• A Journalist Challenges Facebook For Cancelling Tommy Robinson

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 5th 2019 9:42am EDT

    Last February Tommy Robinson was deleted from Facebook. Twitter had cancelled him months before. YouTube took extraordinary measures against his channel too without removing it. It was no coincidence that Panodrama had just been released and racked up more than 1 million views on Facebook in under 24 hours! Suddenly Facebook announces (to the press […]

  • WATCH what happened when I met an Iraqi journalist

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 5th 2019 12:43am EDT

    Today I was in Melbourne CBD to cover two protests for TR News. There was a Vietnamese rally against Communist China and a vegan protest – great videos to follow. But while I was filming at the Vietnamese rally, an older gentleman approached me, asking if I was Lebanese. While I’m laughing at the situation, […]

  • Muhammad Took Ayishas Innocence

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 4th 2019 7:39am EDT

    Ex-Muslim Hamdallah is #AwsomeWithoutAllah. Hamdallah talks about how Muhammad took Ayishas innocence. The Perfect Prophet? The Quran states that Muhammad is the perfect man, the perfect example for all of humanity. But is that really true, today, in the 21st century? Muhammad The Perfect Man Ex-Muslim Hamdallah reveals one of the reasons why she left […]

  • BBC Scolds Sikh Peer For Offending Muslims

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 4th 2019 5:30am EDT

    History is hate speech if it offends a protected specific religious community. The BBC scolds Sikh Peer for offending Muslims. Thought Policing Radio 4 has a small scripted slot that it airs every morning, Monday through to Saturday, that programme is called “Thought For The Day”. The purpose of this short broadcast is to offer […]

  • WATCH: How this guy was just BULLIED out of fighting China

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 4th 2019 1:01am EDT

    A couple of days ago, I exposed a Chinese spy working the streets of Melbourne. Since then, the story has gained a lot of local and international attention. In one mainstream media interview on 3AW here in Australia, a Chinese interference expert (who also happens to be a leftwing professor) by the name of Dr […]

  • Another Osman Warning For Tommy And His Family

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 3rd 2019 1:02pm EDT

    Speaking truth, exposing corruption and defending freedom of speech has led to another Osman Warning for Tommy and his family. Freedom To Be Hated It’s a sad reflection of the times we live in when freedom of speech is associated with violence, even if you do not call for violence when speaking. Speaking truth is […]

  • The Quran Is A Book For Queers?

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 3rd 2019 7:02am EDT

    Amrou Al-Kadhi, a Muslim drag queen, is just about to publish his memoirs where he concludes that Islam is inherently pro-queer? Nothing As Queer As Folk TR.News and of course, Tommy himself have always separated the Muslim from the ideology of Islam. One is an individual human being, the other a dangerous, totalitarian and backward […]

  • WATCH: How I ruined the day for these sneaky socialists

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 3rd 2019 5:42am EDT

    Over the weekend this sneaky group of socialists tried to co-opt the Hong Kong protest in Melbourne by deception. But I caught them. Unlike a few weeks earlier, the socialists decided to try to ignore me instead of confronting me. Their new tactic also failed when Hongkongers started to realise what the socialists were trying […]

  • Oldham Child-Grooming Investigations Are Underway

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 3rd 2019 4:18am EDT

    It is estimated there are at least seventy three towns in the United Kingdom affected by Muslim child-grooming gangs. Now two more Oldham child-grooming investigations are underway. Industrialised Rape Of Children It’s a common and unfortunate theme; however, we must always highlight and report on the sexual enslavement of young children by Muslim child rapists. […]

  • Tommy Robinson Talks About John Sweeney’s Retirement

    Tommy Robinson - Oct 2nd 2019 11:48am EDT

    Tommy Robinson Talks About John Sweeney’s Retirement There is no need to go into any detail. Watch as Tommy talks with Ezra Levant about his expose of John Sweeney and the BBC’s Panorama programme-makers. The post Tommy Robinson Talks About John Sweeney’s Retirement appeared first on TR News.