• Ruy Teixeira Dishes Dirt On CAP

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 17th 2022 4:22pm EDT (Archive)

    Ruy Teixeira has expanded on his radicalization by the “far right” in the WSJ. WSJ: “An old line is that revolutions devour their children, but apparently they’re equally unkind to their elders. Ruy Teixeira spent many years at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a progressive Washington think tank that provides much of the agenda […]

  • Ruy Teixeira Defects To AEI Over Wokeism

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 15th 2022 11:12am EDT (Archive)

    Wow. The guy who wrote The Emerging Democratic Majority, which seeded the whole corrupted idea that changing racial demographics would “inevitably” lead to a “permanent progressive majority,” is leaving the Center for American Progress to join the American Enterprise Institute. Politico: “Ruy Teixeira is one of Washington’s most prominent left-leaning think-tank scholars, a fixture at […]

  • Paul Gottfried: The Anti-White Racism of Leftist Whites

    Occidental Dissent - May 31st 2022 10:35am EDT (Archive)

    I alway laugh when this website is called a “hate group.” You would think it would be obvious from the issues that I choose to emphasize and write about what I truly dislike. I’m accustomed to blacks because I have always lived in the Deep South. I’m not really bothered by Hispanic or Asian immigrants. […]

  • Jon Leibowitz: The Problem With White People

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 2nd 2022 12:44pm EDT (Archive)

    Are you willing to fight Russia in World War III for the political establishment? Let me think about it. That’s an easy one. No, I would much rather fight these people who are the real enemy. They are the problem, not Russia or China. They are our adversary.

  • Axios: Senate Passes Anti-Lynching Bill By Unanimous Consent

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 8th 2022 9:17am EST (Archive)

    I’m increasingly convinced that it doesn’t matter who controls the Senate because all we can expect from Republican senators is passing absurd holidays like Juneteenth or passing an anti-lynching bill or pet projects like criminal justice reform or inciting World War III with Russia. Axios: “The Senate voted by unanimous consent on Monday to pass […]

  • Netflix, VISA, Mastercard, American Express Cancel Russia

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 6th 2022 9:25pm EST (Archive)

    BREAKING: Mastercard and Visa suspend all operations in Russia — BNO News (@BNONews) March 5, 2022 AMEX: “In light of Russia’s ongoing, unjustified attack on the people of Ukraine, American Express is suspending all operations in Russia. .. Additionally, cards issued locally in Russia by Russian banks will no longer work outside of the country […]

  • RT: Western Cancel Culture Goes Nuclear

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 5th 2022 6:14pm EST (Archive)

    If the largest country in the world can be canceled in an knee jerk emotional fit of rage, what’s next? Why can’t the problematic swaths of Western countries be similarly canceled? What happens to all the people who say highly offensive things like Ukraine’s kleptocracy isn’t worth World War III? Why can’t Alabama or Mississippi […]

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks At AFPAC III

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 26th 2022 1:08pm EST (Archive)

    Here are my thoughts: 1. Congratulations, Nick. Nick deserves some credit here for “breaking down barriers.” 2. This is another example of the ongoing trend where the “mainstream” is crumbling as conservatives and normies have become radicalized. The taboos are thawing because the “extremists” are increasingly indistinguishable in rhetoric from the “mainstream” Right. 3. The […]

  • Joe Biden Picks Ketanji Brown Jackson For Supreme Court

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 25th 2022 11:09am EST (Archive)

    The only thing that mattered is that she is a black woman. This alone qualified her to sit on the Supreme Court. There is nothing else to say about her nomination.

  • Tim Pool: Majority of Democrats Back Trudeau’s Crackdown on Freedom Convoy

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 23rd 2022 3:57pm EST (Archive)

    This poll demolishes Thomas Main. Far from being a radical fringe, woke progressivism is now the governing ideology of the Democratic Party. These people DO NOT believe in traditional small-l liberalism which is an impediment to progressive activists. In fact, they are far more intolerant and ready to embrace authoritarianism to ruthlessly crush their opposition […]