• Why I Vote

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 22nd 2020 10:30am EDT

    I recall having a discussion/debate decades ago with a well-respected White advocate regarding the efficacy of voting. I’m not going to mention his name because I don’t know if he still holds the same position today, but back then he claimed that participating in elections was legitimizing a perverted political order, or as another commentator […]

  • Gary Saul Moron’s “Suicide of the Liberals”

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 20th 2020 11:36am EDT

    “Suicide of the Liberals” discusses the parallels between today’s woke liberal/progressive culture and the era before the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Excerpts: Between 1900 and 1917, waves of unprecedented terror struck Russia. Several parties professing incompatible ideologies competed (and cooperated) in causing havoc. Between 1905 and 1907, nearly 4,500 government officials and about as many […]

  • Vampires vs Crosses: Why Jews and Leftists Hate White Men, Christianity and Western Civilization

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 20th 2020 10:35am EDT

    “The most merciful thing in the world,” said H.P. Lovecraft, “is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.” But what’s the most risible thing in the world? That’s the inability of the Guardian to correlate all its contents. Here, for example, the Guardian exposes the racist stereotyping of “black, Asian and […]

  • Semitism and Capitalism: The Merits and Inadequacies of Middleman Minority Theory in Explaining the Jews, Part II

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 18th 2020 1:04pm EDT

    Go to Part I “American Jews do not fit the sojourner pattern, since their political involvement goes far beyond the support of Jewish causes. … Much Jewish political activity, whether right, center, or left, can be related to a perception of how to make America and the world safe for Jews. American Jewish support for […]

  • Semitism and Capitalism: The Merits and Inadequacies of Middleman Minority Theory in Explaining the Jews Part I

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 17th 2020 9:42am EDT

    “The middleman and the host society come in conflict because elements in each group have incompatible goals. To say this is to deny the viewpoint common in the sociological literature that host hostility is self-generated (from psychological problems or cultural traditions).” Edna Bonacich, “A Theory of Middleman Minorities,” 1973.[1] An interesting accompaniment to Nathan Cofnas’s […]

  • A sociologia como religião

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 15th 2020 6:32pm EDT

    The Sacred Project of American Sociology Smith, Christian New York: Oxford University Press, 2014. Já se sabia, faz algum tempo, que a esquerda mantém a academia sob sequestro. O livro de Christian Smith O projeto sagrado da sociologia americana é um estudo de caso sobre esse fenômeno numa disciplina em que o controle da esquerda […]

  • Are These Antifa/ BLM Riots A Jewish Coup?

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 15th 2020 3:01am EDT

    Earlier by Kevin MacDonald: The Trump Impeachment: A Clash Between America’s Competing Elites? It was always obvious to those of us on campus in the Vietnam years that if you fired at random into a mob of student protestors you would hit a lot of Jews, and that is exactly what happened at Kent State in 1970 (three out […]

  • Why Are Whites Cancelling Their Race? Chapter 8 of Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 13th 2020 10:34am EDT

    Whites cleaning messy destruction of blacks in Minneapolis Do you know why Europeans across the political spectrum — Liberals, Conservatives, Socialists — are morally committed to a politics that is leading to the dissolution of their millennial racial identities while promoting the racial identities of non-white immigrants within their own nations? There are many answers […]

  • A White Nationalist Constitution

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 10th 2020 3:53pm EDT

    As our nation comes apart at the seams, shoddily sewn together in the first place, we must finally acknowledge that conservatism was not enough. The United States Constitution was not enough. As Revilo Oliver observed, “the document must have borne within itself the seed of its own dissolution.” Our compromised Constitution was indeed a compromise, […]

  • How to Survive Communism in the USA?

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 9th 2020 1:11pm EDT

    Editor’s Note: This is Tom Sunic’s article in one piece. Still having technical problems, but we’ll survive! The fundamental mistake made by most American conservatives, both old and new, is to think of communism solely as a violent ideology designed to abolish private property. During the so-called Cold War, they imagined that by mimicking some […]