• Seth Keshel Warns Of The Threat Dems Present Against Safe And Fair Elections

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Nov 27th 2023 2:43pm EST

    In a new report by retired intelligence professionals a spotlight is put on Pinal County, Arizona’s 2022 primary election which resulted in the election director David Frisk’s termination. During the election 63,000 misprinted ballots were mailed out primarily impacting Republican candidates. When voters of the misprinted ballots were directed to the polls, Republicans were once […]

  • Argentina: Democracy Dead After People Elect Alleged “Far Right” President

    Daily Stormer - Nov 20th 2023 4:27am EST

    So, far-right, huh? Let’s go ahead and check into that… CNN: Javier Milei has won Argentina’s presidential elections in provisional results, wrenching his country to the right with a bombastic anti-establishment campaign that drew comparisons to that of former US President Donald Trump – all against the backdrop of one of the world’s highest inflation […]

  • US Government Partnered With Universities on Election Censorship: House GOP Report

    American Renaissance - Nov 7th 2023 7:39pm EST

    An agency within the Department of Homeland Security partnered with several university centers to identify online content worthy of censorship, according to a new report from the House Judiciary Committee. The report, a project of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, detailed how the federal government formed a partnership with the Stanford Internet Observatory, the University of […]

  • Judge Says Georgia’s Congressional and Legislative Districts Are Discriminatory and Must Be Redrawn

    American Renaissance - Nov 6th 2023 6:23pm EST

    A federal judge ruled Thursday that some of Georgia’s congressional, state Senate and state House districts were drawn in a racially discriminatory manner, ordering the state to draw an additional Black-majority congressional district. U.S. District Judge Steve Jones, in a 516-page order, also ordered the state to draw two new Black-majority districts in Georgia’s 56-member […]

  • No Ceasefire in Gaza, No Votes, Muslim Americans Tell Biden

    American Renaissance - Nov 2nd 2023 1:54pm EDT

    Some Muslim and Arab American groups are threatening to withhold donations and votes towards President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection unless he takes immediate steps to secure a Gaza ceasefire. The National Muslim Democratic Council, which includes Democratic Party leaders from hotly contested states that can decide elections, such as Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, urged Biden […]

  • Black Voters Have New Power in Mississippi. Can They Elect a Democrat?

    American Renaissance - Oct 26th 2023 1:56pm EDT

    Just three years ago, Mississippi had an election law on its books from an 1890 constitutional convention that was designed to uphold “white supremacy” in the state. The law created a system for electing statewide officials that was similar to the Electoral College — and that drastically reduced the political power of Black voters. Voters […]

  • RFK Jr. Comes Out in Favor of Reparations, Carving Out Lane to Biden’s Left

    American Renaissance - Oct 19th 2023 1:30pm EDT

    Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. supports issuing reparations to the black community, making him the most prominent 2024 candidate to favor the controversial policy meant to atone for slavery and legal segregation. President Biden has largely been silent on the issue, leading to frustration among the far left. Kennedy — who ditched his Democratic […]

  • Twitter User Douglass Mackey Sentenced to 7 Months in Prison

    American Renaissance - Oct 18th 2023 7:42pm EDT

    Meme-maker Douglass Mackey was sentenced in New York criminal court on Wednesday after a March conviction for conspiracy against rights, ie election interference, over memes he created during the 2016 presidential election that disparaged Hillary Clinton. Mackey was sentenced to 7 months in prison for the crime of making memes the DOJ didn’t think were […]

  • Australia Says No to White Guilt

    American Renaissance - Oct 17th 2023 8:31am EDT

    Australians won a major victory in a recent referendum, decisively rejecting a de facto Indigenous shadow government called the “Voice.” Proponents claimed that the Voice would only be a way for Aborigines to advise the government, but in a democracy, all citizens have that right. If different racial groups need Lebanon-style racial bodies within the […]

  • Unlike “Democracy,” “Populism” has a Definition Everyone Understands

    Daily Stormer - Oct 2nd 2023 9:36am EDT

    This is relevant. Either the Jews are going to come down hard on Slovakia, or this is going to become an example. People at Daily Wire AKA Little Benny’s Holocaust Museum of Forced Vaccination and Trannies are still claiming that Italy’s Meloni (four times the immigrants) is a model for “conservative populism.” The Daily Wire’s […]

  • Evil Musk Eliminates “Election Integrity” Team as He Prepares to Steal Elections

    Daily Stormer - Sep 28th 2023 11:26pm EDT

    Oh you mean the “Election Integrity” Team that was undermining election integrity? Yeah, they’re gone. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 27, 2023 Previously: EU Orders Musk to Censor Pro-Russian Opinions on Twitter, Tells Him He’s Being Watched YOYOYOYOYO Let’s do this thing, boys. Reverse election theft. Get your disinformation ready. Get all that shit about […]

  • Supreme Court Rejects Alabama’s Attempt to Avoid Creating a Second Black Majority Congressional District

    American Renaissance - Sep 26th 2023 5:50pm EDT

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an emergency bid from Alabama, setting the stage for a new congressional map likely to include a second Black majority district to account for the state’s 27% Black population. The one-line order reflects that the feelings on the court haven’t changed since June when a 5-4 Supreme Court affirmed […]

  • GOP Jonahs Swallowed by Giant Bass

    David Cole - Sep 26th 2023 12:41am EDT

    The threat to men’s lives had him in a rage. A leader such as that would command fanatic loyalty. He would be difficult to defeat. Against his own will and all previous judgments, Kynes admitted to himself: I like this Duke. That’s from Frank Herbert’s Dune, and for those of you who don’t know the […]

  • California City Considers Granting Illegal Immigrants the Right to Vote

    American Renaissance - Sep 20th 2023 5:30pm EDT

    The Santa Ana City Council is once again considering a measure that would allow noncitizens to vote in municipal elections. During public comment at Tuesday night’s Santa Ana city council meeting, impassioned remarks took center stage over the proposed idea. Proponents argue that the city’s large noncitizen community, including those who are in the country […]

  • Meet the Foggers

    David Cole - Sep 12th 2023 12:00am EDT

    This’ll be the final entry in my “Fog Trilogy”; totally different topic next week, I promise! Last week’s column was about how/why rightists “fog themselves.” This week, let’s examine the professional foggers—the rightist superstars who get paid to fog. When people wonder why I’m always so hard on Ronny Unz, it’s because I find nothing […]

  • Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 547 Pox Populi and CasaPound Activist Guido Taietti on Italian Politics

    Counter Currents - Sep 6th 2023 9:30am EDT

    Guido Taietti 203 words / 1:53:52 Guest host Pox Populi (Telegram, YouTube) welcomed the Italian author, political strategist, and CasaPound Italia activist Guido Taietti to Counter-Currents Radio last weekend to discuss politics in italy, the CasaPound Italia social movement, Mr. Taietti’s book Political Witchcraft, and to take questions from the audience. It is now available for download […]

  • Whistleblower Steps Forward – Reveals STUNNING Evidence of Organized Fraud in 2020 Election

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Sep 1st 2023 2:32pm EDT

    Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit join’s Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss the latest in 2020 voter fraud revelations. After publishing a report that exposed a massive cover-up by Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel and Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson of an explosive, statewide investigation by the MI State Police, Muskegon, MI […]

  • Brian Pritchard Rips Apart “Republican Ruling Class” Destroying Georgia

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Aug 31st 2023 4:22pm EDT

    Brian Pritchard who serves as the 1st vice chair of the Georgia Republican Party joins Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss why a Republican House, Senate and administration are not able to shut down the political witch hunt in Fulton County. Pritchard says that the current leadership is attempting to covert up vote fraud that […]

  • 2024 GOP Candidate Immigration Questionnaire: Hopefuls Explain Vision for Migration Policy Ahead of Debate

    American Renaissance - Aug 23rd 2023 12:12pm EDT

    Most of the 2024 GOP presidential candidates ahead of the first Republican debate on Wednesday answered an in-depth 10-question immigration policy questionnaire from Breitbart News. {snip} FORMER PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP BREITBART QUESTION #1: Will you order the detention of all illegal migrants who are claiming asylum until their cases are decided? What are the specifics […]

  • Exalted Failures Part II: Slow-Motion ‘Downfall’

    David Cole - Aug 22nd 2023 4:12am EDT

    This will conclude my apparent “Hitler Trilogy” (I say “apparent” because I didn’t plan it; it just kinda happened that way). I’ll lead off with a few observations from my youth. I realize that Ron Unz tells you that “the Jews” only invented the Holocaust in the 1970s because by then everyone involved in WWII […]

  • Richard Baris On Democrats’ Lawfare: “They Wouldn’t Do This If They Thought They Could Beat Trump”

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Aug 21st 2023 2:44pm EDT

    Richard Baris a data expert and senior editor of the People’s Pundit joins Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss  Democrats lawfare backfiring and resulting in President Trump’s support to skyrocket. Baris explains that President Trump is performing better with key groups than he did in 2016 and 2020 at this point in the race. His […]

  • The Return of Richard Nixon

    American Renaissance - Aug 20th 2023 9:00am EDT

    Patrick J. Buchanan, The Greatest Comeback: How Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority, Crown Forum, 2014, 400 pp. Patrick Buchanan is the most prominent American who speaks openly of the importance of preserving our historic nation. As he wrote in his 2006 book, State of Emergency, “If we do not get control of […]

  • The Remarkable Eric Zemmour

    American Renaissance - Aug 18th 2023 7:52pm EDT

    Tristan Mordrelle recounts to Jared Taylor the extraordinary saga of the failed presidential candidate who campaigned on reversing The Great Replacement. Mr. Zemmour has not spoken his last word. His Reconquest Party remains the largest in France and is flexing its muscles for the upcoming elections. Thumbnail credit: © Panoramic via ZUMA Press Download Substack […]

  • Michigan AG CONFIRMS Up To 10,000 Ballots Registrations Turned In Were All Fraudulent

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Aug 14th 2023 1:27pm EDT

    Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit joins Steve Bannon’s War Room to unpack election fraud in Michigan. The Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel now is admitting that reporting by the Gateway Pundit was accurate and that up to 10,000 ballots in the 2020 election were fraudulently counted in connection with the scheme of democrat connected […]

  • D.C. Democratic Party Sues to Keep Ranked Choice Voting and Open Primaries Off the Ballot

    American Renaissance - Aug 10th 2023 6:20pm EDT

    The D.C. Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit aiming to keep a ranked choice voting and open primaries from getting onto the city’s ballot for next year, saying that both changes to how D.C. runs its elections would run afoul of the city’s charter and the U.S. Constitution. In a 33-page lawsuit filed in D.C. Superior Court, attorneys for […]