• Everything you hate about climate change virtue signaling in the most absurd story you’ll read this year

    Alex Berenson - Dec 1st 2023 12:08pm EST

    You’re gonna want to read this one on an empty stomach. Twenty-six times a year, The New York Times shows its commitment to the environment by offering readers “Living Small.” No, Living Small isn’t about the joys and trials of being height-challenged. It’s “a biweekly column exploring what it takes to lead a simpler, more […]

  • URGENT: Romanian prosecutors are investigating the country’s former prime minister for spending $1 billion on Pfizer Covid jabs that were never used

    Alex Berenson - Nov 30th 2023 4:49pm EST

    The Romanian Senate yesterday opened the way for prosecutors to investigate Florin Citu, Romania’s prime minister in 2021, for spending $1.1 billion on 53 million mRNA Covid jabs from Pfizer which Romania never used. Citu now serves as a senator in Romania, a post that makes him immune from prosecution. The Senate voted 90-2 to […]

  • UPDATE: The first hearing in Berenson v Biden has been postponed

    Alex Berenson - Nov 29th 2023 2:06pm EST

    About that hearing Thursday… Not long after I hit send on “L’etat, c’est Pfizer” (yesterday’s article about Berenson v Biden), federal Judge Jessica G.L. Clarke canceled our court date. Why? The backstory here is worth the trouble; bear with me. We have agreed not to start the discovery process on the defendants in Berenson v […]

  • L’etat, c’est Pfizer

    Alex Berenson - Nov 28th 2023 4:24pm EST

    Tick, tick, tick… At 3 p.m. Thursday, in a downtown Manhattan courtroom, federal Judge Jessica G.L. Clarke will hold the first hearing in Berenson v Biden, my lawsuit against the White House and Pfizer’s top officials for their efforts to censor me in 2021. The hearing will be largely procedural. Judge Clarke will set a […]

  • The Israel/Hamas ceasefire: your thoughts

    Alex Berenson - Nov 27th 2023 11:08am EST

    Unsurprisingly, yesterday’s piece suggesting the Gaza ceasefire is a victory for Hamas and a defeat for Israel generated huge feedback – both in comments on the story and emails to me. The responses came in four main buckets – I think they’re worth sharing. (Italics are your words, with my comments are in parentheses.) — […]

  • Israel has made a huge mistake

    Alex Berenson - Nov 26th 2023 5:47pm EST

    How to suffer humiliating national defeat in three easy steps: 1: Sat., Oct. 7: Hamas fighters break out of Gaza, overrun Israeli army bases and villages, brutally kill over 1,000 Israelis – and bring almost 250 hostages back to Gaza. 2: Sat., Oct. 28: Israel invades the Gaza Strip, Hamas’s home territory. The invasion and […]

  • The mRNAs didn’t end Covid, Omicron did

    Alex Berenson - Nov 20th 2023 5:56pm EST

    Sometimes the answer just needs to be color-coded. For years, mRNA advocates have tried to give the jabs credit for ending the pandemic, despite massive evidence they stopped working within months and the observational data showing lower deaths among the vaccinated is hopelessly biased. But earlier this month, the Society of Actuaries released an updated […]

  • How much do Muslims hate Israel?

    Alex Berenson - Nov 17th 2023 5:17pm EST

    Remember Sept. 11? I sure do. I apologize to those of you who’ve heard this story before, but I flew that morning, a 90-minute hop from North Carolina, where I’d been researching an article for the Times, to Newark. The flight was smooth and landed early and I was riding my motorcycle back to Manhattan […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: Moderna has halted a trial of a new mRNA vaccine for young people after a suspected myocarditis case

    Alex Berenson - Nov 16th 2023 7:37pm EST

    Investigators for Moderna today halted an early-stage clinical trial for its mRNA Epstein-Barr virus vaccine in adolescents after a participant in the trial developed a suspected case of myocarditis. The case “necessitates an immediate suspension of all dosing for ALL adolescents,” an investigator at the company that is supervising the trial for Moderna wrote, adding, […]

  • The dog that isn’t barking

    Alex Berenson - Nov 15th 2023 4:31pm EST

    Last week, the New York Times offered a long piece on why Hamas had chosen to attack Israel on Oct. 7 (aside from the sheer pleasure of raping and killing Jews). As is so often the case, the simplest answer appears right: Hamas’s leaders felt marginalized as Israel moved towards peace deals with Arab countries, […]

  • Update on Berenson v Biden: Is Elon Musk ready to take a huge step for free speech?

    Alex Berenson - Nov 14th 2023 1:35pm EST

    A year ago, Elon Musk opened Twitter’s records so journalists could report on the extreme censorship pressure Twitter (now X) had faced under its old regime. The Twitter Files, as they were called, were a key reason Musk spent $44 billion to buy Twitter. He and the project’s reporters (including me) hoped to show how […]

  • Another major study shows the mRNAs raise the risk of coronavirus infection

    Alex Berenson - Nov 13th 2023 2:14pm EST

    People who received at least one Covid jab were about 30 percent more likely to be infected with Sars-Cov-2 than the unvaccinated, Italian researchers report. The Italian study is the most comprehensive yet to show Covid shots raise the risk of infection. After the Omicron variant appeared, the shots performed even worse, with the jabbed […]

  • Yep, they’re still trying to make fetch happen

    Alex Berenson - Nov 10th 2023 2:24pm EST

    Can’t make it up. Though The New York Times tried. On Monday, the Times ran a piece bemoaning the difficulty Americans supposedly face in getting new Covid boosters. The headline: Some Covid Vaccines Are Still Hard to Find This is a complete inversion of reality. Or, as the kids say, LOL. The Centers for Disease […]

  • On the necessity of violence

    Alex Berenson - Nov 9th 2023 11:09am EST

    Even before the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7, I probably spent too much time thinking about John Wells. If you know me mostly from Unreported Truths, you may not be aware I spent a decade writing spy novels. Ironically or not, my only real writing award is for fiction. In 2007, my debut, The Faithful […]

  • If you signed up yesterday, thank you! Some thoughts on our partnership and ways I can make Unreported Truths better

    Alex Berenson - Nov 8th 2023 11:32am EST

    Seems you free subscribers were just waiting for me to ask nicely. Yesterday morning, I emailed a short appeal to free subs to step up. And a bunch of you did. Thank you! Yes, I can and will use occasional delaywalls, where I give stories to paid subscribers first, to drive subscriptions. But I would […]

  • On the link between Covid, overparenting, social pressure, and the baby bust

    Alex Berenson - Nov 5th 2023 11:32am EST

    One of the great social science paradoxes of the last decade is that young adults are objectively doing better than they ever have – but subjectively are less happy. What I mean is this: Teenagers are less likely to get pregnant later than they were a generation ago. They drink less. They smoke less. Until […]

  • The baby bust: female perspectives

    Alex Berenson - Nov 3rd 2023 6:38pm EDT

    After seeing the interest that last week’s baby bust article generated (over 500 comments and emails), I can promise I’ll be coming back to the topic. Meanwhile, some of your thoughts. Women seem to be driving declines in birth rates globally, both for the obvious reason – women have children, men don’t – and more […]

  • Update on Berenson v Biden: our responses to the motions to dismiss are out

    Alex Berenson - Nov 2nd 2023 6:15pm EDT

    Meanwhile, back at the Berenson v Biden ranch… As you know, I sued White House officials and Pfizer board members in April for their 2021 conspiracy to force Twitter to ban me over my mRNA vaccine reporting. The suit, Berenson v Biden, was filed in federal court in Manhattan. In August, the defendants, including former […]

  • mRNA boosters: even more useless than you thought. A new study shows one in five people who received one got Covid within two months

    Alex Berenson - Oct 30th 2023 7:10pm EDT

    Pfizer and other mRNA jab companies have quit doing much Covid shot research. No shock. Sales have collapsed, despite massive ad campaigns. Worse, if new clinical trials find side effects, the companies will be legally required to tell regulators. All downside, no upside, except the truth. Who needs that? The safest research is none at […]

  • A bit more on the baby bust issue (and my general attitude towards reporting and what I am trying to do with Unreported Truths)

    Alex Berenson - Oct 30th 2023 11:24am EDT

    Tons to write this week – about the mRNAs and strokes, what’s happening in Gaza, the incredible (and deserved) blowback that one of the leading lockdown lovers/mRNA fanatics received this weekend. Also reader views on the baby bust – last week’s piece generated a ton of attention… But first a subscriber-only bonus. Apparently Unreported Truths […]

  • Why are so many adults in rich countries refusing to have kids?

    Alex Berenson - Oct 26th 2023 3:41pm EDT

    (First in an occasional series.) Humanity has never had it better. Especially the couple of billion lucky folks who live in the United States and Canada, Western Europe, and East Asia (including, now, much of China). The details of the miracle that is modern life are worth repeating, since they are the water we swim […]

  • Cliffs notes (remember those?) for yesterday’s article about the mRNAs and IgG4

    Alex Berenson - Oct 25th 2023 11:11am EDT

    I do my best to make the science around the mRNAs manageable, but as you know, I don’t always succeed, especially when the immunology gets complex. (Epidemiology is way easier to explain; it’s basically just statistical connections.) But understanding the issue of the mRNAs and IgG4 is crucial. No one predicted the mRNAs would have […]

  • More proof the mRNAs rewire the immune system with unknown long-term effects

    Alex Berenson - Oct 24th 2023 7:00pm EDT

    Many people who receive mRNA Covid jabs wind up with profound changes in their immune systems that usually arise only after prolonged exposure to allergens like bee venom, a new study confirms. The changes seem to reduce the immune response to Covid as the body adjusts to the unnaturally high antibody levels mRNA jabs initially […]

  • Why isn’t Israel more focused on the Hamas leaders in Qatar?

    Alex Berenson - Oct 23rd 2023 5:48pm EDT

    Osama bin Laden was Saudi. Not Afghan. But after bin Laden planned the Sept. 11 attacks from camps in Afghanistan, no one doubted the United States could demand Afghanistan’s Taliban government evict him – and attack Afghanistan if the Talibs refused. The leaders of Hamas are Palestinian. Not Qatari. Yet two weeks after a Hamas […]

  • VERY URGENT: federal researchers find evidence Covid mRNA jabs cause seizures in young children

    Alex Berenson - Oct 20th 2023 1:26pm EDT

    (NOTE: I asked the FDA for comment for this article before noon on Thursday. The agency has missed my deadline of noon Friday to respond. mRNA shots are still promoted to children, so the fact they may cause seizures is an urgent public health issue. I have decided to publish the article now, including my […]