan 14th 2022 5:28pm EST

    I wrote this Tweet and it blew up really fast: over 100,000 views in the first 3 hours: Of course, there were many people who wrote something to the effect of “Um. Those are Google searches. That means people searching about it. It doesn’t mean anything.” Really?!? Nothing?!? I disagree. I think it does mean […]

  • Jessica Malaty Rivera says on CNN that Malone is spreading misinformation, but she won’t debate any of us

    Steven Kirsch - Jan 14th 2022 12:35pm EST

    Check this out. First watch this video clip of infectious disease expert Jessica Malaty Rivera on CNN claiming that Malone is spreading COVID misinformation: I then tweeted this in response to her tweet about the podcast: Jessica responded within minutes with her reply to my generous offer: Malone’s Rogan interview reached over 50 million people […]

  • Help us spread the word about Maddie de Garay and the Trusted News Initiative

    Steven Kirsch - Jan 13th 2022 3:54pm EST

    Here are a couple of videos that our team at VSRF have produced that I urge you to like and share with your networks. NBC says they are misinformation, but are likely to be effective (since they are true). Here’s the quote: Burgert warned these tactics could be effective. They even quote me in the […]

  • Robert Malone’s doctor had her license to practice medicine suspended

    Steven Kirsch - Jan 13th 2022 3:14pm EST

    Meryl Nass, who is a member of our team of scientists focused on spreading the truth about the COVID pandemic response, sent me an email 2 days ago: Here is what the board said: The Board concludes that the continued ability of Dr. Nass to practice as a physician in the State of Maine constitutes […]

  • How I would handle the pandemic

    Steven Kirsch - Jan 13th 2022 1:24pm EST

    The whole pandemic response has been absolutely ridiculous and indefensible. If you were to ask me for my advice (which nobody is going to do), it would be very simple: End all mandates, lockdowns, and stop all vaccines immediately. Only if there is safe, sterilizing vaccine that has been tested for over 2 years, and […]

  • Why Biden gets my vote as the worst President in US history

    Steven Kirsch - Jan 13th 2022 11:20am EST

    Biden’s approval rating has dropped to a new low of 33%. I think it’s going to go even lower. I think history will eventually judge him as the worst President in US history. Sure, Biden didn’t create COVID. But by enabling Fauci instead of firing him, he has turned a bad situation (COVID) into a […]

  • Meet Taylor Nichols, MD

    Steven Kirsch - Jan 13th 2022 11:07am EST

    Here’s Taylor Nichols’ Twitter profile: He’s an emergency medicine physician in Sacramento and co-founder of No License For Disinformation (NLFD), an organization dedicated to revoking the medical license of any doctor that tells the truth about the dangers of the vaccine, masking, and mandates. Basically, if you say anything against the narrative, NLFD will try […]

  • Do antigen tests work if you are asymptomatic?

    Steven Kirsch - Jan 13th 2022 1:38am EST

    Here’s what you need to know about antigen rapid tests: In general, each test brand will test for a specific antigen. They may or may not tell you which antigen they detect. Each brand has a different sensitivity. For low sensitivity tests, it will be fruitless to test if you are not symptomatic because it […]

  • Meet Dr. Ben Rein of Stanford University

    Steven Kirsch - Jan 13th 2022 1:17am EST

    First, read this article about an effort by a very small number of people to force Joe Rogan to never ask questions that could lead to an answer that doesn’t comport with their world view. Guess what the academic credentials of the guy who created the petition are? He’s a postdoc at Stanford in Psychiatry! […]