• The Ethnic Predicaments of the Shrinking White Majority, Part 2

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 13th 2019 10:16am EST

    Review of Eric Kaufmann, Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration, and the Future of White Majorities (Penguin, 2018). 624 pages. This is the second part of the review, the first having appeared in Australia’s Quadrant magazine in September 2019 on pp. 31-37. That first part is also accessible at Quadrant Online. Contents I Introduction VII The Inevitability of White Disappearance II Pop Evolutionary […]

  • The Ethnic Predicaments of the Shrinking White Majority, Part 1

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 12th 2019 10:45am EST

    Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration, and the Future of White Majorities by Eric Kaufmann Penguin, 2018, 624 pages, $55 In Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration, and the Future of White Majorities, Eric Kaufmann spends 624 pages advancing a version of Senator Pauline Hanson’s motion put to the Parliament in September 2018. Hanson wanted senators to approve the proposition, “It is […]

  • Ethnos Needs Logos (and Genos)

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 10th 2019 12:15pm EST (Archive)

    Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific and pugnacious Catholic author. He is a great crusader for Truth and I admire his work tremendously. A man who can spin off a thousand pages on the “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” is clearly a man with important things to say. He makes unexpected and illuminating connections like few […]

  • The ABC’s of the Alt-Right: A Guide for Students

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 8th 2019 10:53am EST (Archive)

    Preamble:  As a long-time professor on a number of American campuses, I have seen how universities work from the inside.  And for years before that, as an undergrad and then graduate student, I have seen how student life develops and evolves, and how important it can be for shaping future views and attitudes.  Now is […]

  • A Dissident’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 7th 2019 11:18am EST (Archive)

    With various tech and financial companies cracking down on dissident voices, it is becoming more important than ever to support the leaders and organizations who are working to save our people. They are making the necessary personal sacrifices that the rest of us cannot afford to make. They need our financial support. Although there are […]

  • The AEI, a Major Neocon Thinktank, Implicated in the Sackler Family’s Opioid Crisis

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 6th 2019 1:51pm EST (Archive)

    My 2017 article on the Sackler family and the unfolding opioid disaster (“Opioids and the Crisis of the White Working Class”) emphasized the corruption of the academic and medical establishment: As in The Culture of Critique, this was a top-down movement based ultimately on fake science created at the highest levels of the academic medical establishment, […]

  • Jews, White Guilt, and the Death of the Church of England

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 4th 2019 11:12am EST (Archive)

    “Wrong theology in this area has been bound up with wrong action, giving legitimation for Christian support for persecution and discrimination of Jewish communities and eroding the recognition of Jewish people as neighbours whom Christians are bound to love … Christian communities may wish to consider whether there could be suitable opportunities in their public […]

  • ‘Tis the Season

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 3rd 2019 11:17am EST (Archive)

    It’s time once again for our annual fundraising drive. Things have been steadily improving since the deplatforming of a couple years ago. We have 10–15 people who have stepped up for monthly donations through their bank’s bill-paying feature. This is a convenient way to contribute and is totally under the radar—I haven’t heard from anyone […]

  • Racial Ecologism: An Environmental Position Paper for the Dissident Right

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 2nd 2019 12:50pm EST (Archive)

    Definition of Terms: Conservationism and environmentalism have somewhat overlapping meanings. The conservation movement seeks the wise use and/or preservation of natural resources. Environmentalism will be defined here as an ideology advocating the protection and improvement of the environment, both natural and manmade. Ecology, a branch of biology, is the scientific basis for both conservationism and […]

  • When Britain Declared War in 1939 Was it Helping a Friend or a Foe?

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 1st 2019 10:46am EST (Archive)

    In history everything becomes “narrative” — a smoothed-down facsimile of more complicated and ambiguous truths. This is almost always ‘weaponised’ to point in one direction for a political benefit. World War II is notorious for this, and nothing makes this clearer than the initial act of the war, which was the British declaration of war […]