• Organizing in the Face of Adversity: Lessons from History—Part 2: The Contemporary Environment

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 15th 2020 10:38am EST

    Go to Part 1. We must examine our present state of affairs before we can contemplate organized resistance. The reality is that we no longer live in a free country. We are only free in the sense that we may buy whichever variety of condom that we would like. The truth is available, but only […]

  • Organizing in the Face of Adversity: Lessons from History—Part One: The Pre-Civil War Theory of States Rights

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 14th 2020 10:06am EST

    The most pressing problem that our movement faces is that of organization. It is absolutely imperative that White advocates begin to geographically concentrate and procreate; we must reverse the White fertility crisis. Not only is there physical strength in numbers, but spiritual strength; if we can build continuous communities, the social ostracism that we are […]

  • Jewish Lives, Jewish Lies: More Deceit and Double-Think from Mark Steyn and Company

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 12th 2020 11:41am EST

    Do parallel universes exist where history has taken an entirely different course? It’s been a big unanswered question in physics and philosophy for a long time, but I’ve started to wonder whether the Canadian neo-conservative Mark Steyn holds the key. His writing appears in this universe, but he himself appears to be living some or […]

  • Vulture Capitalism, Jews — and Hollywood, Part 2

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 10th 2020 10:02am EST

    Go to Part 1. The Big Short. Did things get any better in 2015 when the star-studded film The Big Short came out? Definitely not. Here we had Brad Pitt, Steve Carell, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling — goys to a man — acting out the script of the book of the same name by […]

  • Vulture Capitalism, Jews — and Hollywood, Part 1

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 9th 2020 9:50am EST

    August 1996 Cover of Moment Magazine Just before Christmas, TOO contributor Andrew Joyce came out with a very courageous and informative account of the damage various Jews have done through their activities at the upper end of the Western economic system in an area often labeled “vulture capitalism.” I will build on Joyce’s insights in […]

  • Jewish Reactions to Black anti-Semitism

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 7th 2020 10:53am EST

    “Jews often become convenient stand-ins as the purveyors of the structures of systemic racism that continue to plague Black America.” Tema Smith, The Forward, 2019 As remarked in “Aspects of Black anti-Semitism,” it’s clear that visible and occasionally violent Black hostility towards Jews presents the latter with an objective problem in terms of their (publicly […]

  • Aspects of Black anti-Semitism

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 5th 2020 11:09am EST

      “[Jews] infiltrate the Negro neighborhood with stores, and they exploit the Negro more than any other White group — housing, food, clothing — controlling the three basic things Negroes need. They claim to be friendly with Negroes but, when pushed to the wall, they are more injurious, more ruthless, than other Whites.” Jeremiah X, […]

  • The Hollow Cult: Sins of Omission in Holocaust Propaganda

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 3rd 2020 11:36am EST

    Suppose a hungry donkey was placed exactly midway between two identical piles of hay. Could it choose one of the piles to eat or would it hesitate, growing ever weaker, until it starved to death? This was the question posed in the medieval problem of Buridan’s ass. “And so on…” It might seem an esoteric […]

  • The “New Dark Ages” in Western Europe and North America: Comparisons with the Fall of Rome

    The Occidental Observer - Feb 1st 2020 10:55am EST

    What is a Dark Age? In historiography, the term “Dark Age” may describe intervening centuries for which we have little or no documentary evidence. Accordingly, the time period between the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization to the birth of the polis is known as the Greek Dark Ages by historians, simply because there are no […]

  • Gun Ownership Is Fast Becoming White Supremacy

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 30th 2020 9:25am EST

    Last Monday there was a large pro-gun rally in Virginia’s capital. It turns out many freedom-loving Virginians aren’t exactly enamored with state gun laws, and have finally figured out that tyranny is at least as liable to arrive through the rule of law as it is to arrive in spite of it. When it comes […]