• NIH is still unsure whether fluvoxamine should be used to treat COVID

    Steven Kirsch - Dec 22nd 2021 9:21pm EST

    The NIH recently acknowledged that fluvoxamine completed a Phase 3 study showing it works that was published in the Lancet Global Health. The study noted that “there was one death in the fluvoxamine group and 12 in the placebo group for the per-protocol population (OR 0·09; 95% CI 0·01–0·47).” In plain English, if you started […]

  • Athlete collapses/deaths following vaccination

    Steven Kirsch - Dec 22nd 2021 7:13pm EST

    I recently received an email from one of my followers on athlete collapses and deaths that was quite comprehensive. I’ve written extensively about this before. Note the number of deaths change as the vaccines are rolled out and athletes are forced to finally take them. See a difference in the number of reports per month? […]

  • How RFK Jr. went from “a good guy” to an “anti-vaxxer”

    Steven Kirsch - Dec 22nd 2021 6:53pm EST

    Here’s the quick summary of the story of how science convinced RFK Jr to become a truthteller about vaccines: Back in the 1990’s, RFK was trying to get public attention about the presence of mercury in fish due to pollution from coal plants. This is well known. He was respected as an environmentalist. Everyone (except […]

  • A good reason to wear a mask when you visit a dentist in the UK

    Steven Kirsch - Dec 22nd 2021 1:50pm EST

    Because I just got this message from one of my subscribers: Not sure if you are aware but a member of my protest/campaign group in Oxfordshire, UK, has just been detained for 28 days under the Mental Health Act for not wearing a mask to the dentist. His name is Charlie Cunningham and he’s currently […]

  • “It’s beginning to look a lot like genocide…”

    Steven Kirsch - Dec 22nd 2021 1:49pm EST

    ICYMI, this video is popping up everywhere it seems…

  • 60X increase in athletes dropping on the sports field is just a fluke according to Twitter

    Steven Kirsch - Dec 22nd 2021 2:34am EST

    I’ve been waiting for the explanation for the 60X increase in rate of players dropping on the sports field. Here it is from Twitter: “In many of the cases, the athlete in question collapsed due to causes such as dehydration and overheating.” Of course! That explains it! As you can see, the fact checkers didn’t […]

  • Why Jake Tapper will never agree to debate RFK Jr

    Steven Kirsch - Dec 22nd 2021 2:06am EST

    I’ve had a series of calls with RFK Jr. about Jake Tapper’s nasty tweet mentioning RFK Jr. Turns out the last time they talked it was about Simpsonwood which I’ll get into in a separate article as it is a fascinating story of how big money corrupts science. Here’s Jake’s tweet from December 15, 2021: […]

  • Proof that the CDC, FDA, and NIH are corrupt and/or incompetent

    Steven Kirsch - Dec 21st 2021 9:36pm EST

    I wanted to start a placeholder article of examples of corruption and/or incompetence at our favorite 3-letter agencies. The lists will likely grow much longer over time. Sadly, AFAIK, nobody in Congress is interested in looking at this. They all would rather look the other way and pretend there is no problem here. They refuse […]

  • A peek inside my inbox

    Steven Kirsch - Dec 19th 2021 3:44pm EST

    Here’s a sampling of some of the more “interesting” conversations I’m having nowadays. I’ll add to this over time. I’ve omitted names to protect the sources when appropriate. December 16, 2021: After the Together trial results were published in the Lancet showing a 12X mortality benefit, the NIH subsequently claimed in their COVID Treatment Guidelines […]

  • ICYMI: Articles of interest

    Steven Kirsch - Dec 19th 2021 1:51am EST

    I will update this periodically with new content added at the top. The idea is to give you a sense for what is happening in the world. I will post an eclectic mix of journal articles and anecdotes. This is likely to get pretty long over time… 12/18/21: Referenced Data for Parents Concerning the Pfizer […]