• Pardoned Convict Arrested, Charged With Trying to Strangle Multiple WomenAmerican Renaissance - Jun 27th 2022 9:27pm EDT

    A man pardoned by a Kentucky governor is back in jail and charged with trying to strangle a woman. What makes the story even more unusual is that according to police, this is not the first woman the suspect has tried to strangle since he’s been out. Police said Joheim Bandy, 20, was arrested as […]

  • Hundreds of Migrants Seen Wandering on Side of Road in Texas Amid Illegal Immigration SurgeAmerican Renaissance - Jun 27th 2022 5:58pm EDT

    Hundreds of migrants suspected to have entered the country illegally were seen Thursday wandering the side of a highway in Eagle Pass, Texas, a small town just east of the Rio Grande on the Mexican border, a video taken by Texas law enforcement showed. Between August and May Border Patrol officers have paroled more than 207,000 migrants […]

  • Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing 16-Year-Old Judy Huth in 1975American Renaissance - Jun 27th 2022 5:58pm EDT

    A civil jury found that Bill Cosby sexually abused Judy Huth in 1975 when she was a 16-year-old, ordering him to pay $500,000. The verdict ruled in Huth’s favor, which her attorney, Gloria Allred, hailed as a win toward “real change,” although no punitive compensation was awarded. Huth, now 64, accused Cosby of luring her and a friend to the mansion […]

  • Global Britain: West African Countries Togo and Gabon Join Commonwealth of NationsAmerican Renaissance - Jun 27th 2022 5:58pm EDT

    The 54-nation group of mostly former British colonies accepted Togo and Gabon’s application for membership on the final day of its leadership summit in Rwanda. “We have admitted Gabon and Togo as new members, and we all welcome them to the Commonwealth family,” Rwandan President Paul Kagame said at the closing press conference. The French-speaking […]

  • As the Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, Some Experts Fear Interracial Marriage May Be the Next TargetAmerican Renaissance - Jun 27th 2022 12:36pm EDT

    Experts fear the Supreme Court’s ruling on June 24th to overturn Roe v. Wade could put the constitutional right to interracial marriage in jeopardy. When the nation’s highest court nullified federal abortion rights that had been secured under Roe, Justice Clarence Thomas expressed that the Court should also “reconsider” rulings that protect contraception access, same-sex-relationships, and same-sex marriage. […]

  • NAACP: Abortion Ruling Will Disproportionately Impact Black WomenAmerican Renaissance - Jun 27th 2022 12:36pm EDT

    The NAACP on Friday blasted the Supreme Court’s decision overturning nearly 50 years of precedent that allowed women a constitutional right to abortion, saying it will disproportionately affect Black women. The civil rights organization called the conservative majority court’s 6-3 decision overturning Roe v. Wade an “egregious assault on basic human rights.” “This Supreme Court is […]

  • To Some Defenders, Gun Ruling Could Right a Racial WrongAmerican Renaissance - Jun 27th 2022 12:36pm EDT

    When the U.S. Supreme Court struck down New York’s tight restrictions on who can carry a handgun, condemnation erupted from liberal leaders and activists. But some public defenders, often allies of progressive activists, praised the court’s ruling, saying gun-permitting rules like New York’s have long been a license for racial discrimination. By making it a […]

  • It’s a Black SportAmerican Renaissance - Jun 26th 2022 1:00pm EDT

    This story is one of hundreds Colin Flaherty planned to publish in a book before his death. American Renaissance will post one a week. I was a victim of the knockout game. Last year I got off a train in Philadelphia and was walking along the sidewalk, minding my own business, when three blacks snuck […]

  • The American Dilemma in World PerspectiveAmerican Renaissance - Jun 26th 2022 9:00am EDT

    In 1944, the Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal wrote a momentous book on race relations called An American Dilemma. In it, Myrdal blamed the underachievement of black people on prejudice and discrimination by white people. Political support for Myrdal’s analysis swept away hereditarian hypotheses and helped outlaw segregation in the 1954 Supreme Court Decision of Brown v […]

  • Townsman of a Stiller TownAmerican Renaissance - Jun 25th 2022 11:09am EDT

    It is with the deepest sorrow that we announce the unexpected death of Chris Roberts. He was an invaluable member of the AmRen staff, and as our primary public contact, was personally known to many of you. The cause of his death is not known. Roberts, who worked for us from July 2016 to October […]