• An Introspective of White Ethnocentrism

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 16th 2020 10:12am EST (Archive)

    “The fiendlike skill we display in the invention of all manner of death-dealing engines, the vindictiveness with which we carry on our wars, and the misery and desolation that follow in their train, are enough of themselves to distinguish the white civilized man as the most ferocious animal on the face of the earth.”   […]

  • Dočkáme se v roce 2020 rozmachu nacionalistické levice?

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 14th 2020 10:39am EST (Archive)

    Posted on 11/01/2020. Tags: Alternativní levice, Andrew Joyce, Antikapitalismus, Antisionismus, Arthur Schopenhauer, Homosexualita, Kapitalismus, LGBT, Neoliberalismus, Politický disent, Psychotická levice, Rasově uvědomělá levice, Sionismus, The Occidental Observer, Transgenderismus, Židovská otázka  451  Vytisknout PDF Dočkáme se v roce 2020 rozmachu nacionalistické levice? Autor: Andrew Joyce „Lidský život je nepřetržitým bojem, nikoliv pouze metaforickým; nejen s nouzí nebo nudou, ale také opravdovým bojem s ostatními lidmi. Člověk naráží na všech stranách na protivníky, žije v […]

  • “Modificar los estándares del grupo propio”: Sobre los Judíos y la Comunicación de Masas — Parte II de II

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 13th 2020 10:52am EST (Archive)

    “Millones de folletos, panfletos, dibujos animados,  historietas, artículos — y más recientemente guiones de radio y de películas — han sido producidos y diseminados en la guerra de propaganda.” Samuel H. Flowerman, Propaganda Masiva en la Guerra contra la Intolerancia, 1947.[1. Los Protocolos de Samuel H. Flowerman Samuel H. Flowerman, como Director de Investigación en […]

  • “Modificar los estándares del grupo propio”: Sobre los Judíos y la Comunicación de Masas — Parte I de II

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 13th 2020 10:49am EST (Archive)

    “Para que la propaganda masiva en beneficio de grupos ajenos sea exitosa,  tendría que modificar los estándares del grupo propio.” Samuel H. Flowerman, Propaganda Masiva en la Guerra contra la Intolerancia, 1974.[1] “La historia entera es claramente absurda [barmy].” Esto es lo que el periodista de The Guardian, Jason Wilson, tuvo para decir en un […]

  • Hedging their Bets (Who Really Decides Elections)

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 12th 2020 10:48am EST (Archive)

    If you like your healthcare provider/free speech/immigration policy/country you can keep it! “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics,” a quote often attributed to, appropriately enough, Benjamin Disraeli. The salad days of Joe Wilson yelling, “You lie!” at Barack Obama seem so long ago, but here we are with a steady […]

  • Uncut Gems (2019) and Jewish Neuroticism

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 10th 2020 10:28am EST

    Uncut Gems (2019) begins with an unusual transition sequence, where we first see a badly injured Ethiopian miner and a mob of fellow Ethiopian miners (lip service is later paid to them being Ethiopian Jews) on the verge of revolting against what looks to be Chinese mine-owners (and/or “It’s all so tiresome”-styled Asian foremen). This […]

  • Against Mishima: Sex, Death and Optics in the Dissident Right

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 8th 2020 10:42am EST (Archive)

    “One learns from Confessions of a Mask how Mishima put “Circassians” (white boys) to the sword by the dozen in his dreams.” Henry Scott Stokes, The Life and Death of Yukio Mishima “Mishima is more a figure of parody than a force of politics.” Alan Tansman, The Aesthetics of Japanese Fascism  I read with great […]

  • Predators and Propaganda: Minority Worship from Low Crime to High Politics

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 6th 2020 11:43am EST (Archive)

    A noble Black lawyer prosecutes an evil White sex-beast, who receives 33 life-sentences for his cowardly and despicable crimes against eleven innocent women and children. What a potent and effective way to smash the vile racist stereotype that Blacks are prone to violence and rape! And what a heart-warming symbol of Brave New Britain, where […]

  • Karl Marx: Founding Father of the Jewish Left?  

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 4th 2020 10:10am EST (Archive)

    Should The Culture of Critique (CofC) be revised to focus on Karl Marx, the founder of the world’s first Jewish intellectual and political movement? As the Jewish founder of “scientific” socialism, he began a radical critique of European society that has continued into the twenty-first century. Although CofC is concerned specifically with twentieth-century Jewish intellectual […]

  • Karl Marx’s Jewish Identity

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 3rd 2020 11:12am EST (Archive)

    Introduction There is a long-standing controversy over whether Karl Marx was a self-hating Jew who promoted anti-Semitism in his essay, “On the Jewish Question,” with prominent scholars weighing in on both sides of the question.[1] In my view, the position that Marx was an anti-Semite is substantiated by cherry-picked passages from his writings and correspondence. […]