• A New Look at the Cultural Insecurity of Trump Supporters

    American Renaissance - Jun 11th 2024 3:53pm EDT

    {snip} On Thursday, the Pew Research Center released an extensive report looking at Americans’ views on race, gender and cultural issues. It included questions that help delineate the unique ways in which Trump supporters view those issues and the extent to which insecurity about the status of White men, in particular, is elemental to the […]

  • Europe Swings to the Right — Led by France

    American Renaissance - Jun 10th 2024 4:57pm EDT

    Europe’s center of political gravity is veering to the right. Center-right and far-right parties are set to take the largest number of seats in Sunday’s European Union election in the most populous nations: Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland. France led the rightward lurch with such a crushing victory for the far-right National Rally that […]

  • Can the USA Again Be Our Home? Part I

    American Renaissance - Jun 7th 2024 11:13am EDT

    Thumbnail credit: © Gina M Randazzo/ZUMA Press Wire This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee. Last month, I made a video in which I said I no longer believe that the United States can ever again be a home for white people. That video raised a lot of questions, so I will elaborate. […]

  • NAACP Asks Biden to Halt Weapons to Israel as He Seeks to Shore Up Black Voter Support

    American Renaissance - Jun 7th 2024 11:12am EDT

    The NAACP urged President Joe Biden on Thursday to “indefinitely” halt all weapons deliveries to Israel and pressure the U.S. ally to end its war in the Gaza Strip, sending a reminder that his support for Israel could hurt him among Black voters in November’s election. The NAACP’s call was a rare instance of the […]

  • Growing Frustration on Immigration Threatens to Erode Biden’s Latino Support

    American Renaissance - Jun 7th 2024 11:08am EDT

    When Arturo Garino was mayor of Nogales, he joined fellow border mayors to campaign for national Democratic candidates, including then-President Barack Obama. Now out of public office and with Arizona becoming an immigration hot spot, he told NBC News that he’s certain he won’t be campaigning for President Joe Biden. Though he voted for him in 2020, […]

  • Germany to Deport Afghans and Syrians Convicted of Serious Crimes

    American Renaissance - Jun 7th 2024 11:07am EDT

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says asylum seekers from Syria and Afghanistan who commit serious crimes will be deported to their home countries, in a significant change of policy that comes days after a policeman was killed by a suspected Islamist extremist. {snip} The announcement came four days after a police officer succumbed to wounds sustained […]

  • ‘Racial Resentment’ a Factor in Violence of 6 January 2021, Study Says

    American Renaissance - Jun 6th 2024 6:03pm EDT

    Political observers are quick to blame hyperpartisanship and political polarization for leading more than 2,000 supporters of Donald Trump to riot at the US Capitol on 6 January 2021. But according to a recently published study, “racial resentment” – not just partisanship – explains the violence that broke out after the 2020 election. Angered over […]

  • Supreme Court Reinstates Racial Gerrymander Lawsuit in Arkansas

    American Renaissance - Jun 6th 2024 11:52am EDT

    The U.S. Supreme Court on June 3 revived a lawsuit that contests the boundaries of a congressional district in Arkansas that challengers say illegally diluted the voting strength of the black community. The ruling comes days after the court rejected a claim that a congressional district in South Carolina was an unconstitutional racial gerrymander. {snip} […]

  • Byron Donalds Expresses Nostalgia for the Jim Crow Era

    American Renaissance - Jun 6th 2024 11:52am EDT

    Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) was on the defensive on Wednesday as Democrats attacked him for comments he’d made the night before praising Black families under the era of racial segregation in America. “During Jim Crow the Black family was together,” Donalds said during a Black GOP outreach event in a gentrifying part of Philadelphia on […]

  • Germany: Far-Right AfD Candidate Attacked in Mannheim

    American Renaissance - Jun 5th 2024 6:55pm EDT

    A suspect was arrested after a local council candidate for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) was attacked with a knife, police and prosecutors said on Wednesday. {snip} The candidate was attacked after confronting an individual who was trying to remove an election poster on Tuesday, officials said. The perpetrator injured the man with a carpet knife. {snip} Mannheim AfD […]

  • Former Refugee Becomes NI’s First Black Mayor

    American Renaissance - Jun 5th 2024 3:08pm EDT

    Lilian Seenoi-Barr has made history after becoming Northern Ireland’s first black mayor, and only the third on the island of Ireland. She was installed as mayor of Derry City and Strabane at a special council meeting on Monday evening. Ms Seenoi-Barr, who arrived in Londonderry 14 years ago as a refugee from Kenya, said it […]

  • Labour Pledges Skills Shakeup to Cut Net Migration

    American Renaissance - Jun 3rd 2024 6:52pm EDT

    Labour is promising to cut net migration to the UK if it wins the election next month, but will not set an overall target. Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said her party would reduce the need for overseas workers by improving training of British workers. She argued that not setting a target was “sensible” because […]

  • Reform UK Forced to Remove More Than 100 General Election Candidates in 2024

    American Renaissance - Jun 3rd 2024 6:52pm EDT

    Reform UK have had to remove more than 100 general election candidates since the start of the year, more than a dozen of whom were sacked after offensive and racist comments were revealed. The populist party is now also facing a race against time to meet its pledge to stand a full slate of candidates. […]

  • Texas Secessionists Celebrate Election Success

    American Renaissance - Jun 3rd 2024 6:25pm EDT

    Texas independence campaigners have been celebrating after four Republican candidates who signed the “Texas First” pledge, vowing to support a referendum on Texas breaking away from the United States, won state GOP primary contests on Tuesday. The move significantly increases the chances of a bill calling for a Texas independence referendum being tabled in the […]

  • Poll Finds Young Voters Despairing Over US Politics

    American Renaissance - Jun 2nd 2024 9:04am EDT

    Young voters overwhelmingly believe that almost all politicians are corrupt and that the country will end up worse off than when they were born, according to new polling from Democratic firm Blueprint obtained exclusively by Semafor. The sour mood points to potential trouble for Joe Biden, who is struggling with Gen Z and younger Millennials […]

  • South Carolina’s Supreme Court Will Soon Have No Black Justices

    American Renaissance - May 31st 2024 12:25pm EDT

    For the first time in nearly two decades, South Carolina’s Supreme Court will be entirely white. Diversity on the bench is a big topic in a state where African Americans and Hispanics make up a third of the population. The General Assembly selects the state’s judges, and it has so rarely chosen non-white jurists that […]

  • Boston Democratic Mayor Says Criminals Should Not Be Prosecuted for Theft

    American Renaissance - May 31st 2024 12:25pm EDT

    Boston Mayor Michelle Wu advocated a soft-on-crime agenda by pushing to abolish the gang registry and arguing that criminal behavior – such as theft – should not be prosecuted. Prior to being elected mayor, Wu filled out the “2021 Boston Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire” from Progressive Massachusetts, a 501c4 nonprofit organization that tracks and ranks how progressive elected officials […]

  • Sen. Tim Scott Rips Biden for ‘Resegregated’ Schools

    American Renaissance - May 30th 2024 7:05pm EDT

    Sen. Tim Scott, South Carolina Republican, claimed President Biden “resegregated” schools under his administration, and said former President Donald Trump would fix those issues. “If you look at cities like Chicago today, the elimination of charter schools under Joe Biden resegregated schools in America,” Mr. Scott said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” show. “We […]

  • Death of Juneteenth Bill in Alabama Legislature Sparks Accusations

    American Renaissance - May 29th 2024 7:28pm EDT

    A bill that would have made Juneteenth a state holiday died in the Alabama Legislature, leading to accusations from the sponsor about the reasons why. HB 4, sponsored by Rep. Juandalynn Givan, D-Birmingham, would have made Juneteenth, commemorating the end of American slavery, a state holiday. The legislation would not have created a mandatory day off […]

  • Boston Council Member Calling for ‘Revolution’ Alarms Liberal Colleagues With Wild Tirades, Threats

    American Renaissance - May 29th 2024 7:28pm EDT

    A Democratic Boston city council member, who called to “dismantle the White backdrop” in America and “create a revolution,” is starting to disturb her liberal colleagues with her wild antics and threats, according to a source who spoke with Fox News Digital. The source is a city hall employee, who requested anonymity because council member Tania Fernandes […]

  • Nigel Farage Under Fire After Saying Muslims Do Not Share British Values

    American Renaissance - May 29th 2024 1:19pm EDT

    Nigel Farage has come under fire for using his first election interview to “spout Islamophobia, hatred and divisive comments” after he said a growing number of Muslims do not share British values. The honorary president of the Reform UK party drew heavy criticism on Sunday after claiming Rishi Sunak had allowed “more people into the […]

  • North Africans, Middle Easterners Would Lose ‘White’ Status Under State Bill

    American Renaissance - May 28th 2024 7:20pm EDT

    A controversial bill being pushed by lefty legislators in Albany is trying to make the Empire State less “white,” critics say. The legislation, sponsored by Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas (D-Queens) and Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Queens), would mandate state agencies and other entities use separate categories for Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) New Yorkers when collecting demographics […]

  • Reparations Package Clears California’s State Senate

    American Renaissance - May 28th 2024 2:06pm EDT

    California lawmakers’ years-long effort to establish reparations for Black residents took a step forward this week after a package of proposals cleared the state Senate. The three bills would create agencies and funding sources to begin compensating Black Californians after decades of racism and discrimination, coming off a two-year-long task force effort to develop reparation […]

  • Black Bostonians Demand More Than $15BILLION in Reparations From the City

    American Renaissance - May 26th 2024 12:04pm EDT

    The Boston People’s Reparations Commission has demanded the city invest $15 billion in slavery reparations for the Black Bostonian community. Over 200 members of the community gathered at a Commission meeting at the Bolling Building in Nubian Square on Saturday. They discussed what reparations mean to them and reiterated their demand for $15billion to be […]

  • Florida Mayoral Candidate Arrested for Armed Robbery of Dollar General While in Disguise

    American Renaissance - May 26th 2024 12:02pm EDT

    A Florida mayoral candidate has been arrested for allegedly robbing a Dollar General while disguised as an employee. Whitfield Leland, 44, stole a shirt of a staff member’s back before holding up the store at gun point, police said. He was seen fleeing the scene with fistfuls of cash, which they said left a trail […]