• Remoaners Go Judge Shopping

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 11th 2019 8:44am EDT

    We have highlighted the fact that Remoaners will use lawfare to get what they want. Remoaners go Judge shopping and finally get a decision they wanted. If At First You Don’t Succeed We have previously highlighted the fact that the Brexit betrayers of Parliament attempted to use lawfare to stop the proroguing of Parliament and […]

  • Remembering Those Who Died On 9/11

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 11th 2019 7:19am EDT

    Today we remember those who died on 9/11. Islamic terrorists attacked the world trade centre buildings in New York by flying passenger jets full of innocent people into them. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families who suffered and continue to suffer the loss of loved ones on that fateful day. We also […]

  • Jeremy Corbyn Sings Red Flag

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 11th 2019 5:05am EDT

    Jeremy Corbyn in fine voice singing a socialist anthem. For more details click here – https://www.tr.news/singing-for-a-marxist-revolution/

  • Labour MP Danielle Rowley Singing Socialist Anthem In Parliament

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 11th 2019 5:05am EDT

    Read more here – https://www.tr.news/singing-for-a-marxist-revolution/

  • Singing For A Marxist REVOLUTION

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 11th 2019 5:04am EDT

    Danielle Rowley is a Labour MP and a shadow climate minister campaigner. Danielle and her Labour colleagues are singing for a Marxist revolution in the House of Commons. Corbyn’s Comunista Comrades Everybody knows that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is a party of the very far-left. The Labour Party’s Socialist and Communist leanings were on full […]

  • Ex-Labour MP Ian Austin calls Out His Old Party’s Leadership

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 10th 2019 9:13am EDT

    Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell called out for their support of terrorists See more here – https://www.tr.news/corbyn-and-mcdonnell-exposed-for-supporting-terrorists/

  • Corbyn And McDonnell Exposed For Supporting Terrorists

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 10th 2019 9:12am EDT

    Ex-Labour MP Ian Austin representing Dudley North sets the house n fire, igniting the TRUTH. Corbyn and McDonnell EXPOSED for supporting terrorists. Fresh Air In An Atmosphere Of Swamp Sewerage Ian Austin is a “former” Labour MP who has become disaffected by the current Labour leadership turning a party he loved into a party of […]

  • UK Parliament Suspended – Chaotic Scenes

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 10th 2019 5:33am EDT

    Here are the chimpanzees we have working for themselves and Europe in Parliament led by the partisan speaker John Bercow. Check us out here – https://www.tr.news/bye-bye-to-bercows-gesticulating-partisanship/

  • Bye-Bye To Bercows Gesticulating Partisanship

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 10th 2019 5:32am EDT

    The speaker is the chief officer and highest authority of the House of Commons and must remain politically impartial at all times they say. Its time to say bye-bye to Bercows gesticulating partisanship. A Gesticulating Gonad According to the Parliament website, the speaker of the House Of Commons MUST be politically impartial. But how does […]

  • Activists block trams in protest of ‘climate change’

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 9th 2019 5:00pm EDT

    On Friday, a group of left-wing activists decided to blockade a busy tram intersection in Melbourne’s CBD in protest of ‘climate change’. Being my curious self, I decided to ask them if they saw the irony in their “protest” action. Their answers were hilarious, as usual. I also approached some bystanders who “just wanted to […]

  • Bolshy Boris To Die In A Ditch?

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 9th 2019 8:22am EDT

    Do you trust polling agencies to come up with the right answer? Can they be trusted? Check out more here – https://www.tr.news/bolshy-boris-to-die-in-a-ditch/

  • Bolshy Boris To Die In A Ditch?

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 9th 2019 8:22am EDT

    The never-ending drama of the political tug of war being played out in Parliament puts Eastenders to shame. But is bolshy Boris to die in a ditch in the next episode? Polling Accuracy Politicians and media outlets have used polling agencies to test the political temperature of the UK when it comes down to Brexit, […]

  • Geert Wilders Speaking Truth To Power

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 9th 2019 3:30am EDT

    Geert Wilders speaking plainly about the state of Brexit and the European Union Check us out here – https://www.tr.news/geert-wilders-speaking-truth-to-power/

  • Geert Wilders Speaking Truth To Power

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 9th 2019 3:29am EDT

    Tommy Robinson has some very influential political friends here in the UK and abroad. Today’s video showcases Geert Wilders speaking truth to power. In an age of political correctness and the centralised legislative powers of the European Union, Geert Wilders talks in plain and uncomplicated terms. He provides unambiguous thoughts on the state of Brexit, […]

  • WATCH: Chinese man confronts me about Hong Kong

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 8th 2019 2:55am EDT

    I was in Melbourne’s CBD covering another story when a proud Chinese man approached and confronts me about my latest video on “China and Hong Kong”. So I put the same questions to him as I did to the others I had interviewed in that video; his answers were even worse. WATCH & SHARE our […]

  • WATCH: Climate Change Protest Flop in Melbourne

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 6th 2019 6:20pm EDT

    Yesterday, leftwing protestors promised to “disrupt the entire Melbourne CBD” in a protest against climate change. But it was a major flop. Football-goers attending a big game at the MCG were being warned of mass delays due to the climate activist group, Extinction Rebellion, taking over the city. It turned out to be less than […]

  • David Lammy And Revolutionary Race-Baiting Relativism

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 6th 2019 4:14pm EDT

    Social cohesion is always something we should work towards, but is David Lammy and revolutionary race-baiting relativism the key to achieving that goal? There’s Absolute Truth, And Then There’s David’s Truth The Labour MP for Tottenham is, of course, the one and only David Lammy. David has come under fire many times by courting what […]

  • Is The Judicial System Protecting Muslim Rapists?

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 6th 2019 7:50am EDT

    Tommy Robinson being imprisoned for reporting on Muslim child rapists may have woken some journalists from their slumber. Is the judicial system protecting Muslim rapists? Restricting The Truth Journalism has come under fire; the latest case and conviction of Tommy Robinson perfectly highlights this issue. For those few journalists who want to report the news […]

  • BREXIT Battle: Second Court Backs Boris

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 6th 2019 4:54am EDT

    Boris recently lost a vote in the House of Commons as he attempted to squash a bill that would delay our exit from the European Union. The Brexit civil war wages on. Such Drama A week in politics can seem like a lifetime in this current remoaning climate. The Anti-Brexit Parliamentarian globalist lobby sought to […]

  • Calls For General Election

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 6th 2019 4:51am EDT

    Boris Johnson calls for a general election, does Labour have the bottle to follow through and get that done? Check us out here – https://www.tr.news/the-brexit-civil-war-wages-on/

  • Matthew Wright – Not A Friend Of The White Working Class

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 5th 2019 2:26pm EDT

    For more info check us out here – https://www.tr.news/wright-or-wrong-or-just-plain-lazy/

  • Off His Head Bonkers – Matthew Wright Live TV Meltdown

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 5th 2019 2:25pm EDT

    For context check this article out – https://www.tr.news/wright-or-wrong-or-just-plain-lazy/

  • Wright Or Wrong Or Just Plain Lazy?

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 5th 2019 2:25pm EDT

    Matthew Wright, former presenter of “The Wright Stuff”, chipped in on Twitter to proclaim his virtuous unobtainable morality just like any TV/Radio presenting “celebrity”. Is he wright or wrong or just plain lazy? The Virtues Of Blue Badge Celebrity Having the blue badge against your name on Twitter is empowering and self-aggrandising for some, to […]

  • Victorian Police Sexually Harassed by Immigrants

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 4th 2019 10:00pm EDT

    Half of Victorian women Police Custody Officers (PSO’s) have complained about being sexually harassed at work. Acting assistant commissioner for Victoria Police, Lisa Hardeman, blames ‘hyper-masculine’ culture for the shocking statistic of sexual harassment on Melbourne’s transit police. VIDEO ABOVE: In a cringe-worthy interview, Lisa Hardeman told 3AW’s Neil Mitchel, it’s because of the masculine […]

  • UK Parliament Votes Down No Deal BREXIT

    Tommy Robinson - Sep 4th 2019 6:47am EDT

    Yet again the traitorous class rebelled against democracy. A Parliamentary majority in the House Of Commons voted against a No Deal Brexit. But will that even matter? Democracy dies when left-wing demagogues demand the Brexit referendum be ignored. The will of the British people who overwhelmingly voted to LEAVE the European Union have been misrepresented […]