• Jews and Vulture Capitalism: A Reprise, Part 2

    The Occidental Observer - Mar 7th 2020 10:14am EST

    Go to Part 1. Jews, Oligarchs, and Russia Of course white collar crime is one of the standard stereotypes about Jews and money, a description that seems to follow them wherever they go. Apologists for Jews claim that such crime occurs among non-Jews as well. The difference, however, is not only in their greater likelihood […]

  • Karl Marx: o patriarca da esquerda judia ?

    The Occidental Observer - Mar 6th 2020 10:58pm EST

    Karl Marx: o patriarca da esquerda judia ? O livro de Kevin MacDonald intitulado The Culture of Critique (CofC) deveria ser revisado para focalizar Karl Marx, o fundador do primeiro movimento intelectual e político dos judeus de âmbito mundial? Sendo o criador judeu do socialismo “científico”, ele deu início à crítica radical da sociedade europeia […]

  • Jews and Vulture Capitalism: A Reprise, Part 1

    The Occidental Observer - Mar 6th 2020 9:23am EST

    I recently wrote a long movie review (sort of) that focused on Wall Street stories that airbrush Jews out of the picture and instead create the impression that plain old goy males are responsible for all kinds of financial nastiness when dealing with sums over, say, a hundred million dollars (and MUCH more). The review […]

  • Not All Jews!

    The Occidental Observer - Mar 5th 2020 11:11am EST

    Many Jews become fearful or enraged when anyone criticizes even one single Jew. From a collectivist viewpoint, many Jews see this as a possible attack on all Jews and mobilize to resist it. Laurent Guyenot in his book From Yahwey to Zion explains the ancient roots of this collective behavior: When a Jew is a […]

  • Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: A Reply to Gerhard Meisenberg

    The Occidental Observer - Mar 4th 2020 10:58am EST

    Gerhard Meisenberg has reviewed Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition in Mankind Quarterly which, as described by Wikipedia, is ‘a peer-reviewed academic journal that has been described as a ‘cornerstone of the scientific racism establishment,’ a ‘white supremacist journal,’ an ‘infamous racist journal,’ and ‘scientific racism’s keepers of the flame.’” Since Individualism is sympathetic to what is now regarded as “scientific racism” […]

  • U.K.’s Repulsive Reality: Reflections on Leftist Witch-Hunting and the Andrew Sabisky Affair

    The Occidental Observer - Mar 2nd 2020 10:29am EST

    “Ah, the rare happiness of times when you can think and speak as you please!” So said the great Roman historian Tacitus and two thousand years later his words still ring true. Just ask the crime-thinker Andrew Sabisky, who has resigned as an adviser to the British government after what the Guardian described as “fierce […]

  • Jewish Crypsis in American Buddhism

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 29th 2020 10:22am EST

    “From my conversations with many of these Buddhist leaders, they have spoken openly about how their commitments to social justice are shaped by their Jewish upbringings.” Emily Sigalow, American JewBu: Jews, Buddhists, and Religious Change, 2019. As mentioned in a 2017 review of The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews (2010) by Boston College’s […]

  • Recent Advances in the Study of Human Differences: Implications of the Genomic Revolution

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 27th 2020 1:52pm EST

    Editor’s note: This is the final installment of Devlin’s review of Murray’s Human Diversity. Human Diversity concludes with a consideration of the genomic revolution currently unfolding. Older Americans learned about genetics in Mendelian terms where each gene coded for some trait which was normally either dominant or recessive. The genome as a whole was thought of […]

  • The Elephant in the Living Room: The Communist Origins of Modern Antifa

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 26th 2020 9:27am EST

    The following text is the translation of two speeches given by General  Nick Z. Glasnovic in January 2020 in the Parliament of Croatia. Transl. by T. Sunic. General Glasnovic is an MP in the Croatian Parliament Starting from the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, all the way to the fall of the Berlin Wall […]

  • Man’s Estrangement from Nature as Considered by the Transcendentalists and the Modernists

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 25th 2020 10:06am EST

    The Transcendentalists were immensely influential in the United States as the mid-nineteenth century approached, not least of which was because of their attempts to explore the essence of nature and to consider its value and its interaction with man and vice versa. As the nineteenth century wore on in America, there was a decided shift […]