• Breaking Points: Will Republicans Trigger a Government Shutdown Over Ukraine Aid?

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 19th 2023 2:57pm EDT

    The long term has arrived. It is September which means it is time to fund the government again. As I expected, public opinion has swung against further Ukraine aid on the Right. MAGA Republicans now control the House. Zelensky has arrived in Washington to beg for more funding after his failed counter offensive. Note: It […]

  • Poll Watch: Republican Voters Sour On Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 11th 2023 5:41pm EDT

    “We see no indication that Vladimir Putin has any interest in meaningful diplomacy. If he does, I think the Ukrainians will be the first to engage, and we’ll be right behind them,” Secretary of State Blinken tells @JonKarl. https://t.co/hkLKMFeWQC pic.twitter.com/p422EBnaiv — This Week (@ThisWeekABC) September 10, 2023 Ukrainians are ready to persevere, but they worry […]

  • Vivek Steals The Show

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 24th 2023 11:57am EDT

    Nikki Haley: “It’s not that Israel needs America, America needs Israel!” pic.twitter.com/pj5tu9x7Cd — Chris Menahan ?? (@infolibnews) August 24, 2023 Apparently, the GOP candidates actually argued over Our Greatest Ally last night.

  • Tucker Carlson: Ukraine Is Losing

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 22nd 2023 12:01pm EDT

    Ep. 18 Into the abyss: Colonel Douglas Macgregor tells us why the Ukraine war must end now. pic.twitter.com/a3bGLvJC4s — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) August 21, 2023 Take this with a grain of salt. I don’t consider Douglas MacGregor the most reliable source. Still though, I wonder … can Joe Biden keep Ukraine on life support through […]

  • Poll Watch: Majority of Americans Oppose More Aid For Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 9th 2023 9:52am EDT

    It is the dog days of summer. Republicans now control the House with a narrow majority. Ukraine’s counteroffensive has sputtered to a halt. Public opinion has swung against continuing to fund the war – 55% of Americans and 71% of Republican voters are now opposed more funding for Ukraine. The 2024 presidential election cycle is […]

  • Viktor Orbán: World War III Is Coming

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 24th 2023 2:10pm EDT

    Incredible speech by @PM_ViktorOrban in Tusvanyos. No Western politicians speaks with such intelligence and insight. Terribly worrying, his forecast of coming war between China and the US. Here is the English translation: https://t.co/uBZFsanoBV — Rod Dreher (@roddreher) July 24, 2023 GDP, 2022. BRICS (??????????): $26 trillion G7 (?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??): $43 […]

  • Bibi Netanyahu Squashes Embarrassing Anti-Christian Bill

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 23rd 2023 10:46am EDT

    OUR GREATEST ALLY is back in the news and has been creating embarrassing headlines for Christian Zionist evangelicals. ABC News: “JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said he would prevent the passage of a proposal by a powerful ally in his governing coalition to punish Christian proselytizing with jail time. The proposal had […]

  • Axios: The GOP’s Stunning Realignment on Foreign Policy

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 15th 2023 10:19am EDT

    This is good news. At least in rhetoric, Trump and Ron DeSantis are feeling the chilling effect of political gravity as Republican voters sour on Standing With Ukraine. This is cementing the end of Reaganism. New York Times: “Declaring this week that defending Ukraine against Russia’s invasion was not a vital interest for the United […]

  • Mitch McConnell Defends Standing With Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 2nd 2023 11:15am EST

    Mitch McConnell is back from his recent trip to Europe where he announced at the Munich Security Conference that only his own opinion and the views of House and Senate Republican leadership matter when it comes to our foreign policy and Standing With Ukraine. New York Times: “WASHINGTON — When he made his surprise wartime […]

  • Vladimir Putin Addresses Nation After a Year of War

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 26th 2023 2:59pm EST

    We are now entering Year Two of this.

  • Joe Biden Delivers Address On Ukraine War

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 21st 2023 1:37pm EST

    He can’t go fast enough. NBC News:

  • David French: America Can’t Go “Wobbly” On Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 20th 2023 12:52pm EST

    This is good news. By chiming in on the importance of Standing With Ukraine, David French will only ensure that support for it will continue to plummet on the Right simply by being associated with him. New York Times: “As we approach the first anniversary of Russia’s brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, two ominous […]

  • National Review: Reagan Republicans Take On Putin Republicans

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 20th 2023 12:11pm EST

    The standard bearer of Reagan Republicanism in 2024 is currently polling around 3 percent, 2/3rds of Republican voters are tired of Standing With Ukraine and over 1/2 of Republican voters say that Standing With Ukraine makes them less likely to support a Reaganite presidential candidate. We’re also around a year out from the Iowa Caucus […]

  • The Political Cesspool: The War In Ukraine and Trump 2024

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 20th 2023 9:47am EST

    LISTEN HERE I appeared on The Political Cesspool this weekend to discuss the very real possibility that the 2024 presidential election is shaping up to be a contest between Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden and that Trump is the only candidate that could be running on getting out of Ukraine. Note: The rest […]

  • Poll Watch: Republican Voters Are No Longer Standing With Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 15th 2023 9:55am EST

    79% of Democrats say lawmakers from their party mostly agree about the Democratic Party’s values; 58% of Republicans say the same about Republican lawmakers. https://t.co/ZKPRLJOtBW pic.twitter.com/8Hc6iGiPpE — AP-NORC Center (@APNORC) February 14, 2023 21% of Republican voters support sending government funds to Ukraine. 39% of Republican voters support sending weapons to Ukraine. 58% of Republican […]

  • Breaking Points: Pulitzer Journo: U.S. Blew Up Nordstream Pipeline

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 10th 2023 9:49am EST

    This one was always a real mystery. Seymour Hersh: “The U.S. Navy’s Diving and Salvage Center can be found in a location as obscure as its name—down what was once a country lane in rural Panama City, a now-booming resort city in the southwestern panhandle of Florida, 70 miles south of the Alabama border. The […]

  • Rachel Maddow: Give War a Chance!

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 9th 2023 10:28am EST

    Donald Trump is no longer the president. As bad as Trump was on foreign policy though, I have been convinced by the Biden administration that these people are a lot worse.

  • Poll Watch: Most Republican Voters Now Oppose “Providing More Funding and Weapons To Ukraine”

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 7th 2023 2:33pm EST

    As I pointed out on Gab, Republican politicians have always tried to screw over their own voters by pushing unpopular legislation like all the amnesties for illegal aliens or most recently the gay marriage bill. Public opinion is a ceiling on how far they can go with this though. We never got comprehensive immigration reform […]

  • Poll Watch: One Year Later, Republican Voters Are Split On Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 6th 2023 12:00pm EST

    A year into the war in Ukraine, it is still basically MAGA Republicans vs. everyone else who support Joe Biden in prolonging the conflict. Democrats are now the War Party. Gallup: “WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nearly one year into the war between Russia and Ukraine, Americans’ support for Ukraine holds steady. A stable 65% of U.S. […]

  • National Review: The World and Ron DeSantis

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 6th 2023 10:11am EST

    Unlike Trump, Ron DeSantis has little to say about continuing to support Joe Biden’s foreign policy of Standing With Ukraine. He is obviously afraid of being boxed into the declining neocon Reaganite lane with Mike Pence and Nikki Haley. National Review: “Not since George W. Bush in 1999 has a sitting governor contemplating a run […]

  • Politico: Trump’s ’24 Game Plan Is To Run Against The Hawks

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 6th 2023 9:45am EST

    Donald Trump is trying to win me back. Politico: “Donald Trump is settling on a simple foreign policy pitch in his second bid for the White House: Want World War 3? Vote for the other guy. Over the past week, Trump has assailed President Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan. He has said he could end […]

  • Boris Johnson Attacks Tucker Carlson Over Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 2nd 2023 10:08am EST

    Boris Johnson wades into the culture wars at @AtlanticCouncil this morning with this broadside against Tucker Carlson. pic.twitter.com/fHNm5u20JY — Ben Judah (@b_judah) February 1, 2023 On the two issues that define our moment — immigration and foreign policy — Lindsey Graham is strongly on Joe Biden’s side. He believes that Ukraine’s borders are far more […]

  • Poll Watch: Americans Grow More Skeptical of Ukraine Aid

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 31st 2023 7:19pm EST

    As the political class in Washington sends tanks to Ukraine and continues to escalate its involvement in the conflict, the American public is moving in the opposite direction. Pew Research Center:

  • Douglas Murray: Right and Wrong on Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 23rd 2023 10:35am EST

    Douglas Murray is wondering in National Review why his camp is losing the foreign policy debate on Ukraine on the Right. National Review: “Why has the debate on the Ukraine–Russia war become so fetid, especially on the political right? Why are members of Congress from the Republican Party the ones most outspoken against support for […]

  • Poll Watch: Republican Voters Oppose Further Ukraine Funding

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 12th 2023 10:30am EST

    According to Mitch McConnell, standing with Ukraine is the top priority of Republican voters. Washington Post: “A new CBS News/YouGov poll this week — the first to test the issue since Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke before Congress in December — is the latest to illustrate that drift. And despite Zelensky’s plea for American resolve, it shows […]